Two Many Deity

Section 3: Long Story (Part 1)


Neku flies through the air in excitement of Aaron becoming a new master.

Neku: ”Crrra, crrra! Its a wonderful day for Neku. ”

Eris: ”Hey, I don understand! What do you mean Aaron is Neko?! ”

Neku rapidly flies into Eris face to provide an unwanted answer.

Neku: ”You want answer, I want flower, hm. ”

Aaron: *Grabs Neku. ”Neku, answer the question. What did you do to me and what is this power? ”

Neku: ”I told you, you are Neko. Your spirit has now been binded with the spirit of a Neko, my spirit, and now my powers are your powers. Unfortunately, because you
e half angel you only obtained half my power. Spirits aren able to form pacts. But, you did inherit all my abilities. However, you should take care not to use them too much or else the energy inside you may cause severe negative affects. ”

Eris: ”Why would you give him a power like that? ”

Neku: ”He doesn have to use them, and if he did Im sure hed master them in no time. And in future battles you might be glad to have them. Besides, masters kind, caring, and makes quite the handsome Neko. I feel he will change this world for the better. ”

Aaron: ”Well I thank you for the compliment, but how do I change back? ”

Neku: ”… Don know. ”

Eris: ”WHAAAT! ”

Neku: ”Don worry, hell go back to normal soon, I think ”

Eris: ”You think!? ”

Neku: ”This is a common thing, hell go back to normal in… maybe a day? ”

Eris: ”Oh my gosh, you don even know? ”

Neku: ”Itll be fine. Im sure hell be fine. ”

Eris: ”GEEZ. ”

Aaron: ”I was afraid that you were going to say something like that. Guess, Ill just have to make it work then. So, Im your master now, right? ”

Neku: ”MMhmm. ”

Aaron: ”Then as your master, your first job is to teach me how to master these powers. In the meantime, lets go get this Sin flower. ”

Eris: ”Are you seriously still planning on getting that thing? ”

Aaron: ”Yes. If what Neku says is true, then that flower could be used for evil, which would cause problems for us in the future. ”

Eris: ”Uhhh, fine. ”

Neku: ”If we go to this flower you may find a spirit of your own, Eris. ”

Eris: ”What kind of spirit? ”

Neku: ”You want to know, then go see. He may still be there or he may not. We won know until we go. ” *Flies off

Eris: ”Shes strange. Do you think we can really trust her? ”

Aaron: ”Yeah, Im sure? ”

Eris: ”How can you be so sure? ”

Aaron: ”I can really, but I have a good sense of judgement. She doesn seem like a bad person, however it does feel like shes hiding something. ”

Eris frowns at Aaron.

Aaron: ”Don worry, Im sure its nothing that will be an issue for us later. ”

Eris: *Sigh ”I hope you
e right. ”

Aaron: Eris, Neko, and I began heading North to Red Water Spring. Neku and I talked a lot on the way. She hasn talked to anyone since her home was destroyed and her people were slaughtered by demons. She told me only 100 of her people survived the massacre. As Barens power grew, so did his control. Not many creatures were able to withstand the harsh changes as Barens army raided town, decimated the lands, and pillaged fields. Nekus village was one of those villages pillaged. I guess thats why she was so overjoyed about me becoming her master. As time went by, she lost contact with the survivors. She said the most recent contact she had with one of them was 20 years ago. She has no idea if any of her people are still alive, but she hopes that this on still is. Hes strong and very resourceful. Hes a Canis Lupus, a grey wolf spirit. Hes very strong, but also highly aggressive. Neku said they used to be good friends, but for reasons Neku won tell me, they stopped talking. By taking the bleeding flower, I guess Canis be forced to confront her. I hope after that they can settle whatever dispute they have, we need more allies. Even though Im Nekus master I don really know what shes thinking, but I can feel she misses him immensely. Neku was enjoying the trip greatly, but Eris was having the exact opposite experience. Neku said that it would only take a day to get to Red Water Spring, but actually it takes three. Now that it is the second day, I finally decided to tell her.

Aaron: ”I said Im sorry, ok. You
e right, I shouldve told you. Stop nagging me already. ”

Eris: ”No! Two days, TWO DAYS! Weve been traveling for two days and you just now decide to tell me. ”Hey Neku, wouldn it be funny to NOT tell Eris that well be walking for three days straight, and that wed be wasting time doing absolutely nothing? Wouldn that be hilarious? ” We
e on a god dang mission… sorry Heavenly Father, please forgive me my unholy words… and don have time for detours! Need I remind you that we are have a job… ”

Aaron: ”…Regain our followers to increase our battle strength, bury demon hearts for Dante for whatever reason, and find the Ark and deactivate it so our brethren can come to Earth to defeat Baren. Yeah, I remember. ”

