d while Elvins went to the little garden behind the house because he knew he would surely find her there and he was right she was right there feeding doves

”Elaina ”, he called but she gave no reply oblivious to his presence. She just sat there looking forward at a distance as the bird seeds fell out of her hands absent minded.

He sat by her and thet was when she realized she had company and jolted from her thoughts

”How are you doing? ”

”Thats it …. I just don understand why I cant cast even a single spell I have been unable to graduate from the institute of enchantio all because I just can cast spells ” Elaina spat out her fury taking over her

”You just keep trying ”

”I have Elvins, have tried my possible best. ”she said

”Just keep trying ”Elvins encouraged

”Now give me a smile ”he said and Elaina smile sheepishly

”That not good enough ”he said and began to tickle her and they ran around the garden

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