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Chapter 99.1

Since going through the gate was not an option, he wondered if going over the wall was feasible.

With this in mind, Wen Chi performed qingong and flew towards the wall next to the gate.

When he was about to reach the wall, his body suddenly gave a halt, and then it was as if a pair of invisible hands pulled his feet, causing him to stop in mid-air.

Wen Chi fell down.

Fortunately, he turned his body over in time and propped himself up on the ground with one hand, so that he did not fall in embarrassment.

Then Wen Chi tried a dozen more times, all with the same result – but all had the same result – even though he tried not to think about leaving the Eastern Palace, it still had no effect.

He seemed to be trapped in this bamboo flute residence by an invisible wall.

Until Ruo Fang heard the sound and rushed over, she looked curiously at Wen Chi who was sitting on the ground panting: “Young Master, what are you doing?”

Wen Chi shook his head in disappointment: “It’s nothing.”

Ruo Fang remembered what happened this morning.
She was both happy and puzzled.
She held back for a long time, but still couldn’t help asking: “Young Master, are you really not leaving?”


Wen Chi sighed and gave a low hum.

The main reason was that he couldn’t leave even if he wanted to, so he could only stay in the East Palace.

After receiving this answer, Ruo Fang became happy: “That’s great! Young Master, tomorrow I will go and talk to Eunuch Zhu, as His Highness was so kind to Your Highness, there must be some misunderstanding in between.”

Wen Chi thought for a while, but he didn’t object to Ruo Fang’s words.
He smiled at Ruo Fang, “Then I leave it to you.”

Regardless of whether it is said sooner or later, the news that he has not left the Eastern Palace will definitely reach Shi Ye’s ears anyway, so it is better for him to take the initiative and go to Shi Ye first to make things clear.

But what reason should he use?

At this moment, Wen Chi suddenly had an impulse in his heart, he wanted to tell Shi Ye about the stone—but this urge was suppressed by him just as it arose.

He was afraid that the more he said, the more he would be exposed.
In this era, where people are afraid of ghosts and monsters, as an otherworldly soul, if he revealed himself, he would be treated as a demon or a devil.


After Wen Chi sent Ruo Fang away, he also prepared to go back to his room to rest.

He had just walked a few steps when he suddenly sensed something and turned his head.
Before his brain could react, his body had already used qingong and flew over.

Passing through the dense branches, he caught a glimpse of the tall figure standing on a branch.

Wen Chi didn’t say a word, using the palm technique he struck at the person directly.

That person didn’t seem to expect Wen Chi to make a move.
He was stunned for a moment and when Wen Chi’s hand was about to touch his body, he hurriedly dodged to avoid Wen Chi’s attack.

Wen Chi continued to move.

And that person continued to dodge.
He had no intention of fighting with Wen Chi and turned around to fly away, but he didn’t know that Wen Chi had guessed that he would do so and blocked his way before he could.

Wen Chi used eight or nine percent of his strength, but unfortunately they were not very offensive.
The good thing was that he was quick to make his moves, so if the opponent failed to react in time, he would have been caught off guard.

That person kept dodging, from one branch to another.
Seeing Wen Chi’s constant pursuit, he suddenly backhanded him and hit him in the chest.

He didn’t use much force, he didn’t even use his internal force, he just pushed Wen Chi with ordinary strength.

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Wen Chi’s full attention was focused on the attack, so when he was suddenly pushed, Wen Chi, who had never had any experience in combat before, actually felt a little helpless.

Wen Chi was stunned, his footsteps which were performing Qinggong obviously paused and the next moment he fell straight down.

Seeing this, the person standing on the branch flew down immediately.
He wrapped one arm around Wen Chi’s waist, spun around in the air and finally landed firmly.

Wen Chi’s face turned pale with fright and his heart almost jumped out of his throat.
Finally regaining his breath, he quickly withdrew from that person’s arms.

Wen Chi raised his eyes and glanced at that person: “Thank you.”

Only then did Wen Chi see that the man’s face was covered with a layer of black cloth and the scattered black hair almost covered his forehead and eyes.
He was wearing pure black clothes and his whole body almost synced with the hazy night. 

After hearing Wen Chi’s words, the man nodded silently, not intending to speak.

Wen Chi slightly raised the tip of his nose, sniffed the air and then he caught that familiar light fragrance – a fragrance that was only found on Shi Ye.

Of course, this is not the key to Wen Chi guessing his identity.

The key is–

Since you want to hide your identity, you have to dress up well… What’s the point of just covering your face and wearing black clothes?

Anyone with eyes can recognize you as the crown prince!

For a moment, Wen Chi suddenly thought of the TV series “My Fair Princess”1(My Fair Princess” is a 1998 Chinese period drama that was directed by Sun Shu Pei) that he had watched before.
When the two male protagonists were about to rob the prison carriage and save the two female protagonists, they also covered their faces with a black cloth.

But anyone who had seen them would be able to recognize them in a second……….

Wen Chi thought it was a plot that only appeared in TV dramas, but seeing it with his own eyes now, he was a little disoriented.


After coming back to his senses, he blurted out: “I didn’t expect Your Royal Highness to have such refined interest.
If Your Royal Highness wanted to see me, he could have come in through the gate openly and honestly, instead of hiding behind a tree.”

Shi Ye was surprised: “Did you recognize Bengong?”

Wen Chi: “…”

At this moment, Ruo Fang who had been sent away by Wen Chi ran back again and said while running: “Young Master, this servant just went to prepare some refreshments, since you can’t sleep, why don’t you go to bed after having some refreshments…”

Before she finished speaking, Ruo Fang suddenly saw Shi Ye standing in front of Wen Chi and her voice stopped abruptly.

Soon, Ruofang’s expression became visibly flustered.
She held the tray at a loss, and lowered her head in fear as if she had seen a ghost: “Your Highness, forgive me! I didn’t know that Your Highness was coming…”

Shi Ye: “…”


1(My Fair Princess” is a 1998 Chinese period drama that was directed by Sun Shu Pei)

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