Eris: ”Then why in gods name are we out here?! We should be focusing on finding human settlements, not looking for some stupid cave! ”

Aaron: ”I told you already, we need to get the bleeding flower before the demons, and with any luck well find a spirit for you too. Which would be a great help if he would lend us his power. ”

Eris: ”I don need a stupid spirit. What I need is for you to take our job seriously. ”

Neku: ”Hissssss! Lupus is not stupid. Hes a very intelligent yokai. Do not insult him! ”

Eris: ”Yeah, hes a whole lot smarter than you, miss I got my whole clan killed. ”

Neku: ”GRRRR, you little… ”

Aaron: ”Be quiet you to. Look up ahead. ”


Eris: ”Is that a demon camp? ”

Aaron: ”Yeah, and by the looks of it theyve been here for a while. But why are they here, we haven reached the Springs yet. ”

Neku: ”Uh master, thats the cave that leads to Red Water Springs. ”

Neku pointed out into the distance pass the demon camp.

Aaron: ”What? You said we wouldn get here until three days? ”

Neku: ”Teehee, I lied. ”

Aaron: ”Really! I can believe you did that. ”

Eris: ”Hmm, that won be all, now pay attention. Look over there at that large tent. Theres demons constantly rushing in and out of it, and inside are a bunch of demons laying in beds. Some of them look like they
e in real pain. ”

Aaron: ”Must have gotten into a major battle with the wolf spirit. He really did a number on them, theres like at least a hundred of demons in that tent and at least half of them are covered with blankets as if they are dead. ”

Eris: ”They probably are. Youd think an army that size could steal a flower without so many casualties. Makes me think, is their mission to obtain the flower or wolf spirit? What do you think, Neku? Neku? ”

Neku: *Shivering ”Uhhh, hes angry. Very, very, angry! ”

Aaron: ”Who? ”





Neku: ”Oh no, he is angry. Angry, angry, angry! ”

Aaron: ”The spirit? ”


A large throng of demons rushed out of the cave, followed by an explosion and corpses.

Eris: ”Does that answer your question? ”

Aaron: ”Now I understand why they
e having such a hard time getting the flower. Looks like they
e getting ready to make another plan. Lets see if we can move closer so we can hear them. ”

Neku: ”Master, you should be able to hear them with your new powers. Nekos have great hearing. Go ahead and try it. ”

Aaron: ”How do I activate them? ”

Neku: ”Just say, ”Hoo-la! I am Neku, all powerful and dangerous! ” *Stupid pose

Aaron: ”… no, no way Im doing that. ”

Eris: ”Aaron, just do it. ”

Aaron: ”No! Thats… its… you… hmmm, fine. Hoo-la! I am Neku, all powerful and dangerous! ” *Stupid pose

*Awkward silence!

Aaron: ”Nothing happened. ”

Neku and Eris blow up laughing. Rolling around on the ground, they try to resist laughing so loud the demons hear them.

Neku: ”I can believe he did that, and perfectly to. ”

Eris: ”Man that was too funny, I can stop laughing. Totally makes up for you lying to me earlier. ”

*Smack! *Smack!

Aaron: ”Enough with your stupid jokes. Tell me how to transform, we
e losing time. ”

Neku: ”Ow, that was mean. Remember how you felt when I first gave you my powers? You were frozen in spirit form, Neku form, and it took days for my spirit to integrate into yours before you could change back. Remember that power, feel its energy flow through you, and it will transform you in a Neko. ”

Aaron: ”Alright, I just gotta feel it, I can do that. ” *Inhales ”I am Neku. ”

Aarons body emitted a dim glow. His hair turned a pale grey as a pair of Neko ears grew on top of his head. He grew a silver grey tail with a white under belly.

Aaron: ”Wow, this power, its incredible. Wish i had more time to indulge in it. Now, lets see what information we can pick up. ”


Dem. 1Sgt: ”Captain, the yokai is too strong. Weve lost over half our men, and even more are critically wounded. We can keep this up. Our men grow more weary from each assault, they
e restless. Weve already taken enough Sins, what reason is there for us to continue this? ”

Dem. Lt.: ”You mind your tongue when speaking to the captain, insulant rat! ”

Demon Cpt.: ”At ease Lieutenant. Sergeant, you are aware that our mission is to locate and retrieve as many Sins in this area as we can find, correct? And you know that yokai still has one in its possession. As long as it has control of even one flower our mission will not be complete. You want to know the reason for all of this, why I have you men fight. Its because our master wants something more than just the flowers, he wants the yokai to, and we
e not leaving until our master gets his wish. Lieutenant, whats the status of the yokai. ”

Dem. Lt.: ”Our last assault on the yokai resulted in the complete destruction of half our troops and even more were severely wounded. Lucky for us, we were also able to deal fatal damage to the yokai. Internal bleeding, multi fractured pelvis, and several broken bones. Not to mention, its mana reserves are almost depleted now that there is only one Sin for it to feed on. And the best part is because the yokai sustained such grave injuries, the time it can use berserk has decreased to thirty-seconds. If we attack with a full scale attack, we will have no issue defeating the spirit and retrieving the last Sin. Who knows, you might even add another pet to your collection. ”

Dem Cpt.: ”Excellent. Our lord will be pleased. Not only will the Siths make him and his army more powerful, hell have another slave for his amusement. Master might even award me the yokai spirit as a testament to his loyalty. ”

Budump! Aaron and Neko feel a cold chill run down their spine.

