When he finished saying it, Wen Chi clearly felt Ping An’s figure swayed slightly.

He raised his eyebrows, imitating Shi Ye’s displeased expression: “Why? You don’t want to?”

“No, I will do it.” Ping An hurriedly said, “Thank you, Young Master Wen.”

Wen Chi waved his hand: “Leave.”

Ping An got up from the ground with a pale face and ran out of the bedroom in a hurry.

Wen Chi closed his eyes again and began to think about Ping An.
Although Ping An often emphasized that Ruo Tao’s origin was unknown, in Wen Chi’s eyes, Ping An was the strangest one of all.  On one hand, Ping An desperately wanted him to get on the Crown Prince’s good side but on the other hand, he did not take him into account at all.

If Ping An really regarded him as his master like Ruo Fang and Ruo Tao did, he would not dare to leave his post without his permission and without even returning to the Bamboo Flute House for a day or two.

Wen Chi thought about it and finally came to a conclusion – Ping An must have thought he’d have a comfortable life by following him to success while holding the crown prince’s thigh but who knew that he was too naive and after wandering in front of His Royal Highness so such a long time, nothing was accomplished, so Ping An had to find a new target to cling to.

In his impression, when Ping An appeared every time there was a pattern, such as when Eunuch Zhu came, the Crown Prince came, and the Crown Prince’s reward came ……

Today, the emperor’s reward came and Ping An came back.

Well, I can only blame him for being too dishonest.

Wen Chi felt that his whole heart was pierced by Ping An with a needle.

But what Ping An said was correct.
In two days, Zhang Cai Hui led a few sisters to visit, under the guise of visiting Wen Chi.

Wen Chi then remembered that he lied about being sick in order to reject Zhang Cai Hui’s invitation that day but he didn’t expect that this reason would actually become an excuse for Zhang Cai Hui and others to come to the door.

Wen Chi really didn’t want to hang out with women, especially those women who were likely to have bad intentions.
But Zhang Cai Hui and others had a tough attitude.
Although they still had smiles on their faces, their words indicated that they will not leave until they see Wen Chi.

Ruo Fang conveyed Zhang Cai Hui’s words while gritting her teeth in anger: “I’m so pissed off, those women are really shameless.
This servant said that Young Master Wen was not feeling well and it is inconvenient to meet people.
But they are still standing there begging to see you.
This servant said everything I could say to chase them away but I couldn’t drive them away.”

Wen Chi was lying on the reclining chair in the courtyard and he didn’t even bother to lift his eyelids: “If you can’t drive them away, let them stand there.
It’s not like we are the ones who will get tired.”

Hearing this, Ruo Fang covered her mouth and smiled, “Young Master Wen is smart.”

Ping An, who had been pulling weeds tirelessly in the courtyard, pricked up his ears and listened to their conversation.
He quickly wiped his dirty hands on his clothes, wiped the sweat from his forehead and quietly came over: “Young Master Wen, This servant still thinks this is a bit too much.
Although this servant does not recommend Young Master Wen to go out to meet them but it’s better to meet those who come to the door on their own initiative….”

Wen Chi opened his eyes and glanced over lightly: “Have you finished pulling the weeds?”

Ping An was stunned for a moment and then lowered his head: “It’s this servant who talks too much.”

Wen Chi waved his hand and let Ping An continue pulling weeds.

Ruo Fang who watched all this was overjoyed.
She silently made a face at Ping An’s back, then turned her head and whispered to Wen Chi, “Ping An is strange, Young Master Wen better be on guard.”

Wen Chi nodded.

He thought so too.

Originally, Wen Chi thought that Zhang Cai Hui and the others would give up soon but unexpectedly, half an hour later when Ruo Fang, who had made a trip to the door, came running over in a panic: “Young Master Wen! It’s not good, Young Master Wen!”

The drowsy Wen Chi immediately sat up: “What happened?”

Ruo Fang ran out of breath: “That, that ,Zhang Cai Hui, fainted outside the door of our Bamboo Flute Residence!”

“…” Wen Chi was silent for a moment and then spoke faintly,  “Didn’t they leave a long time ago?”

Ruo Fang finally calmed down and said with a sullen face, “No, according to the servant girl, they wanted to see Young Master Wen although you refused to meet them, so they resorted to this bitter trick.
This is too sinister, if it spreads out, people will definitely say that our Bamboo flute residents are bullying them.”

Wen Chi felt that Ruo Fang was right and now he had to go out to see even if he was reluctant to do so.

He went out with Ruo Fang.
Ruo Fang trotted in front and hurriedly opened the door.
Wen Chi saw at a glance the woman in blue sitting at the door.
Who else could it be other than Zhang Cai Hui?

Zhang Cai Hui was surrounded by five or six women, some dressed in brocade and gorgeous clothes and some in palace maid uniforms.
The only common feature is that they keep a certain distance from Zhang Cai Hui.

Fortunately, Zhang Cai Hui brought a palace maid today.
The palace maid held Zhang Cai Hui’s arm nervously while Zhang Cai Hui’s face was so pale that he didn’t even dare to look at her.
She was sitting on the threshold, leaning against the maid, one hand holding the maid’s hand while the other hand gently rubbing the temple, looking very uncomfortable.

But she still refuses to go back when she was this uncomfortable, her perseverance………

Wen Chi can only wish that she will get the favor of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince as soon as possible.

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