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Chapter 20.1

So the next day, Wen Chi got up early, spent a full half hour carefully cleaning up, cheerfully getting ready to go see the emperor.
Who knew that as soon as he stepped into the courtyard, he saw Shi Ye and Eunuch Zhu and on the side standing in line was Ruo Fang, Ruo Tao and Ping An trembling with their head buried into their chest. 

In an instant, Wen Chi was so frightened that his soul almost flew out of his body.

Shi Ye wore an ice-blue robe today, the snow-white piping was embroidered with elegant bamboo leaf patterns and a pure white hairpin was casually tied on his long black hair, revealing a smooth and full forehead and nearly perfect facial contours.

If it wasn’t for those burn marks that ruined half of his face, Wen Ji could hardly imagine how good looking Shi Ye’s face was.

Originally, Shi Ye tilted his head and looked blankly at the wild chrysanthemum planted not far away.
After hearing Wen Chi’s footsteps, he turned his head slowly, and his cold gaze fell on Wen Chi accurately.

Wen Chi froze in place and after a while, he said, “Your Highness the Crown Prince.”

Shi Ye hummed in a light tone, then waved to him, as if calling for a puppy: “Come here.”

 Wen Chi took stiff steps and moved forward at turtle speed, however, Shi Ye was not far from him and it didn’t take long for Wen Ji to close the gap between the two by more than half.

All along Shi Ye stared at him for a moment, his dark eyes like a pool of lifeless stagnant water in the sunlight.

Wen Chi was really frightened.
As he was walking, his legs softened and he knelt directly on the ground.

 When Shi Ye saw this, he burst out laughing.
After laughing he said, “Look at you, you are more timid than a mouse, who gave you the courage to complain to the emperor?”

At these words, Wen Ji’s face turned pale and at the same time he was surprised – how did Shi Ye know about this so quickly?

Shi Ye seemed to see the doubts in Wen Chi’s heart, leaned forward slightly and said in a good mood, “Do you really think that without Bengong to guide you, you can see the emperor unimpeded?”

Wen Chi said in his heart, “Isn’t that so?”

At this time, Eunuch Zhu replied: “Now Young Master Wen is a person of His Royal Highness.
If there is no consent from His Royal Highness, even the emperor cannot easily see Young Master Wen.”

Wen Chi: “…” 

Why didn’t I know that this dog Prince’s face is quite big.

When Shi Ye finished admiring Wen Chi’s ugly face, he said, “Get up, follow Bengong to see the emperor.”

 Wen Chi lowered her eyebrows and obeyed, “Yes.”

Eunuch Zhu turned around and walked in front, while the silent palace maid pushed Shi Ye’s wheelchair while walking behind and Wen Chi hurried over and followed him carefully.

The distance from the East Palace to the Imperial Study Room was not close and the group walked for a long time until Wen Chi’s legs were a little sore before finally reaching their destination.

The eunuch who was guarding outside the imperial study trotted in to report and then trot back to invite them in.

The imperial study is more luxurious than the crown prince’s study.
The walls on both sides are covered with paintings that Wen Chi has never seen before and everywhere you look there is a golden splendor.

Wen Chi retracted his gaze and followed Shi Ye’s wheelchair attentively.

He has been in this world for a while but did not expect to meet the current emperor so soon.
As they say, accompanying the king is like accompanying a tiger, the crown prince Shi Ye’s temper is so odd and he didn’t not know if the emperor’s temper would be better.

With an uneasy heart, Wen Chi followed the person in front of him and stopped.

Immediately afterwards, Shi Ye’s cold voice sounded: “Father Emperor”

Then, no more.

That’s it? ? ?

A drop of cold sweat dripped from Wen Chi’s forehead.

Can the crown prince be too arrogant? Not even giving the emperor any face.

What’s even more amazing is that the emperor didn’t seem to care about Shi Ye’s unreasonableness but instead said smilingly, “The crown prince is here, come this way.”

The palace maid immediately pushed the wheelchair and walked over and Wen Chi, who was kneeling on the ground with Eunuch Zhu, stood up quietly.

Wen Chi lowered his head, and could only see his toes, but soon, he heard the emperor laugh: “It just so happened that they presented a batch of excellent Longjing tea yesterday.
Crown Prince, you can have a taste.” 

Unfortunately, Shiye’s attitude remained cold: “Erchen1This son/ minister – a way of addressing themselves before an emperor does not like tea.”

The atmosphere in the imperial study room froze for a moment but the emperor laughed again: “Oh, it’s my carelessness, I even forgot this matter, why not try this pastry, this is personally made by Consort Rong.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a silver bell-like laughter sounded.
Concubine Rong said shyly, “Your Majesty is praising me too much, what this concubine made was trifling.”

Concubine Rong is too modest, you should still be complimented” After speaking, the emperor turned and said, “Crown Prince, try this.”

“No need.” Shi Ye was still unmoved.
“Didn’t Father Emperor summon Erchen to see someone? Erchen has already brought him.”

Only then did the Emperor notice Wen Chi’s presence and turn his head.
His gaze fell on Wen Chi: “Are you Wen Liang, son of Assistant Minister of Rites, Wen Changqing?”


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1This son/ minister – a way of addressing themselves before an emperor

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