Dem. Cpt: ”Hear me men, the time to strike is now! I have just received word that the wretched spirit was greatly weakened by our last attack and is now on the brink of defeat. And thanks to all of your hard work, we can finally leave this miserable place. We will storm the cave, take the last Sin, and capture the yokai! And when we bring back those treasures to our lord he will most assuredly reward us for our triumph. With the Sins in his possession and the dark energy they hold our lords power will grow and soon hell become the king of this realm, and with another spirit under his control others will know his wrath and bend a knee in his name! Let us retrieve what we sought out for in the name of our lord! Let us fight to make his name echo across the lands, spreading his influence! Let us return home with our heads raised high in respect to our comrades who have given up their lives to this mission! Let us walk with pride in our victory that is soon to come! ”

The demon army clamored and cheered to their captains moving speech. The drew their weapons are roared their battle cries with all their might in respect for the captain and his resolve.

Dem. Cpt.: ”Now is our time to make our lord proud! ATTAAAAAAAACK!!! ”



Aaron: ”Oh no! ”

Eris: ”Whats wrong? ”

Neku: ”They
e about to attack again! ”

Eris: ”Then we have to stop them. ”

Aaron: ”No time for a plan, we have to move now or else we won get to the springs before they do. Come on! Neku whats wrong, we have to go? ”

Neku had a terrified look on her face; paralyzed with fear. ”

Neku: ”I can . Im not welcome. Lupus is angry. Master will hate me. Run, we have to run away. ”

Neku tries to fly away, but Aaron grabs her arm before she has that chance.

Aaron: ”Neku, what are you talking about? We don have time for this. If we don stop the demon army many lives could be lost. And, need I remind you your friend is in danger? He could die! ”

Neku: ”N-neku c-can . Master will learn the truth if he goes into the cave. Master will hate Neku. L-leave, and master stays with Neku. S-stay and Master leaves Neku. ”

Eris: ”Hey, we gotta go, now. We don have time to waste. ”

Aaron: ”Go on ahead, Ill be right behind you. ”

Eris: ”Then hurry up! ”

Eris runs off towards to demon army, leaving Aaron and Neku behind.

Aaron: ”Neku, I don have the slightest clue what you
e talking about, but I do know that whatever it is doesn matter right now. If the demons get their hands of that spirit friend, not only will another one of your friends be forced into slavery, but hell be forced to commit countless atrocities. And we can let that happen. ”

Neku: ”Lupus is strong, he can protect himself. He hates me. He doesn need me. He will tell Master the truth and Master will leave me! ”

Aaron: ”Why do you mean? What is this truth? And do you think its so terrifying that Id just leave without a second thought? Im your master, so its my responsibility to help fix whatever mistake you made. But right now, whatever you did in the past doesn matter right now, because an even bigger problem is about to arise. ”

Neku: ”Im sorry, Im sorry, but I can . It hurts-can bare the though of what Master will think of me. Lupus doesn want to see me. Even if I help him now, hell still hate me. ”

Aaron: ”Tch fine, Im not going to force you. Stay here if you want, but Im still going down there. I still have a job to do. ”

Aaron stands and turns away from Neku and towards the demons off into the distance.

Aaron: ”I don know nor care what you did in the past, right now all that is just being a distraction. But I do know this, if you abandon your friend and let him succumb to the same fate as so many other innocent people, then youll only validate his anger towards you. And not only will he be upset with you, I will be as well. You know, when me and Eris found you in that abandoned town she asked me how I could be sure we could trust you. My answer to her; I couldn be sure, but you didn seem like a bad person and Id like to believe I can count on you. Did you know, I made a bet with Eris? When the time comes and I need your help youll be there, and Ill be able to Eris, without a doubt, that I can trust you. ”

Aaron runs off towards the demons leaving Neku behind as she was still frozen with fear. As the distance between her and Aaron grew, the more and more she felt a sharp pain form in her chest. Aaron finally catches up with Eris, but too much time was wasted.

