Chapter 21.2

Shi Ye suddenly said, “Wen Chi.”

Wen Chi was shocked: “Yes.”

Shi Ye sneered: “It’s just you, a brainless idiot, who will be led by the nose doing whatever others tell you to do.
You come when you come to the East Palace, when told to.
Have you ever thought about the consequences of doing so?”

Wen Chi was completely stunned and subconsciously replied, “I deserve a thousand deaths…”

“At this time, you still dare to speak for them!” Shi Ye said with cold eyes, “Do you think you can take the blame for them with your life? You don’t know your own strength.”

Wen Chi: “…”

He wasn’t… he didn’t…

“Yes, you are guilty.
Since you want to be the scapegoat of the Wen family so much, then Bengong will punish you…” After a pause, Shi Ye said slowly, “Punish you to live well and watch your Wen family members die one after another.
As for those who deceive the king, all will be executed.”

The emperor timely joined in and said: “The crown prince said it well.”

Wen Chi was so shocked beyond words, not because Shi Ye said that the Wen family would be executed, but that Shi Ye, the villain, wanted to kill the protagonist at the beginning of the plot.

If he had not been controlled by that mysterious force before, Wen Chi might have acted deaf and dumb but Wen Liang has a system with him, maybe there is something like the protagonist, will he dies just because the villain said to kill him? If that time comes, they will kill the villains and cannon fodder instead…

“Your Royal Highness!” Wen Chi hurriedly knelt to the ground but he couldn’t find a suitable rhetoric for a while, so he had to kowtow, “This Person was also confused for a while, beg His Royal Highness for mercy!”

Shi Ye looked at him coldly:  “The Wen family has really given you a bewitching soup, in order to protect them, you don’t even want your life?”

“Yes ah.” The Emperor also said, “People with good hearts will only be used by others, why are you so confused?”

Wen Chi: “…”

He didn’t know if it’s his illusion but the Emperor looked like a wallflower.
Whichever direction the crown prince’s wind blows, the emperor, this wallflower will turn that way.

“Your Majesty, Crown Prince, how about this.”  Concubine Rong, who had been on the sidelines, said cautiously, “The Wen family deliberately deceived the Emperor and the Crown Prince.
This is a crime of deceiving the king and they should have been sentenced to death.
But because the Wen family has a filial son, desperately pleading for the Wen family, the death penalty can be waived but the cannot escape heavy punishment, I wonder what Your Majesty and the Crown Prince think?”

Although this was said to the Emperor, Concubine Rong looked at Shi Ye cautiously.

Then, the emperor also looked at Shi Ye silently.

But Shi Ye only looked at Wen Chi: “What do you think?”

Wen Chi hurriedly said, “Thank you, Your Majesty, thank you, Your Highness, and thank you, Consort Rong.”

At this moment, the eunuch who ran out before quietly came back, saying that Yong Lin, Pan Wenkang, Yin Chong and others who were summoned by the Emperor had been waiting outside the imperial study, waiting to discuss the Jinzhou locust plague with the emperor.

The Emperor then remembered that he still had something to deal with, so he waved to the rest of the people: “You guys should step back first.
As for how to punish the Wen family, I will think about it later.”

Concubine Rong and Shi Jin saluted and left first.

Wen Chi followed behind Shi Ye’s wheelchair in a daze as if he was walking on clouds.
He could not imagine that Shi Ye would turn the tide with just a few words, absolving him from this matter.

He thought that Shi Ye would be the one who was the most angry and wanted to kill him the most.

Before leaving, the emperor stopped Wen Chi, shook his head lightly and persuaded: “People are good at being bullied by others, all lay loads on a willing horse1, don’t harm others and harm yourself for a little kindness.”

Wen Chi: “…”

This heavy misunderstanding made him not know what to say.

After a while, Wen Chi whispered, “Thanking Your Majesty for your guidance.”

Walking out of the imperial study, Wen Chi saw Lord Yin and two officials respectfully guarding outside.
After meeting his gaze, Lord Yin nodded slightly.

Wen Chi also nodded and then quickly followed after Eunuch Zhu.

He quietly raised his head and looked forward, only to see Eunuch Zhu walking beside the wheelchair and the maid pushing the wheelchair behind him.
He could only see Shi Ye’s arm resting on the armrest of the wheelchair.
That arm was hanging out with perfect fingertips casually drooping over the armrest.

It was this hand that strangled Yue Shan effortlessly.

The more Wen Chi thought about it, the more he felt a chill down his back.
It would be fine if Shi Ye took the initiative to question him, but at this moment Shi Ye didn’t say anything and didn’t ask him why he replaced Wen Liang.

Sometimes the unknown is scarier than the known, especially when he can’t figure out what Shi Ye thought.

Back in the East Palace, Shi Ye didn’t mean to let him follow, so Eunuch Zhu wanted to send him back to the Bamboo Flute Residence.

Seeing that the palace maid was about to push Shi Ye’s wheelchair away, Wen Chi shouted, “Your Royal Highness!”

The palace maid stopped pushing but did not turn the wheelchair.

Wen Chi knelt down and said:  “I know my mistake.”

After a long while, Shi Ye said in a deep voice: “What is your mistake?”

Wen Chi buried his head and knelt with his back straight: “I was wrong about everything.”

When Shi Ye raised his hand, the palace maid pushed his wheelchair around to face Wen Chi.

Shi Ye looked at Wen Chi calmly and beckoned, “Come here.”

Wen Chi knelt and went over.

“…” Shi Ye’s always indifferent mouth twitched twice, “Bengong asked you to come over.”

Wen Chi stood up and strode over.


The author has something to say: 

Wen Chi: I am so humble


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