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Chapter 48.1

The chilly night wind blew on Wen Chi’s face, perhaps because it was still spring, the breeze did not make him cold but rather it was very refreshing.

But what made Wen Chi very displeased was that his acupuncture points have been tapped and only his pair of eyes can still move around.

So, it is also very difficult to turn…

Because the man holding him moved extremely fast, almost flying around on the eaves of the palace roofs, like a night bird, as long as Wen Chi opened his eyes a little bit, he would feel the cool wind pouring into his eyes.

Originally, Wen Chi wanted to see the man’s face clearly but the wind was too strong for him to do that.

He opened his eyes and watched for a long time but he could only see a blurred face outline but his eyes hurt because of the wind and tears kept coming out from the corners of his eyes.

Later, Wen Chi gave up.

He closed his eyes and layed very peacefully in the man’s arms.

He didn’t know how long it took, the cool wind made Wen Chi feel drowsy again and the very faint wisp of sandalwood kept drilling into his nose along with the night wind.

It was not until the man seemed to be carrying him inside somewhere that the sound of the wind in his ears gradually weakened.

Just as Wen Chi was about to open his eyes, he suddenly felt his body plummeting down.

Before he could react, he felt warm water rushing from all directions, scrambling to get into his mouth and nose.

A strong sense of suffocation overcame him, instantly sucking away all the air that Wen Chi could breathe.

“Ah…” Wen Chi waved his hands and feet desperately, “F*ck! Help me…”

Halfway through the struggle, his hand suddenly touched something.

He hurriedly touched it a few more times, only to realize that the man who carried him was standing not far from him and his body instincts made him subconsciously climb on him.

At this moment, Wen Chi felt that his whole body was covered with water and the soaked clothes hung heavily on him, as if a pair of hands were dragging him downwards.

Wen Chi recklessly hugged the man’s waist and climbed up, hanging on the man like a koala.
When the suffocating feeling of being engulfed in water finally left him, he gasped and wiped his water-soaked clothes on the man’s clothes.

Looking up again——

Those pairs of cold black eyes were looking at him intently.

“It really is you…” When Wen Chi thought of how he had finally fallen asleep but was inexplicably kidnapped and thrown into this pool full of water he suddenly became furious, “Shi Ye1Wen Chi directly calls him by his name instead of You Highness, are you crazy? Do you know that what you just did was breaking into people’s homes?”

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

Shi Ye stood firmly in the pool, he took off the half-face mask, half of his frosty face was covered with terrible burn marks but Wen Chi didn’t know if it was because he was used to seeing it but Wen Chi unexpectedly didn’t think these burn marks are as scary as usual instead, they had an eerie sense of seduction against the other half of his perfect face.

“The East Palace is my territory.
From now on when I ascend the throne, the whole imperial palace and even the whole world will be in my possession.” Shi Ye’s thin lips parted slightly and he raised his hand to pinch Wen Chi’s chin, which was dripping with water.
His voice was deep and slow, “This is Bengong’s territory, why should I break into my own house?”

Wen Chi, who struggled to climb onto Shi Ye’s body, blushed with anger, and retorted loudly: “Even if you are not breaking into a person’s house but forcibly taking someone away from their original place against their will is called kidnapping, do you know that what you are doing is kidnapping?”

The answer to Wen Chi was a faint chuckle and the corners of Shi Ye’s mouth raised an imperceptible curve.
He looked down at Wen Chi’s flushed face and said, “It’s not someone else that Bengong took away, what Bengong  took away was Bengong‘s person, so why should Bengong kidnap them?”

Wen Chi: “…”

What a crooked argument! It was all sophistry!

He didn’t expect the dog prince to spew out nonsense one after another.

Wen Chi felt that his mouth was going to twist with anger, so he resolutely gave up talking with Shi Ye.

He turned his head to check the surrounding environment, only to find that it seemed to be a bathroom and some of the furnishings were somewhat similar to the bathroom in Bamboo Flute Residence but this bathroom was larger and more luxurious, unlike as in Bamboo Flute Residence, a wooden barrel for bathing was replaced in the middle by a large pool.
The water in the pool was warm and white mist lingered on the surface of the pool.

He took a closer look at Shi Ye’s body submerged in the pool and water only reached his abdomen, it seemed that the pool was not very deep.

After realizing this, Wen Chi felt relieved and planned to jump off Shi Ye.

Who would have thought that Shi Ye seemed to have sensed his intentions and the moment he loosened his arms around Shi Ye’s neck, a pair of strong hands cupped his buttocks from behind and even lifted him upwards with ease.

By now, Wen Chi’s clothes were already soaked.
He only wore thin white undergarments when he slept.
After getting wet, they became translucent and clung to his body, so much that when Shi Ye looked down, he could see the two light pink spots on Wen Chi’s chest.

His long black hair was also wet on his shoulders and a steady stream of water droplets condensed at the ends of the hair, wrapping that white and rosy face.
His skin was white, like freshly squeezed milk so pure white that there was not a single flaw to be found and his face was truly red, as if it could drip blood, with the red gradually spreading towards the roots of his ears.

Originally, Shi Ye had only wet the lower half of his body but after Wen Chi made such a fuss, the upper half of his clothes were not spared either.

The two wet people pressed against each other without any gaps, especially when Shi Ye moved, the inexplicable feeling became more and more obvious.

Shi Ye’s body gradually became stiff and he felt a fire running wildly in his body and it was faintly moving in a certain direction.


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1Wen Chi directly calls him by his name instead of You Highness

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