Eris: ”What took you so long, and wheres Neku? ”

Aaron: ”I don think shes coming. Shes having a ”issues ”. ”

Eris: ”Tch, figures. Well nevermind her, we didn act fast enough. The demons are too far ahead, we won make it to the cave before they do. ”

Aaron: ”You
e right, we won . ”

Aaron grabs Eris by the arm.

Eris: ”What are you doooIIIIINNNGGG!? ”

Aaron hurls Eris through the air towards the cave.

Aaron: ”Cave the entrance and find the wolf spirit, Ill handle the demons! ”

Eris: ”Aaron you idiOOOTTTTT! ”

Eris flies over the demon army and crashes and stumbles into the cave entrance.

Dem. Cpt.: ”Halt! What is that? ”

Eris: ”That idiot. How am I supposed to…, what the heck? ”

The arm Aaron grabbed on Eris began to glow. The light began to harden and take shape.

Eris: ”Woah, is this…? ”

Eris shield forms on her arm.

Eris: ”Woah, it is! But, how did Aaron…? ”

Aaron: ”Eris, block the cave, now! ”

Dem. Cpt.: ”Humans! They
e trying to halt our masters progress, deal with now. Lieutenant! ”

The demon Lieutenant charged the cave, shaking the Earth like thunder in the wind.

Aaron: ”No you don ! ” *Phantom Leap.

Aaron warps in front of the Lieutenant, grabbing him by the horns and slowing him down. He struggles to bring the demon to a halt.

Aaron: ”You won get past me. Eris, hurry up! ”

Eris: ”Don rush me, Ive never used this thing! Hmmm, what was that spell Angis taught me? ”


Beol: ”Angis. ”

Angis: ”Yes father. ”

Beol: ”It just occurred to me, ever since I deserted our followers our angels haven been taught how to purify demons. I fear that Aaron and Eris will have trouble dealing with the demons they come to face.

Angis: ”Ease your worries father, theres no need for worry. You
e not aware of this, but after you fell ill Ive had a few private training sessions with some of our angels on how to properly fight demons. Ive made sure Aaron and Eris properly learn the basic of Nirvanian arts. ”

Beol: ”Well prepared as always. But why train them specifically on how to fight demons, and by using Nirvanian arts no less? Thats our most sacred art and most respected treasure. Why not teach them one of the other sacred arts? ”

Angis: ”Because Aaron asked me to. Aaron is childish and naïve, but hes very perceptive and quite intuitive. It was him who first approached me and asked me to start training the angles. I don know how, but he knew wed need to know how to fight. And the strange thing is, I was thinking the exact same thing. So, I taught him what he wanted to learn. The Angelic Sword-style: a well balanced and versatile sword art, capable of accurately dispersing large groups of enemies or precisely taking out a singular target. Aaron particularly fancied this style, still I wonder why he chose to train with a sword. And whats even more perplexing is he specifically asked me not to train Eris with a blade. Clubs, maces, hammers, any blunt weapon was fine, but no blades. ”

Beol: ”Strange indeed. Why would he ask to train with a blade but ask to deny Eris the opportunity? Did he ask that you train her in a different weapon? ”

Angis: ”Well, he did ask me to train her, but not with a weapon. ”

Beol: ”Then with what? ”

Angis: ”He wanted me to teach her how to use armor, a shield. ”


Eris: ”Ri-ria-ryu… RIUDESU! ”

A bright condensed light exploded out of Eriss shield and shattered the walls of the cave. The walls collapsed the entrance, leaving Aaron to fight the demon army on his own.

Aaron: ”Heh, looks like its just you and me now. ”

Dem. Lt.: ”Hah! You and what army? ”

Aaron: ”I am the army, nnnnNNNNNNAAAAAH! ”

Aaron strains to lift the demon of its feet. He grunts as he flings the demon back into the horde.

Dem. Cpt.: ”Hmm, this human is irregular. Be on guard men, this ones dangerous. ”

Aaron: ”Got that right, and Im not the only one either. My partner won be joining us, unfortunately they
e a little busy with different task. But. I should have a friend joining me later. Im sure theyll show up right when I need them the most. Now, enough talk. Come at me, Ill take you all on! ”

Dem. Cpt.: ”Well see how long you last, human. Men, heres your chance to prove your devotion to our lord. Kill the human! ”

The horde of demons roared as the rushed towards Aaron. They swarmed by the hundreds. Aaron wasn sure if this was a fight he could win, but he was determined. He took his stance, ready to meet the horde, and defend the cave at all costs.


