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Chapter 41.2


The Peach Blossom Banquet was held in the Peach Blossom Grove.
Looking around, it was all brilliant pink and the scenery was too beautiful to behold.

When Wen Liang followed Li Hao to the banquet in a carriage, many dignitaries who had been invited had already arrived.
Everyone gathered together in twos and threes to talk and the scene was very lively.

Although Wen Liang has gone to many large and small banquets with Madam Xu in the past, this was the first time he has come to such a grand occasion.
When he thought that he would be seeing the Grand princess and other royal relatives in a while, he was so nervous that his palms started sweating.

There is also the fourth prince Shi Jin, the fourth prince that the system has mentioned to him countless times… He can finally get to see the living person.

Shi Jin…

Wen Chi silently recited the name of the fourth prince in his heart.

For some reason, an indescribable hope suddenly rose from his heart and slowly spread to his limbs and he clenched his hands quietly.

Hopefully everything goes as smoothly as the system says it will.

Li Hao also came here full of hope.
He not only expects to get to know the emperor’s relatives but he  just wanted to take this opportunity to climb up with a few high-ranking officials, so that he could do things more conveniently in the future.

Li Hao chatted with those officials for a while, until a servant came to urge him, then he led the silent Wen Liang into the arena.

Everyone’s position has been arranged in the arena.
Due to the different identities and status of each person, the positions they were assigned naturally were very different.

The Grand princess and the imperial sons were located in the tents directly in front of them.
Those tents were temporarily built and covered with silk veils.
Behind them were stretches of peach blossom trees, which made people envious.
Slightly behind is the tent where the royal relatives sit.
Although it also has shades to block the sunlight, it was relatively simpler than silk veil.
The rest of the people were all arranged in the open air, “enjoying” the falling peach petals and the sunshine.

However, Li Hao’s identity and status among all the invitees was not high and the location he was assigned was even more remote.
There were no peach blossom trees around and the sun was shining directly, making Wen Liang unable to open his eyes.

Wen Liang did not expect such a layout at the Peach Blossom Banquet.
He was dressed grandly today and his clothes were thick.
Iit would be fine if he only basked in the sun for a while but it would be unbearable if he stayed under the sun for a long time.

In less than half an hour, he felt that his underclothes were soaked with sweat.

He reached out and touched his forehead, feeling the sweat on his hand.

Li Hao, who was sitting next to him, noticed his movement out of the corner of his eye, and he turned his head and glanced at him gloatingly: “Do you regret it?”

Wen Liang pursed his lips, pretending not to hear Li Hao’s voice.

“You are already here, what’s the point of pretending?” Li Hao sneered disdainfully, “If you can’t stay any longer, tell me in advance so that I can arrange for you to leave, so that I won’t lose my face here.”

Wen Liang shook his head silently.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
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Li Hao stared at him for a while, seemingly bored and turned to talk to the person next to him.

Only then did Wen Liang raise his eyes and cast his eyes on Li Hao’s neck – where he wore his stone.

Because there was a red string that he was extremely familiar with looming in Li Hao’s neckline.

Wen Liang stared closely at the red string protruding from Li Hao’s neckline.
He tried to talk to the system but failed repeatedly.

The system once told him to carry the stone close to his body, otherwise he would lose contact with the system and many unpredictable accidents would happen.

He must snatch the stone back sooner!

At this moment, there was a sudden commotion not far away, accompanied by the voices of some girls whispering.

“The fourth prince is here!”

“I knew that the Fourth Prince would come this year, look, I guessed it right, haha!”

“Since the fourth prince is here, then the crown prince will definitely not appear like the previous years.”


The Fourth prince?

When Wen Liang heard these three words, his heart started beating uncontrollably.

He suppressed the excitement that was almost gushing out of his throat, poked his head and followed the girls’ gaze.

A slender figure appeared under the sun, a young man in green clothes walked over led by a servant, but he was soon stopped by a potbellied official and the two stood there laughing and talking.

The young man was tall and straight, his handsome face was mostly blurred by the warm yellow sunlight, but even so, the gentle aura emanating from him still made many girls and young masters present feel excited.

Wen Liang was fascinated.

So this person was the Fourth Prince…

It turned out that this is the person who was destined to know each other…

Wen Liang felt that his breathing was gradually heating up and the deer in his chest was about to burst out.
He didn’t know how much effort he had to put to suppress the urge to run towards the fourth prince.

Until the fourth prince turned his head and looked over as if feeling something——

Their eyes met.

At this moment, it was as if the whole world had fallen silent.

After living for eighteen years, Wen Liang suddenly believed in the “love at first sight” mentioned in storybooks.

On the other hand, Shi Jin’s gaze passed through the crowd and fell on Wen Liang, then he imperceptibly frowned.

This person’s eyes are too straightforward, as if he is being targeted as prey, making him feel a little uncomfortable.

Just when Shi Jin was about to look away, his sight suddenly fell on Li Hao next to Wen Liang.

At this moment, Li Hao didn’t notice his existence at all, with a flattering smile on his face, he was talking to someone.

And suddenly, Shi Jin heard the sound of his own heart beating faster.


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