Two Many Deity

Section 3: A False Alley


Dem. Cpt.: ”Open the gate! ”

The castle gates open and the demon captain enters. He makes his way to his lords chamber and kneels before his king.

Dem. Cpt.: ”My lord, I have important news that I must bring to your attention. While me and my men were out retrieving the Bleeding Roses we ran into a couple humans, but these humans weren ordinary. I regret having to say this, but one of the humans managed to slip past my troops and seal off the cave before any of my men could make it inside. Not only that, but the other human had incredible strength. It was even able to stop my lieutenants charge with its bare hands. Also, during our encounter the human displayed an unusual aura. It was sickening, and oddly pure, far more pure than any human I have seen. And thats not all, the human had small traces of a spirits energy. After sustaining significant casualties, we finally managed to corner the human. But, we were met with another surprise. A spirit showed up and merged with the human. I believe that spirit belonged to the lost Neko clan, and I have confirmed that the source of the humans spiritual power came from that spirit. (…) Yes, we were able to collect most of the flowers, but we were to forced to leave one because of the human that made a merged with the spirit. (…) No, they didn appear to be holding any weapons, but I did sense a strong aura inside of them. Whatever that power I felt was, its no doubt dangerous. I suggest that we dispatch a highly skilled team to keep a close eye on them. ”

Demon Lord: ”No need for that. ”

Dem. Cpt.: ”My Lord? ”

Lord: ”Those humans are most likely angels sent from Nirvana. It seems that the Old God has somehow caught wind of our plan and has finally decided to act. That powerful aura you felt was probably their divine weapons given to them by the Arch-Angel. But theres no need to worry about that, its much too early for them to be able to use them. ”

Dem. Cpt.: ”How can you be sure of that? ”

Demon Lord: ”Lets just say I have a bit of history with the Old God. ”

Dem. Cpt.: ”Mmm…? What shall be our next move, my Lord. ”

Demon Lord: Hehe, everything is going according to our plan. ”Captain, send a legate crow to The Outskirts of the World and give a message to my Five Generals. Theyll need to prepare for an upcoming battle. Im going to The Holied Land, itll take me some time to get there, so make sure everyone is prepared for battle by the time I return. ”

Dem. Cpt.: ”My lord, why go to The Holied Land? ”

Demon Lord: ”The Sacred Script, I want to make sure it hasn been touched. Go and make sure the rest of the preparations are underway, make heist. ”

Dem. Cpt.: ”As you wish, my lord. ”

The demon captain leaves the demon kings chambers.

Demon Lord: ”Its finally come, the fight weve so long been preparing. Our divine plan approaches it climax, and I Demon Lord Baren, will be the antagonist of this grand tale. Will the humans succeed and return this world to order, or will they fail and reset this world back into the age of chaos. The pieces are now in place, now all you need to do is choose your players. The war of Two Many Deity, has now begun.


Neku: ”Are we there yet? ”

Aaron: ”No. ”

Eris: ”No. ”

Conan: ”No. ”

Neku: ”Are we there yet? ”

Aaron: ”No. ”

Eris: ”No. ”

Conan: ”No. ”

Neku: ”Are we there yet? ”

Aaron: ”No. ”

Eris: ”No. ”

Conan: ”No. ”

Neku: ”Are we there yet? ”

Aaron: ”No! ”

Eris: ”No! ”

Conan: ”No! ”

Conan: ”Neku, youve already been to this village, stop asking! ”

Neku: ”Nyyyaah! Im so bored. Theres nothing to do. ”

Aaron: ”If you
e bored, then play a game or something. ”

Neku: ”Like what? Where
e in the middle of a corroded forest, what would I play with? ”

Conan: ”You could play fetch. ”

Conan picks up a stick and throws it for Neku.

Neku: ”HISSSSS! ”

Eris: ”Nice one, Conan. ”

Eris gives Conan a sharp thumbs up. Conan returns her gesture with a sharper thumbs up.

Neku: ”MEOWW! HISSSS!!! ”

Aaron: ”Stop fighting you guys. If you
e gonna talk, then try to get to know each other better. ”

Neku: ”Hmm, fine. Then Ill go first. I… ”

Conan: ”Meh, what the heck. Names Conan Ebon Lupo. And Im a werewolf. ”

Neku: ”Hey, wait your turn! ”

Conan: ”Im also known as a shadow or night wolf because of my powers. Im able to conjure and control darkness. I can create weapons and armor out of my shadow. I can even make items like arrows or darts. I can also use shadows to hide or travel from place to place, which is very handy for evasion and making traps. ”

Neku: ”I said wait your turn, don ignore me! HEY! ”

Conan: ”Although my attack power is greatly higher than Nekus, I actually specialize in defense. ”

Eris: ”Really? With the way you fought earlier, I thought for sure you specialized in offensive combat. ”

Conan: ”No, it may seem like I use a lot of offensive skills, but thats just a ruse. They
e mostly just defensive skills used offensively. ”

Eris: ”Wow. Thats pretty cool. ”

Conan: ”Not really, everyone in my clan is like that. Well, they were before they all died. ”

The mood turned dark. No one comfortable enough to break to silence after Conans comment. No one except…


Conan: ”OW!! BASTARD!!! ”

Neku bit Conan on the neck. He knocked her off and pushed her to the ground. She crouched into a pouncing position ready to leap on to Conan again.