Eris: ”Grrr, this was a stupid idea! We shouldve just left the demons be until we had enough manpower to fight them. They wouldve stolen the dumb flower and maybe have killed the spirit, but wed still be alive and able to fight them once we get stronger. But, now that Im stuck in here I can help Aaron. And now that Neku ran off, theres no way he can beat all those demons by himself. Well, its not like she wouldve been that much help if she stayed. I knew we shouldn have trusted her, but I just had to listen to Aaron opinion. That naïve fool! Grrrraaah, CURSE IT ALL! As soon as we got into trouble fur-ball bails on us, and she was the one who suggested we come here! And if that wasn bad enough, me and Aaron got separated because of her! I told Aaron we couldn trust her, but he just wouldn listen, now look what happened! I swear, once I get out of here, Aaron better be ok, because if hes not, Im gonna do what Aaron shouldve done when we found Neku laying in the dirt. ”

Eris walked into the cave for what felt like hours. It was dark, cold, and damp.

Eris: ”Darn it, I need to get out of here. Its so dark in here and it smells awful. Uh, whats that? Theres a light up ahead. Man, I hope this means my walking is over. ”

Eris finally reaches the end of the cave. Moonlight came in through the ceiling, lighting the cave beautifully. The sound of the trickling water, the cool breeze coming in from the open ceiling, and shine from the light moss and rocks were breath taking. That is, it would be if it the entire cave wasn covered and reek with blood.

Eris: ”Gag! My god, what in Nirvana happened here? This place, it-it reeks of death. ”

The corpses of demons were sprayed everywhere. Pools of blood, shredded limbs, and internals were splattered all over the cave walls and floor, and a mist flooded the air.

Voice: ”What are you doing here, fallen angel? ”

Eris turns towards the voice coming from a dark corner. A shadowy figure forms from inside.

Eris: ”You, you
e a spirit aren you? ”

Spirit: ”Maybe I am, maybe Im not. Why does it matter to you? ”

Eris: ”Because unfortunately Im here to find you. ”

Spirit: ”Unfortunate indeed. ”

Eris: ”What makes you say Im an angel, do I look like one? ”

Spirit: ”You smell like an angel, but thats not important. No one is supposed to be here, so what are you doing in my cave? ”

Eris: ”…Well, I was traveling and happen to notice a large army of demons and thought something was wrong. So, I came to see if I can help, but it seems like you
e doing just fine without it. ”

Spirit: ”Really? You saw an army of demons and decided to run towards it. Thats pretty stupid, don you think? ”

Eris: ”Well, I have my own personal reasons to. ”

Spirit: ”Lier! ”

Eris: ”Huh? ”

Spirit: ”Ive been fighting demons for years. They
e ruthless, cunning, fears, and take great pride in their work. No living creature would ever go near one, much less fight one, unless their plan was to die. On another note, theres no way you couldve snuck in here without that army noticing. Matter of fact, you shouldn have known about this place in the first place. This whole cave reeks of death, yet you came anyway. ”

Eris: ”Like I said, I have personal reasons. But they don matter right now. We have to leave. The demon army is right outside and desperately trying to get in. I managed to block the entrance , but it won hold for long. If we don get out of here now well both die. ”

Spirit: ”Tch, Ive been fighting demons for years. Ill be just fine, you on the other hand will surely die. ”

Eris: ”Haha, youll be fine. Don make me laugh. ”

Spirit: ”Hmm? ”

Eris: ”If you were able to fight we wouldn be talking right now. Also, I doubt that you wouldve let me stay in here as long as you did. You probably wouldve tried to kill me actually. ”

Spirit: ”Sniff, sniff, sniff… grrrrrr! ”

Eris: ”Also, you wouldn be hiding in that shadow if your wounds weren severe. ”

Spirit: ”GGGGRRRRRRR!!! ”

Eris: ”Those wounds of yours, they
e fatal aren they? ”


Eris: ”AAAHHH!!! ”

The shadowy figure exploded from the darkness. Its ominous aura flooded the room, staling the air and blackening the light. It loomed over Eris in a repulsive grotesque form.


Eris: ”WHAT?! ”


Eris: ”I guess diplomacy isn your forte. Alright, how about bluntness. Tell me, is your name Canis Lupus? ”


Eris: ” From another spirit named Neku. Me and my partner… found her a few days ago. She told us a spirit might reside in these springs, named Canis Lupus. I take it thats you? ”


Eris: ”Well, yes but… WOAH! ”

Canis attacked Eris. He tried to crush her under his hand, but she evaded.


Eris: ”Sorry, but I couldn even if I wanted to. Trust me, I couldn care less about the flower, but unfortunately I need it to complete my mission. ”


Canis spits a poisonous fog at Eris.


Aaron struggles fighting off the demon army. His energy and stamina wanes the longer he fights, and he starts losing his spirit form.

