T/N – Chapter 23 is gonna be a HUGE chapter with three parts.
So I’ll be breaking to down to six parts.

Chapter 23.1


Wen Chi felt an urge to turn his head and leave, but he still suppressed it.

After walking for a short time, Eunuch Zhu stopped in front of him.

“Young Master Wen, wait here for a while, this servant will go in and take a look.” Eunuch Zhu said and walked into the bedroom lightly with the whisk in his arms.

With curtains hanging on both sides of the arched moon gate, Wen Chi couldn’t see what was going on inside, so he could only stand there and wait.

Fortunately, not long after,  Eunuch Zhu came out wiping the cold sweat on his forehead.

“His Royal Highness is in a bad mood at the moment, you should wait until later to go in.” Eunuch Zhu waved his hand as he spoke, motioning for Wen Chi to sit down, and then warned sharply, “Be sure to serve His Highness well, or you won’t get out of here alive today.”

Wen Chi shivered with fright and nodded hastily.

Eunuch Zhu said: “The servant will retire first.”

However, after turning around and walking forward a few steps, Eunuch Zhu seemed to have suddenly remembered something.
He looked back at Wen Chi, who looked at a loss: “That’s right.”

Wen Chi quickly cheered up and stared at Eunuch Zhu with his round apricot eyes.

Eunuch Zhu was stunned by the sight of Wen Chi.
He thought that His Royal Highness was ambitious but he never thought that he would end up with a little white flower.

After collecting his thoughts, Eunuch Zhu said: “I almost forgot to tell Young Master Wen, today is the anniversary of Empress Hua’s death, Young Master Wen must be careful not to say anything that should not be said.”

Empress Hua?

Why is it related to Empress Hua again?

Wen Chi’s doubts deepened but he didn’t dare to ask Eunuch Zhu, so he nodded in response.

After Eunuch Zhu left, the room became quiet again.

Wen Chi didn’t know exactly what was wrong with Shi Ye, but even if he was given a hundred courage, he didn’t dare to go into the bedroom to take a look.
So he sat quietly on the chair, full of thoughts of what Eunuch Zhu said about Empress Hua.

Combining the content of the novel and the memory of the original owner, Wen Chi knew that Empress Hua died when she gave birth to the crown prince, Shi Ye, more than 20 years ago.
She died in a fire.
The Emperor has always felt deep guilt for not being able to rescue Empress Hua and therefore has never established a new Empress in the past twenty years.

The most crucial thing is –

If the original owner remembers correctly, Empress Hua’s death date seems to be on a snowy winter day, not during the current season of spring and summer.

Could it be that Eunuch Zhu made a mistake?

It’s a pity that Wen Chi couldn’t get a reasonable answer.
He imitated Shi Ye’s way of resting his chin with one hand, squinting his eyes and continued to think.

Who knows, while thinking he fell asleep just like that.

He didn’t know how long he slept, when he was awakened by a strong smell of alcohol.
He opened his eyes in a daze and what met his eyes was a magnified version of his face.
The man looked at him expressionlessly, seemingly thinking about something.

Familiar burn marks cover half of the face on the right, which were particularly conspicuous in the bright light.

Wen Chi thought that he was used to Shi Ye’s appearance but when he suddenly met this face, he was so frightened that he still drew a breath of cold air and his soul almost flew out of his body.

Fortunately, the breath was stuck in the throat—he didn’t scream out.

Otherwise, he might be a corpse lying on the ground, the next moment.

Shi Ye didn’t look away even after he opened his eyes, instead he looked at him more recklessly.

Only then did Wen Chi realize that the smell of alcohol was coming from Shi Ye.
Shi Ye pinched his chin unceremoniously and the breath almost sprayed on his face.

“Your Royal Highness…” Wen Chi didn’t dare to move and tried his best to focus his eyes on the other half of Shi Ye’s beautiful face, “I accidentally fell asleep and I hope Your Highness will forgive me.

Shi Ye didn’t seem to hear his voice and his expression didn’t change at all.
His cold eyes swam around Wen Chi’s face a few times and finally slowly withdrew.

He suddenly let go of Wen Chi’s jaw.

Wen Chi was stunned and watched as Shi Ye distanced himself from him: “Your Royal Highness?”

Shi Ye sat on the chair next to him, with one arm casually draped over the table.
His back was turned to Wen Chi and his long black hair was scattered over his white inner coat.
The strong color difference adds a sense of loneliness in this silent environment for no reason.

After a long while, he let out a cold laugh: “Heh, just a fake.”

Wen Chi: “…”

Hey, how can anyone speak ill of people in front of them?

Wen Chi was very wronged but he didn’t dare to say or do anything, he could only stare blankly at Shi Ye’s back like a fool.

This process was undoubtedly torturous for Wen Chi.
He waited for a long time and didn’t want to continue doing so.
Therefore, he gathered up his courage and said, “I heard from Eunuch Zhu that His Highness is sick, is His Highness feeling better?”

After a long silence, Shi Ye said, “Bengong is not sick.”

Wen Chi paused, then said, “Does His Royal Highness feel unwell?”

Shi Ye didn’t answer his question and only ordered: “Go get some wine.”

Wen Chi wanted to leave quickly, so he got up and walked out.

There was a little eunuch guarding the door.
After hearing that the crown prince wanted to drink, he quickly led Wen Chi to get the wine.

When Wen Chi returned with a small jar of wine, Shi Ye was still maintaining the posture when he left, as he hadn’t moved an inch.
After hearing his approaching footsteps,  Shi Ye only inclined his head, his cold gaze first fell on his face, before moving down and glancing at the jar of wine in his arms.

No matter how stupid Wen Chi was, he could still feel that Shi Ye was in a bad mood today.

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