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Chapter 15.1

Wen Chi was agile and ran extremely fast and arrived outside Wen Changqing’s study in a short time.

When two servants were guarding the door and saw Wen Chi running from a distance, they hurried up to meet him and shouted, “Eldest young master, you are back.”

Wen Chi glanced at the faces of the two servants.
Since they have been waiting by Wen Changqing’s side, no wonder they obviously know him and still call him the Eldest Young Master.
It seems that these two people have been thoroughly brainwashed by Wen Changqing.

But the name calling or whatever is not important to Wen Chi.
Slightly gasping he asked, “Where is my father?”

A servant said, “The master is inside ……”

Before the latter words could be said, he was interrupted by Wen Chi: “Just in time, I’ll go in to find him.”

“Young master!” The servant tried to stop Wen Chi, “The master is inside meeting guests, you can’t go in yet.”

Wen Chi didn’t care so much.
He leaned aside and after nimbly avoiding the two servants’ outstretched hands, he ran into the study.

 “Father!” Wen Chi happily shouted, “Father, I’m back!”

Wen Chi had come to the study once and was quite familiar with the structure of the study.
Carrying the food box, he ran inside as fast as a light swallow and the two servants behind him chased him in a panic.

His voice was not low, and the people inside clearly heard the voice.
When Wen Chi stopped, what came into view was Wen Changqing’s cold and frightening face.

Wen Changqing was sitting on the guest chair, after seeing Wen Chi’s face clearly, he could barely hide the panic on his face.
He was so angry that he blew his beard and glared at him, banged his hand on the table: “Bastard! Who allowed you to come in!”

The two cups of tea rested on the table, toppled from the bang and the hot tea inside splashed on the back of Wen Changqing’s hand.  Wen Changqing gave a painful hiss and hurriedly withdrew his hand and rubbed it hand carelessly.

Wen Chi, who was yelled at, was not angry, instead he blinked innocently and said: “Father, didn’t I come back to see you.”

After he finished speaking, he immediately looked at the blue-clothed middle-aged man sitting opposite Wen Changqing and said with a smile, “This must be Lord Yin, the Minister of Rites.”

Yin Shangshu is fat and has a round face with two left falling strokes1 like small mustaches in front of his mouth and always smiling – this appearance is really exactly the same as the description in the novel.

Originally, Yin Shangshu was still embarrassed by Wen Chang Qing’s sudden and intense reaction, but now after hearing Wen Chi’s words, he suddenly became interested and asked, “Who is this?”

 “Lord Yin, this is my son Wen Liang.” Wen Changqing was afraid that Wen Chi would say something and hurried to speak out before Wen Chi spoke, “Today is the day he returns from the East Palace.”

Yin Shangshu heard the news that the Wen family had a son who married into the East Palace, he gave an indistinct oh and stroked the small beard in front of his mouth, “So this is Lord Wen’s eldest son.”

“Exactly.” Wen Changqing said in a low-spirited manner.
While winking at the two servants who came in, he picked up his spirit to teach Wen Chi, “You’ve already married and are still so presumptuous.
How did your mother teach you? Get the hell out of here!”

The two servants who had been instructed also rushed up and hurriedly tried to drive Wen Chi out.

But Wen Chi refused to go out and said,  “Lord Yin, I have something to ask from Lord Yin.”

 Wen Changqing was furious: “Get him out of my sight!”

However, Yin Shangshu said, “Wait a minute.”

At these words, the two servants looked like they were touching a hot potato and swished their hands back.

Wen Changqing’s face was extremely ugly but he had to squeeze out a smile and turned to look at Yin Shangshu.

He saw that Yin Shang Shu’s eyes lingered for a moment on the food box Wen Chi was holding and then said curiously, “I remember that I have never met you before, how did you know my identity?”

Wen Chi ignored the gloomy eyes cast by Wen Changqing, took a step forward without changing his face and replied obediently: “Lord Yin is the pillar of our country and is a legend praised by the people, especially when the news of Lord Yin’s success in controlling the locust disaster in Jinzhou a while ago spread to the capital, who did not say that Lord Yin is the blessing of our country? Even those storytellers in the teahouse have been repeating Lord Yin’s deeds over and over again, and now that Lord Yin is right in front of me, how can I not recognize Lord Yin?”

Wen Chi’s rainbow fart came as soon as he opened his mouth, word by word, it could be said that it had hit Yin Shangshu in the heart.

Yin Shangshu raised his head, laughed, shook his hand and pointed at Wen Chi, looked back at Wen Changqing and said, “Master Wen, your eldest son is really amazing, no wonder you are full of pride when you talk about your eldest son, if I were you, my tail would have been up in the air.”

Wen Changqing with bitterness in his heart, could only force a smile.

After Yin Shangshu finished laughing, he quickly returned to his serious expression.
He shook his head and said, “The locust plague in Jinzhou is not under my jurisdiction.  I just saw that those people were at their wits’ end, so I crossed the line and presented my idea to the emperor, the so-called credit for the locust control is only temporary and the praise from the people makes me feel ashamed.”

“There will always be a way.” Wen Chi smiled comfortingly and then said coyly, “To be honest, I made some snacks today and originally wanted to give my parents a taste, but since I ran into Lord Yin, I hope Lord Yin will not mind and try my handiwork.”

Yin Shangshu said with a smile: “Then I won’t decline.”

Wen Chi carried the food box forward, placed the food box on the table between the two chairs, opened the lid and carefully took out two plates of cakes and spoons from it.

He placed the cake and spoon in front of Yin Shangshu, and then pushed the other plate to Wen Changqing, not even bothering to give Wen Changqing a look during the whole process.

Wen Changqing: “…”




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T/N – I mentioned Wen Chi’s dad, Wen Changqing as Minister of Rites before, but he is actually the Assistant minister of Rites, while Yin Shangshu is the Minister of Rites.
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