Aaron: ”Gasp! Gasp! Gasp! I can do this, gasp, much longer. I need to, gasp, finish this. GHAA?! ”

Three demons surround Aaron and thrust their weapons at him. Aaron was barely able to evade and counter their attack. He manages to snap the neck of one, kicks the second to the ground and steal its weapon, and pierce the last through the heart. He tries to get a brief moment of rest, but gets struck from behind by a demon lieutenant. Aaron manages to block the attack, but gets knocked threw the air and crashes to the ground. He struggles to crawl to his feet, but immediately falls to his knees. He catches himself with one arm, but can move the other.

Aaron: ”Argggggh! That demon broken my arm. But, I can give up. Not yet, I can give up. Not yet! ”

Minion: ”I got you! ”

A demon attacks Aaron from behind. He barely manages to dodge and disarm the demon, then knocks it to the ground. He stabs the demon in the neck.

Aaron: ”You got what, a sword in your throat? Shouldve stayed quite. Is that all you got? Come on, what are you all waiting for? I could keep this up all day! ”

Minion: ”No you won . ”

A demon bursts out the ground and grabs Aaron from the back, immobilizing him.

Minion: ”I got him! Run him through! ”

Aaron: Tcha?!

Several demons swarmed onto Aaron. They all thrusted their weapons, ready to kill Aaron and the demon holding him.



Minion: ”What?! Whered he go? ”

Aaron and the demon were somehow transported into a strange spatial void right before hit by the attack. The lack of air made it impossible to breath and the almost zero pressure cleaved at their skin. Aarons Neko form gave him a resistance to the effects, but the unwelcome demon was greatly assailed by the effects.

Minion: ”What, gasp, is this place, gasp? It burns! Gasp, can breath, gasp! ”

Voice: ”You have entered my domain without my permission. May it be mortal, angel, or demon, all will pay a price for their intrusion. My you suffer till death. ”

Minion: ”Curse, gasp, you. You, gasp, wretched, gasp, spirit. ”

The demon passes out, losing his grip and freeing Aaron. But, even though Aaron the lack of oxygen and the excruciating pain of the voids lack of gravity almost puts him into a state of shock. On the brink of passing out, Aaron sees a human-like figure approach him.

Voice: ”Im so sorry. I hope you can forgive me. ”

Aaron begins to fall unconscious. The being places its hands on Aarons cheeks. A slight distortion formed around them.

Voice: ”Are you ready, its time to go back? ”

Aaron passes out as a slight distortion forms around them, and is sent back to the battlefield. He opens his eyes and pulls himself to his hands and knees gasping for air.

Aaron: ”GASP! Cough, cough! Uhh, what? Im alive, but how? ”

Voice: ”Im sorry, I should never have left you to fight them all by yourself. Now look at you, you
e all hurt because of me. ”

Aaron looks up and sees the human figure standing in front of him. His vision clears and he sees Neku.

Aaron: ”Neku, you came back. ”

Neku: ”I did but, I never shouldve left. If I had stayed you wouldn be in such a hurt state. ”

Aaron: ”Neku you… ”

Neku: ”No, I need to say this while I can. You-you
e crazy you know that? No one in this world would ever dare to fight a demon, but you chose to fight a thousand of them. And for what reason, glory, riches, popularity, a person? Why, what reason could you possibly have that would make you even think of doing something that invites death. You could die any number of ways, and all of them are painful. Or you could spend the rest of your life being tortured, which is a fate worse than death. What gives you the courage to fight such terrifying creatures, and how do I get that courage? ”

Aaron: ”What? ”

Neku: ”The way you fight, its like you have no fear of death. How do you fight knowing that just one mistake could cost you your life, or the lives of the people you care about? ”

Aaron: ”It sounds like you are speaking from experience. ”

Neku: ”Hmm-hmm. ”

Neku begins to cry softly.

Neku: ”Its my fault. I-I… ”

Aaron hugs Neku before she can finish speaking.

Aaron: ”Neku, whatever you did, whatever this guilt and pain you are feeling is, I just want you to know that we all have done things we regret. And theres no shame in running away if things becomes too much for you. Fear is what keeps us alive and helps us learn. But eventually, well have to face our fears, whether we
e ready to or not. Fear is more of a strength than anything. The only weakness is choosing to stay weak and run from your fears. Courage isn something you are simply born with, it takes time and strength to muster the willpower you need to fight. But, even though the greatest warriors show great courage, they to are not fearless. However, they all have something to fight for, something they would give their lives to protect. ”

Neku: ”Something to protect? ”

Aaron: ”Fighting those demons is the most terrifying thing Id done in my life, and to be honest I want to go home. They
e strong, much stronger than me. And they aura is so overwhelming. Im surprised they haven used any sacred arts. If they had Id be dead already. But, even though I know I could die I still choose to fight, because theres one thing that scares me more than them. ”

Neku: ”What? ”

Aaron: ”The thought of my father dying. Hes very sick and won last much longer if I idle. If I don fight he will die, and that thought terrifies me, even more than the thought of fighting Baren. My father means that much to me. Hes done so much for us and has struggled for so long without even asking for help or expecting anything in return that now death circles him. All of his children love him dearly and would fight to protect him. And thats why, now that hes unable to care for himself, its time for us children to take up the mantel and return his kindness in full. ”

Minion: ”Sniff, sniff, sniff, found you! Hes over there! ”

A demon points out Aaron and Nekus hiding spot and alerts the rest of the minions. They all rush to attack Aaron and Neku.