Neku: ”HISSS! Im tired of you looking down on me. Now shut up, and let me speak! ”

Conan: ”No one wants to hear you speak. Every time you open your mouth you just say something stupid, GRRRR! Great, now I probably infected with some sort of disease. ”

Neku: ”You
e already a disease, or more accurately a curse. At least thats what that black fog of yours keeps telling me. Stop trying to speak on others behalf. HISSS! ”





Aaron: ”Geez, will those to ever get along? ”

Eris: ”I don know, but Im sure theyll sort it out on their own. ”

Aaron: ”You
e no help, you know that? ”

Eris: ”Well hey, sometimes the younger child has to fit before they can learn anything from their older sibling. ”


Eris: ”OW!! BASTARD!!! ”

Neku bit Eris in the same place she bit Conan. Eris flung Neku off and checked her wound.

Neku: ”Wow, you scream just like a mutt. ”

Conan: ”GRRRRR!!! ”

Eris: ”You rat! Why did you bite me? ”

Neku: ”You were talking about me! ”

Eris: ”And? ”

Neku: ”You said something that was, insulting! ”

Eris: ”You don even know what I said! ”





Aaron: ”Geez, why must you guys fight all the time? ”

Conan: ”Like I said, we don really trust Neku yet. We
e still trying to adjust to her. ”

Aaron: ”But, this is getting out of hand. ”

Eris: ”UHHH! You are so annoying! ”

Neku: ”You
e the only one whos annoying, you meat-faced hag! ”

Eris: ”What did you call me, you halfwitted feline!? ”

Neku: ”Dumb warped face Witch! ”

Eris: ”Flea-beaded feral RAG! ”


Conan: ”Aww, it was just starting to get good. ”

Aaron: ”HMMGGRR!!! ”

Aaron turns sharply at Conan with and extremely irritated face, signaling him to be quiet. Conan smirks and put his hands up in compliance.

Aaron: ”Alright, lets go inside. Hopefully we can find some strong-hearted people. And hopefully they can get along. ”


Aaron and the others entered Shenma Village. The town looked deserted. All the houses were old and falling apart. The flowers hanging from their rafters were all dead. The road was rough and very unkept, it was so parched that even the weight of a leaf could crack it.

Conan: ”This place is dead. Just how long has it been since I checked on it? ”

Aaron: ”That reminds me, you mentioned earlier that youve been here before. But, in the time period you described you wouldve still been stuck in the cave. So, you wouldn have been able to go anywhere. ”

Conan: ”Actually, I said I checked on this place. I never said I actually came here. I have ways of checking locations without having to visit them myself. ”

Eris: ”Then how did you find this place? ”

Conan: ”Shadow Vest. ”

Eris: ”Shadow Vest? ”

Conan: ”Its a… ”

Neku: ”Its a special technique Conan developed that lets his soul posses his shadow and travel without needing his body. This technique takes a massive amount of mana and time to activate. But, while hes using it his spirit can go anywhere, provided it still has mana. Also, while in this state his body is completely vulnerable to attack. However, he can use a lesser form of this technique for quick use, but with a smaller usage period. ”

Conan: ”I, was going to tell them that. ”

Neku: ”HISSS! Thats what you get for interrupting me earlier. ”

Conan: ”You petty little… ”

Aaron: ”Hey, don start that again, or do you want to make me angry? ”

Neku: ”Im sorry, Master. Please, forgive me? ”

Conan: ”Hmm, Ill stop out of respect, but you
e not my master so I don have to listen to you. ”

Aaron: ”Conan. Shut up. ”

Conan felt a cold chill drift from Aaron, but because Conan was a from a proud wolf clan, his instincts told him that his pride was being challenged and instantly reacted. But, Conan suppressed his urge to challenge Aaron. Even though he was confident he could beat Aaron, the fight would only create a rift between them. Also, they had more important matters to worry about. Conan felt an evil aura slowly envelop the town.

