She flounced Ambers sword out of her hand

Then Elainas head began to swirl and heard a hiss but couldn recognize the sound. She fell to the ground and her sword fell off her hand so it appeared Amber defeated her and all the girls cheered Amber and once more Elaina was the loser,Tana rushed to her and helped her up

”Elaina what happened? ”

”I don even know I just heard a hissing sound in my head it was so intense I lost focus ”

”She used telekinesis on you your brain can easily be accessed and you really need to guide against that ”

Elaina shuddered as she realized how dangerous Amber could be

Amber could access her mind that was so dangerous she thought again.

*****The next day*****

Elaina dressed up and set out to Elvins house. She knocked and Elvins mom came to open the door.

”Elaina… are you dear? ” Elvins mom welcomed her

”I am fine….where is Elvin? ” She asked searching around with her eyes

”He is not home. He went somewhere with his father, would you like to wait for him? ”

”Would he be late? ”

Elvins mother smiled. Elaina, always answering questions with yet another question, such an inquisitive girl.

”Yes ”she finally replied after a short silence

”I rather go home then. Tell him I visited ”

”Sure ” she replied

”Bye ma ”Elaina waved stepping out of the house

On her way she couldn stop wondering where Elvins had gone too he was really home nowadays. Was he training for something she wondered again.

She knew Elvins has lots of powers a little too much for an elf she thought.

Piss, piss she heard a sound that disturbed her thoughts

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