Aaron: ”Crap, looks like they found us. Well Neku, is there something you wish to protect? ”

Neku: ”Yes, yes there is! ”

Aaron: ”Then why don we protect it, together? ”

Neku: ”Yes, together. ”

Neku hugged Aaron. A bright light shined from his body and Neku vanished. As the light began to dim, Aaron gained more feline attributes and his clothing became more fur-like.

Aaron: ”Great, another technique I need to figure out how to use. ”

Neku: ”Master, this is spirit possession. As long as we
e like this you have all my powers and abilities now. But, unfortunately my powers are more defensive than offensive. ”

Aaron: ”And you
e in my head, great. Alright, lets do this. ”

Neku: *Chuckle. ”Lets. ”


Canis and Eris were still engaged in a brutal battle. They had exchanged numerous blows and were becoming exhausted. Eris started to struggle evading Caniss attacks and was hurled into the cave wall.

Eris: ”GAAAHUUUH! Uh, this isn going well. Aaron, where are you. ”


Eris coughs up some blood as she tries to stand.

Eris: ”Sorry, but I can . Im sure you already know that I caved in the entrance, so Im stuck here until my partner comes to get me out, not that Id leave if I was able. Im invested now, so theres no way I leaving until I beat you, hehe. ”

Canis: ”PFF, THEN DIE! *HORRA HORDA! ” *Black pack

Three shadow wolves crawled out of the shadows.

Eris: ”Geez, can catch a break. Aaron hurry up! ”

Canis howled and the the wolves charge Eris. They zig zagged, jumping off the walls and diving in and out of the shadows. They launched quick and decisive attacks on Eris in succession. She tries to defend herself against them by dodging, but was overwhelmed by their speed. Eris began to get very frustrated.

Eris: ”Gah! Grrrr, enough! ”

Eris delivers several quick and precise blows to each of the wolves as that lunge at her. She knocks one of the wolves into a jagged rock and the others to the ground. They quickly scramble to their feet, ready to attack again.

Eris: ”One down, two more to go. ”

Spirit: ”Heh, *CANUS HORRA! ” *Wolfs terror

Canis and his summoned wolves shriek out howling, its so loud that Eris can feel the vibrations.

Eris: ”GEAAAAAH! What, is this? ”

Canis: ”KILL HERE, NOW! ”

The shadow wolves charge Eris.

Eris: ”Tch, gotcha. *Lumos Maxima. ” *Brightest Light

A bright light shined from Eriss hand, piercing through the wolves causing them to fade away and disappear.

Eris: ”Im glad I took those lessons in defense against darkness from Angis, I might be in real trouble right now if I hadn . If that was your attempt to terrify me then you really need to do a lot better than that. ”

Spirit: * ”… BERSERK! ” *FULL RAGE

Canis ROARS and shakes the walls of the cave. It was so loud that Eris thought he might created a cave in.

Canis: ”HOWS THIS? ”

Eris: ”… Thats, not, great. ”

Canis: ”HEHE, GOOD! *LUPA GRO! ” *Wolf Growth

Canis arms grew to the size of a boulder. He swats and swings at Eris trying to crush her.

Aaron: ”Eris, ERIS! ”

Eris: ”Huh Aaron, is that you? How are you…? ”

Aaron: ”No time to explain. Has Canis gone berserk yet? ”

Eris: ”He just did. What do you want, Im busy right, *NOW? ”


Aaron: ”I overheard the demons say Canis can stay in berserk form for more than a few minutes. He also has several major injuries, main injury on his torso, and broken bones. You should find and attack those spots. Hell probably be guarding them, so keep your eyes open for any strange movements. ”

Eris: ”Oh really?! Thats very good to know. Ill let you know when Im done. ”

Aaron cuts off communication with Eris. She then faces Canis.

Eris: ”Alright Canis, its been fun playing with you, but its time to end this little game. Im getting serious now, so get ready. Cause Im coming for ya! ”

Eris jets at Canis, and he does the same to Eris.


Eris and Canis get into a deadlock. They shared blow for blow unwilling to be defeated by the other.


Aaron: ”Gasp!!! Thats, gasp…! The last, gasp…! Of them, gasp…! ”

Aaron collapsed. His muscles were on fire and his bones felt ached to the core. He used all of his and Nekus energy and broke his spirit form and split from Neku. They lied on the ground in pure agony.