Aaron: ”What is it? ”

Conan: ”Something is watching us. ”

Eris: ”Enemies? ”

Conan: ”Well, they
e not friendlies. The aura is too dark. ”

Aaron: ”How many? ”

Conan: ”Not sure, but theres a lot of them. ”

Neku: ”Thirty. ”

Conan: ”Hm, are you sure? ”

Neku: ”Of course. Spacial magic, remember? ”

Eris: ”Well, stay on guard everyone. ”

Aaron, Eris, Neku, and Conan backed together, covering each others blind spots. They were ready for an attack from up close, but not from a distance.


Aaron: ”AAAAHHH!!! ”

Eris: ”AARON! ”

Neku: ”MASTER! ”

An object pierced Aarons belly. The pain was so excruciating and unexpected that Aaron collapsed to his knees. Neku grabbed him and dashed for cover behind some crates between two houses. Eris and Conan split off and took cover between different houses as more shots were fired at them.

Eris: ”Aaron, you ok? ”

Aaron: ”Im fine. Go ahead and take out the ones shooting at us. Ill join shortly. ”

Conan and Eris ran ahead to apprehend their assailants. Meanwhile, Neku was trying to tend to Aarons injury.

Neku: ”Master, I need you to move your hand or I won be able to help your wound. ”

Aaron slowly moved his hand from his wound. He was bleeding pretty badly.

Neku: ”Well, its not too bad. But, I should get started immediately or else it might get worse. Bite down on this. This is gonna hurt, a lot. ”

Neku put a soft piece of wood in Aarons mouth to keep him from grinding him teeth. She then dug her finger inside his wound and searched for the projectile. But, during her digging Aarons stomach was swelling in pain. It took all his willpower to keep himself from moving and even more from passing out.

Neku: ”Just a little further and Ill be able to pull out the projectile. A little more and, got it! ”

Neku touched the object and used her spacial magic to teleport it outside Aarons body. She then used her power to seal the wound by closing the space. Neku examined the object. It was small and round with a slightly pointed tip.

Neku: ”Just as I thought, its a bullet. ”

Aaron: ”A bullet. Are you telling me they have guns here? ”

Neku: ”Yes, but guns are extremely rare to come by. Not many people even know how to forge a gun anymore, let alone maintain one. ”

Aaron: ”Hmm, theres no way we can take them head on if they have guns. Well need to come up with a plan to take them all out at once. Ah? ”

Neku: ”What is it, Master. ”

Aaron: ”Hehe, I just had a great idea, follow me. ”



Eris: ”Uhhhh, these guys are annoying! Why are they even shooting at us anyway? ”

Conan: ”They
e under some kind of mind control spell, GAH, and a strong one at that. ”

Eris hid from the gunfire inside one of the houses and provided cover fire while Conan worked on subduing their assailants. He knocked out five of the thirty before fleeing back to Eris.

Conan: ”Tch, this is tedious. They
e too well positioned. Every time I get too close to one the others start shooting. If this keeps up, I might have to start killing them. ”

Eris: ”No! No killing. Aaron wouldn like that, hed be very upset with us if we did. ”

Conan: ”Seriously, well run a higher risk of dying, if this keeps up. ”

Neku: ”Conan, Eris, can you hear me? ”

Eris: ”Ah, telepathy? ”

Conan: ”Been a while since you used this, huh Neku? ”

Neku: ”Aaron has a plan. Get all the people to gather in one place, preferably outside. ”

Eris: ”What, why? ”

Neku: ”No time, just hurry up. Hes almost there. ”

Eris: ”Almost where? How are we suppose to contact you? Hey, Neku, hey! God dang it! Conan, do you know whats going on? Conan?! ”

Conan: ”*HORRA HORDA! ” *Black Pack.

Conan summoned a pack of fifty shadow wolves. The wolves ran through the village, grabbing and throwing the people out of the houses and into the streets. The people managed to kill thirty of the wolves before getting captured.

Neku: ”Good job, now stand back. ”

Eris: ”What?! ”


Eris: ”What was that?! ”

*5 minutes before

Neku: ”Huh, the water tower?

Aaron: ”Yes. I saw it on our way into town. I want to use it to knock out the people shooting at us. With any luck, itll still have just enough water in it, which I hope it does because if it doesn this plan is a bust. ”

Neku: ”OK, but how are we going to use it to knock everyone out? ”

Aaron: ”Simple, knock it down. ”


Aaron: ”Alright, Neku, you
e up. ”

Neku: Ok, HUUAAAHH! ”


Neku broke the legs on the water tower. It fell and broke open, flooding the streets. All the people Conan gathered got soaked.

Aaron: ”Lets see if I can still use the spell Angies taught me. *Limita Lis! ” *Limited Light.

A bright light shined from the heavens and onto the soaked villagers. The water started bubbling and getting really hot.

