In a coven on a round table in Avery dark room sat different creatures with pairs of green eyes each. A huge snake sat on the table curled eating an human being while the others talked and conspired.It was the dreaded snake clan, they gathered every full moon to discuss their findings on the United creatures clan. The coven began to get rowdy and a loud voice boomed to quieten the coven. Every creature present turned to look at the master as the shut up their mouth and whatever discussions they were into. The snake hissed in anger and everyone paid all their attention to the snake at the center of the circle.

”Demelliot what were the results of your research? ” The snake asked one of the members

”The bounded stem is missing ”he reported and sounds of hissing followed. The creatures were registering their protest. The large snake hissed against and everything went quite.

”How did this happen? ”he asked furiously

”I don know my lord ” he replied

Many hisses were heard as the creatures expressed their frustrations

”This is a huge set back for our mission ” he reasoned

”Tannella ” he called a young lady who was a part of them.

”Yes my lord ” she replied

”Monitor those creatures and tell me who possesses the power to use the bounded spell and fe Zilton ” she nodded and left to start her work.


Elaina walked to the potion room and began to mix a small spell potion she wasn going to give up she would try her best she said to herself she continued

But still she failed the raspberry she tried the spell on was supposed to become bigger but it shrank instead and splinted into little pieces. Her frustration began to kick in why was she still not getting it she kept on asking herself. She was good with a sword why was this so difficult. She practiced swords fighting with Elvins and she was also better than some of her mates but why couldn she cast spell like everyone else this thought brought tears to her eyes as she walked angrily to her fathers invoking room and sat down and started chanting spell in front of a diamond shaped globe but a ion as she looked into it, it broke into a million little pieces.

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