Neku: ”Easy Master, youve worked your body too hard. If you strain yourself too much more youll die. ”

Dem. Cpt.: ”Tsk, this human is a real nuisance. ”

Dem. Lt.: ”Shall I deal with him, Captain? ”

Dem. Cpt.: ”No, We got what we came for. Lets report back to Lord Baren. ”

Dem. Lt.: ”But Captain, what about the Sin? ”

Dem. Cpt.: ”Its not important, weve obtained something far more valuable. ”

The demon captain and lieutenant began to leave.

Aaron: ”Hey! ”

Aaron tries to stand and confront the demons.

Aaron: ”Where, gasp, do you think, gasp, you
e going? ”

Dem. Cpt.: ”Save your breath human, this fight is over. My men are dead and I have what I want. You should be proud, you fought valiantly. Relish this moment and regain your strength. I look forward to witnessing your growth. ”

Aaron: ”Doesn matter. I still, gasp, can let you leave. ”

Aaron collapses back to the ground.

Dem. Cpt.: ”Oh don worry, well meet again, very soon. Besides, killing an enemy thats already been weakened wouldn please me at all. See you later, human. ”

The demon captain summons a stead and rides of into the distance.

Neku: ”No! You won escape. Spatial… ”

Aaron: ”No Neku! Let him go. As much as it pains me to say, we can beat him. Besides, Eris needs our help right now, so lets help her first. ”

Aaron began crawling towards the cave.

Neku: ”Im sorry Master, if I had aided you from the beginning this wouldn have happened. I put your life in danger, Im sorry Master. ”

Aaron halted for a moment, then changed his crawl towards Neku.

Aaron: ”Stop saying that. You came didn you, geez? Its because of you Im still alive. ”

Aaron reached Neku. He stood up and picked Neku up as well, although it was difficult.

Aaron: ”You apologize too much. If you really are that sorry then you can pay me back by telling me that secret youve been hiding, but only when you
e ready. For now, lets go…, help…, Eris. ”

Aaron suddenly collapses and falls flat on the ground.

Neku: ”Master, are you ok?! ”

Aaron: ”Uh, no. My whole body hurts, and I can feel my arms or legs either. And, Im so tirezzz. ”

Neku: ”Thank you Master. Your kindness knows no limits, and Im forever grateful. I wish we could stay like this together, forever. Rest, you deserve it. ”

Neku reverted back to her child-like form from when she first met Aaron and Eris. She then falls asleep beside Aaron.


Eris: ”Gasp, gasp, gasp, that, gaps, took, gasp, way too much, gasp. ”

Canis: ”Looks like, gasp, you beat me. Wasn expecting that, gasp. Good job. ”

Eris: ”Well you didn , gasp, exactly make it, gasp, easy. ”

Canis: ”Neither did you. ”

Eris and Canis laugh a little. Canis pulled himself to his feet. His legs were shaking and he was bleeding heavily.

Eris: ”Hey easy there, Canis. You
e hurt pretty bad. You move too much and those wounds will become a lot more than just fatal, theyll become your end.

Canis: ”Tch, this is nothing. My father a put me in worse shape. And my name isn Canis Lupus. ”

Eris: ”Oh, then what is it? ”

Canis: ”Canis Lupus is just my breed of species. Conan Lupo is my true name. ”

Eris: ”Well, its nice to meet you Canon Lupo, even though I wish it was under better circumstances. ”

Conan: ”Please, just Conan. Im not very fond of formalities. ”

Eris: ”Likewise. ”

Conan: ”So Eris, you wanted my flower, didn you? Kill me and take it, youve earned that much from defeating me. Otherwise, Ill have to ask you to just leave. I don want anything to do with you if you
e allied with that Mamono, nor do I want her getting her filthy paws on my flower. If you don kill me now Ill just end up coming after you later to take the flower back. ”

Eris: ”We didn come here to kill you. My partner is the one who wanted the flower. I really couldn care less about it, and I was being honest when I said I didn even want to come here ya know. ”

Conan: ”Is that so? ”

Eris: ”Yes. I was only convinced to coming here because my partner refused to listen to me and leave you alone, and Neku told me I might gain a spirit alley for the fight ahead, so I guess I really only came here for you. And speaking of Neku, why do you hate her so much? ”

Conan: ”You don know, figures as much? Why would she tell you was she so desperately tries to bury underneath the world? ”

Eris: ”What do you mean by that? ”

Canon: ”Neku is not who she says she is. Shes committed sins equal to that of the demons you faced outside. She looks innocent, but thats just a ruse. The truth behind that smile of hers, is shes killed every master shes ever had. ”

Eris: ”What!? ”

Conan: ”Yes. And your friend, Aaron was it, is next. ”

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