The figure kept appearing and disappearing. A gasp was heard, it appeared again and began to transform into it real form and began to destroy. Magical spells were chanted out to the creatures. And soon the creature was sealed sounds of hissing and chirping were heard

And a fierce battle broke out the creatures were so engrossed that things fell apart

A loud roar was heard and things became more calm but not fully and then a disgusting face appeared

Ah!! Eliana screamed as she woke up sweating profusely as she kept panting like someone who was being chased what sort of dream was that she asked herself when she couldn apprehend it she dozed off forgetting about it

***the next day***

Elaina skipped happily into the woods and the sun shunned beautifully as if trying to radiate Elainas mood. She was so happy that she could differentiate the plants as herbs in the forest now after all her hard work the plants in the forest were looked very alike so it was a little difficult to know which was which so she took her time to learn and memorize them and now she could this gave her immense joy as she skipped along

Elaina was a little witch of nine and she had always paid attention to her father whenever he was mixing potions and had developed great interest in it so whenever her father needed herbs she volunteered to get it for him even though she is yet to unlock her powers which is quite odd for a witch her age all and all she believed they would come eventually

Her father was a sorcerer while her mother was a witch and she traded the potions her father makes in the market the witches in enchantio were known for their exceptional beauty and their bright and smooth skin and the sorcerers were known as the male witches and they possessed their own special qualities and beauty

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