>At such a young age her beauty was almost blinding as she had long silky blonde hair which was extremely soft and reached up to her waistline and formed cute curls at the bottom to compliment it she had ocean blue eyes which one could get lost just by looking into and her lips were small, pink,and juicy like berries and she took her mothers skin which made her look like a young goddess with this beauty she was gifted with brains which could make her think wisely and an heart of gold

she skipped and picked the herbs she needed with a bright smile on her face she jumped to pick a leaf from a very tall tree then she wondered why the tree was so tall

It was the tallest tree in the woods but yet it lacked fruit the wood cutters did not chop down the tree she then wondered how long the tree must have been in the forest yet it leaves were green and healthy although they was no fruit she kept thinking about the tree and reached to touch it as she felt an electric shock but something else caught her eyes making her for get what had happened seconds ago it was a beautiful fairy it was flying along in enchantio fairies were a very rare creature to see so she chased after it with the basket filled with herbs in her hand as she ran but stopped when she saw that she couldn catch up

She then went back to the kingdom and passed by her best friend Elvins house He was an half elf and half human they had been besties since they well very little so they grew very fond of each other Elvins was a weird boy with black hair and startlingly unusual green eyes were she sometimes wondered why her friend had green eyes but she loved him all the same

Elvins she called and he turned to face her with a smiling face where are you going he asked home she replied am coming back from the woods she said and waved goodbye

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