Neku: ”Spacial field, *Enclosed Space. ” *Self exclamatory.

Neku trapped the hot water inside her spacial field and Aaron used his light to boil it. The water got so hot it turned into steam. The people trapped with it started to overheat and began passing out, as if they were in a sauna.

Conan: ”Gasp, gasp, gasp! Dang, summoning fifty wolves really takes it out of me. How are you holding, Eris? ”

Eris: ”… Im good. ”

Conan: ”Hey, Neku! The villagers have all passed out now. You can let down your barrier! ”

The barrier dissipated and the steam blew off into the wind. Neku and Aaron leaped from their positions and next to Conan.

Aaron: ”Hm, that worked out better than expected. Good job everyone. ”

Neku: ”Yay! ”

Conan: ”That tower was old, there was no guarantee that it still had water in it. That was a good plan, though I ask that in the future you try not to take too many risks if possible. ”

Aaron: ”Hehe, yeah I know. I was gambling, but I didn have time to make a full proof plan. ”

Eris: ”Aaron! ”

Eris stomped over towards Aaron in a fit rage. She grabbed him aggressively by his collar.

Eris: ”Aaron, Im getting sick of your crap! ”

Aaron: ”W-what? ”

Eris: ”You reckless fool! What the heck is wrong with you? ”

Aaron: ”Look Eris, I didn … ”

Eris: ”You
e going to get yourself hurt, you big dummy! ”

Aaron: ”Ah, Eris, I… ”

Eris: ”Why don you ever tell me anything? Everythings a mystery with you. You always make dangerous plans and don tell me until after the fact. You did so at the cave and almost got killed, and you did so just now with a bullet wound in your stomach, and used a holy art to top it off. And if you don realize how serious that is, then let me remind you, using a holy art as a mortal can be deadly. But knowing you, you forgot. ”

Aarons body began to shudder. He became light headed as his vision started to blur. He collapsed on the ground, completely immobile.

Neku: ”AH! Master! Whats wrong with him? ”

Eris: ”Hes an idiot, thats what. He forgot one of the basic rules for using our magic. If your mind and body aren fully attuned to our magic, then youll suffer from side effects. Luckily for him, he used a low-level spell and his origin is Nirvana, so the side-effects were minor. But, if he keeps being this reckless itll bite him in the back one day. ”

Aaron started chuckling at Eriss comment.

Conan: ”Bite him in the back, is that a saying? ”

Eris: *Blush. ”Eh, whatever! ”

Aaron: *Mumble. ”No. Its an inside joke. ”

Conan: ”Oh, so you are still alive. Thats good. But, with that being said, you look like you need to rest. You
e fluttering between conscious and unconscious. ”

Aaron: ”You don … say. ”

Aaron passed out and Neku fell into a panick, trying to comfort Aaron.

Conan: ”I guess we all could use a bit of rest. We haven really had a chance to fully recover our strength. ”

Voice: ”Perhaps, we could help. ”

Conan was startled by the sudden voice and jump back into a fighting position. After realizing who it was that spoke, he laxed his position.

Conan: ”Oh, you villagers are awake. Are you still under the spells affects or are no? ”

Voice: ”No, we
e not. My head is a little hazy, but I believe Im alright. ”

Eris: ”Good, then you can start be explaining what happened to you, and why your village looks like a dump. ”

Voice: ”Yes, I will. As thanks for freeing me and my people from our spell, we were getting quite tired of it. Ill tell you anything you wish to know. But first, you and your friend there should rest. I know fighting us wasn easy, and I would like to repay you all properly. We don get many visitors, so this is the least we can do. ”

Conan: ”Well, what do you two think? ”

Eris: ”My thoughts are the same as yours. I don really trust them, but Aaron isn in any condition to leave. And we still need more companions. ”

Neku: ”I agree, with that last part at least. Master needs more time to rest, and right now here would be the best place. ”

Conan: ”Hmm, alright. Then its decided. Well stay here until Aaron wakes up, then well figure out where to go from there. Alright old man, we appreciate your offer and graciously accept. ”

Old man: ”Alright then. Please, come this way now. Well show you all where you can rest. Unfortunately, we don have the best living circumstances, but we hope you can tolerate our poverty. ”

Conan: ”Don worry, Ive lived in worse conditions. Compared to my last place, this is a paradise. ”

Eris and Neku grabbed Aaron and followed Conan. They all followed the old man into one of the old houses. Some of the other villagers set there beds and brung them food, although the quality of everything was quite poor. Once Aaron was put to bed, Eris and Neku went to bed while Conan took guard duty. The sun had long set and Conan felt very anxious. He couldn put his finger on it, but something was off about this town.

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