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Chapter 37.1

Wen Chi thought Shi Ye was joking but Shi Ye didn’t look like he was joking.

Holding the brush, he walked up to Wen Chi in a blink of an eye.

He was very tall.
Although he mostly sits in a wheelchair, every time he stands up, he can make Wen Chi feel an invisible sense of oppression.

Wen Chi’s face turned pale and he staggered back two steps, until his lower back touched the edge of the table behind him and he stopped abruptly.

“Decide.” Shi Ye was immersed in the fiery red light, his handsome face showed no expression.
He looked at Wen Chi with a sullen gaze, “Are you going to take it off, or should bengong take it off for you.”

Wen Chi was really frightened, his hands resting on the edge of the table were trembling slightly and he shook his head in resistance.

Shi Ye was towering over him and he lowered his eyes: “You said that you didn’t like the phoenix I painted on the paper, so I kindly want to re-draw a phoenix for you but  you are not even grateful let alone appreciate it.”

Wen Chi shook his head like a rattle: “I do not dislike the phoenix drawn by Your Highness, I like it very much.”

Shi Ye let out a sneer, obviously he didn’t believe what Wen Chi said: “Since you like it, why did you still call the phoenix painted by Bengong a chicken?”

“…”  Wen Chi didn’t expect Shi Ye to be so vengeful and after a moment of silence, he decided to dump the pot on Young Master Li’s head, “That sentence was not said by me, it was said by Young Master Li, I kept saying that what Your Highness painted was Phoenix.”

“Oh?” Shi Ye raised his eyebrows, as if he was really curious, “That’s not what you said yesterday.”

Wen Chi: “…”

That’s right, yesterday he did say that the phoenix painted by Shi Ye was a chicken.

But at the time, he really thought that Shi Ye’s painting was a chicken.
How could there be a phoenix that looked so much like a chicken?

Wen Chi felt like he was about to die of injustice.

When Shi Ye saw that Wen Chi was silent, he ordered: “Take it off.”

Wen Chi was about to cry: “I do not want to take off.”

No matter how thick-skinned he is, he doesn’t want to take off his clothes in public.

Hearing this, Shi Ye wasn’t angry at all but gave Wen Chi a half-smile and his originally calm tone suddenly became irresistible: “Unfortunately, it is not up to you.”

After saying that, he gently waved his hand.

Before Wen Chi could react, he felt a gust of wind blowing in front of him and then, he vaguely heard the sound of the cloth ripping apart.

He lowered his head and saw that the clothes that were originally well-dressed were torn apart in the middle, revealing his snow-white chest.

The cool wind blew past, making him shiver.

While Wen Chi was in a daze, Shi Ye had already picked up the paintbrush and placed it on his chest.
The ink was very cold and the tip of the brush dipped in black ink traveled on his skin, causing a tingling sensation.

Wen Chi’s skin was fair, outlined with a few strokes, forming a strong color difference between black and white.

Shi Ye was extremely focused on the painting and moved very quickly.
After a while, he drew the head of the phoenix smoothly.

He tilted his head to look and then looked at Wen Chi.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

“What do you think of this?”

Wen Chi was in a daze.
After listening to Shi Ye’s words, he subconsciously lowered his head and followed Shi Ye’s gaze.

Then he saw that a phoenix’s head was really drawn on his chest.

The head of the phoenix is ​​not easy to draw, especially the eyes of the phoenix.
If the phoenix is ​​not drawn well, then the phoenix will lose its soul.

However, Shi Ye used only a few strokes to draw out the cold and mysterious aura of the phoenix.
Compared with the chicken painted on paper before, perhaps this was Shi Ye’s real ability.

Wen Chi looked at the phoenix’s head, at the black ink on his chest and at Shi Ye’s slender fingers holding the brush.

Suddenly, he felt cheated.

He should have known…

Shi Ye is the crown prince, capable of calligraphy and martial arts.
He can write such beautiful characters, how can he only draw that picture of a chicken?

Maybe Shi Ye deliberately drew such an ugly chicken just to trick him and let him bring it to the banquet, so that he would be ridiculed by so many people here.

Obviously Shi Ye can draw very well but deliberately painted that ugly ……

In an instant, an unprecedented sense of grievance surged over and overwhelmed Wen Chi.

There was also the humiliation of being painted on his body.
The black ink left on his chest seems to have infiltrated into his flesh unconsciously and also dyed his bones black.

Before Wen Chi knew it, tears were already rushing out of his eyes.

Tears ran across his face, dripped from his chin, landed on his chest and finally landed on the brush Shi Ye was holding.

Make a rattling sound.

Shi Ye watched Wen Chi go from dazed to tearful, he didn’t seem to understand why Wen Chi was crying so sadly, so he frowned: “Why are you crying?”

Wen Chi closed his eyes but tears still flowed from the slits of his eyes.
He was sobbing so much that he couldn’t even utter a word.

Shi Ye asked: “Is Bengong not good at painting?”

Wen Chi shook his head vigorously.

Shi Ye stared at the tears on Wen Chi’s face and was stunned for a while.
Then he stretched out his other hand, trying to wipe away those tears for him.

However, before Shi Ye’s fingertips touched Wen Chi’s cheek, Wenchi raised his hand unexpectedly and pushed it away.

As if Wen Chi was not satisfied with it, he reached out again and took the brush out of Shi Ye’s hand and threw it into the lake not far away.


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