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Incase anybody get confused —> At the moment Wen Chi is sent to the palace as Wen Liang, so everybody think that he is Wen Liang and not Wen Chi.
That’s why the crown prince and everybody else address him as Wen Liang and not Wen Chi, cuz Wen Chi is now pretending to be Wen Liang.

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Chapter 4.2

“Isn’t this an obvious thing?” The night you got married, the crown prince came to stay in our bamboo flute residence for a few hours, a treatment that no one else had.”

Wen Chi was stunned.

Ping An saw his relaxed expression and hurried to strike while the iron was hot1趁热打铁 [chèn rè dǎ tiě] Strike while the iron is hot;   Strike the iron while it is hot;   act at good opportunity or while circumstances are favorable; Make hay while the sun shines: “These days, the emperor is desperately trying to stuff people into the East Palace.
But out of all the people stuffed in, which one caught the eyes of His Highness the Crown Prince? His Highness didn’t even look at them, only you, Young Master Wen, is the most special one.”

“Is this true?”

“The slave dare not lie.” Ping An nodded, then raised his finger and swore, “If the slave said one false word to Young Master Wen, this slave would be struck by lightning.”

“Don’t don’t don’t don’t ……” Wen Chi said, “You are being too much.”

Ping An egged on for half a day and seeing a thoughtful expression finally appear on Wen Chi’s salted fish face, he sighed in relief.
He told Wen Chi to think about it and then exited the bedroom.

Wen Chi lay back on the bed and really thought about it.

After all, the crown prince and the original owner are not the protagonists in the novel and they are not even the supporting roles.
Naturally, there are not many scenes in the novel.

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Before the original owner married into the East Palace instead of Wen Liang, he and Wen Liang lived under the same roof and only had some scenes.
But after the original owner married into the East Palace, life revolved around the crown prince and even the number of appearances was a very few times.

Since then, he did not know the stories behind these plots at all.

If you have to find a reason why a crown prince treats him specially, it should only be because he and the protagonist are half-brothers…

Thinking of this, Wen Chi had a flash of inspiration – could it be because Wen Liang’s protagonist aura was too strong and accidentally illuminated him, a small cannon fodder in the corner, that he got the crown prince’s favor without any effort, making the crown prince think he was so special, so unpretentious and different from those flirtatious people?

But in any case, being treated specially by the crown prince is not a good thing.

If you put this matter in the workplace, you will be isolated by your colleagues!

In the afternoon….

Wen Chi was still thinking about this.

After all, it was a life-threatening event and for the first time, he had a slight sense of urgency.

So he called Ping An and wanted to inquire about the crown prince.

Who knew that Ping An instantly smiled knowingly and said straight away that he had found a good place to observe their enemies up close.

Before Wen Chi could understand what was going on, he was led to the back of a rockery in a daze.

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There is a small flat land behind the rockery, surrounded by trees and it is located at a high place.  If someone is hiding inside, it is difficult for people outside to see clearly.

Ping An was well-versed and found a small chair and brought some fruit and cakes, and let Wen Chi wait while eating, while he squatted beside him holding the fruit and cakes.

Wen Chi looked at Ping An’s excited appearance and suddenly he couldn’t say anything to refuse.
He was silent for a while, then reached out to pick up the cake and ate it silently.

Later, Wen Chi realized that the road under the rockery was the only way to enter the East Palace and every sedan chair had to pass this road.

And they can judge the power of the person in the sedan chair by the clothing and the number of maids on both sides of the sedan chair, as well as the dowry boxes carried by the people behind them.
The strong ones can be roped in and the weak can be suppressed.

On the first day, two sedan chairs passed by, carrying a man and a woman.

The next day, two sedan chairs passed by, carrying two women.

On the third day, four sedan chairs passed by, carrying a man and three women.

On the seventh day, there were still sedan chairs passing by…

Wen Chi was tired and couldn’t bear to interrupt Ping An, who was concentrating on analyzing the current situation.
He patted Ping An on the shoulder and asked Ping An to continue to keep watch while he walked around the vicinity.

The East Palace is very big but there are only a few main roads and there are palace maids and eunuchs who he can inquire with, so Wen Chi Road is not afraid of getting lost.

He walked aimlessly and came to a lake where the sun spilled on the surface of the lake making the surface sparkling and jumping with tiny dots of light.

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There is a pavilion in the center of the lake.

Wen Chi walked slowly to the pavilion and saw that there were shading veils hanging around the pavilion.
Soft cushions were placed inside and there were tea sets and other things on the table.

He sat on a bench near the fence for a while, the sun fell on his body through the veil and he felt warm.
Wen Chi couldn’t help lying down after basking in the sun for a while.

As a result, he fell asleep.

Don’t know how long he slept but Wen Chi heard whispering voices in his ears.
He woke up to these voices, he opened his eyes and curious faces came into view.

He was suddenly startled and quickly sat up, almost bumping into the girl closest to him.

Those people immediately backed away like a tidal wave but their eyes still fell on him.

There are men and women, all of whom look like young people around the age of sixteen or seventeen years but each of them is extremely delicate and they are dressed in fancy dress.
They all looked at him with different expressions. 

Wen Chi did not expect to welcome so many people when he got up from a nap.
Subconsciously thought he was occupying someone else’s territory and quickly stood up to apologize: “I’m sorry.
I’m leaving now.”

But he was stopped before he could take two steps.

“You are Young Master Wen, right?” The woman who spoke had a pair of big smart eyes.
She was wearing a pale pink dress, a white tulle and a butterfly hairpin in her hair.
The bell tinkled as she walked, “What a coincidence, I didn’t expect to bump into Young Master Wen here.”

Wen Chi paused and looked at the smiling woman suspiciously: “Do you know me?”

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The author has something to say: 

Let me explain:

The appearance of people is necessary for the plot and the wives and concubines are not deliberately set in groups, and their attack has nothing to do with him.
They are just a group of cannon fodder and they will end soon (the real end).
And there are a lot of settings behind the text, removing this point will make those settings look less reasonable.

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1趁热打铁 [chèn rè dǎ tiě] Strike while the iron is hot;   Strike the iron while it is hot;   act at good opportunity or while circumstances are favorable; Make hay while the sun shines

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