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Chapter 94.2

Damn it Ruo Fang!

Why did she call Shi Ye in?!

Wen Chi was frustrated, he had been lying relaxed on his back, and all of a sudden he became tense, but he remained unmoved, and tried to put his breathing as evenly as possible, pretending to have fallen asleep.

Shi Ye stood in front of the bed for a long time.

Wen Chi also lay down nervously for a long time, while he was waiting for Shi Ye to walk away tactfully.

Unfortunately, Shi Ye didn’t intend to do as he wished.

Soon after, Wen Chi suddenly felt the edge of the bed sinking and then a hand reached out and grabbed his arm.
Shi Ye didn’t give him a chance to struggle and directly pulled him into his arms.

Wen Chi’s eyes widened in surprise.
He saw Shi Ye raise his chin, took a big gulp of the medicine in the other hand and then lowered his head to his lips.

Shi Ye’s lips were very cold, as if there was a faint layer of coolness.
He opened his lips and the bitter medicinal broth immediately and slowly transferred into Wen Chi’s mouth.

The bitter and astringent taste filled Wen Chi’s mouth in an instant, Wen Chi didn’t even care about the fact that Shi Ye kissed him, his brows were furrowed, all the cells in his body were screaming in resistance, he subconsciously wanted to tilt my head to avoid the remaining concoction.


But Shi Ye sensed his intention and suddenly pinched his cheeks with his index finger and thumb, forcing him to open his mouth to accept the remaining concoction.

After all the concoction entered Wen Chi’s mouth, his face was so green that it couldn’t be any greener.

The concoction was so bitter that it was hard to swallow but Wen Chi had only two choices at this moment – either swallow the concoction or spit it back into Shi Ye’s mouth.

After hesitating for a moment, Wen Chi swallowed all the medicine into his stomach with tears in his eyes.

This process seems to have lasted for a century.

After finally waiting for Shi Ye to distance himself, Wen Chi covered his mouth and coughed violently.

He leaned against Shi Ye’s arms, his body curled up into the shape of a shrimp, feeling as if he was about to die.

However, Shi Ye’s heart was as hard as a stone at this moment.
Even though he was stroking his back again and again, the other hand never put down the remaining half a bowl of medicine.


When Wen Chi got his breath back, a new round of medication began ……


Wen Chi felt that he had come back to life and died and came to life again, and so on and so forth and he was finally forced to finish the bowl of unpleasant medicine.

He drank so much that he was even a little unconscious.
He squinted at Shi Ye who looked calm and said in a hoarse voice: “Aren’t you going to leave? Why are you back again? You have the guts to come back.”

Shi Ye put the empty bowl on the low shelf at the head of the bed.
He listened to Wen Chi’s murmurs of complaints.
His hand paused in mid-air for a long time before it landed on Wen Chi’s hot cheek.
He couldn’t help it.
Shi Ye didn’t know if Wen Chi could hear him but he still explained in a warm voice:  “That day, Bengong suddenly received an urgent message and had to return to the capital to deal with some matters, Bengong personally bid farewell to you.”

Wen Chi thought for a while, then shook his head: “You didn’t.”

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

Shi Ye said, “Think about it again.”

Wen Chi felt dizzy and he thought about it for a long time, let alone whether Shi Ye said goodbye to him, he almost forgot what Shi Ye said to him just now, so he continued to shake his head: “You didn’t .”

Shi Ye added: “Bengong also sat by your bed and said those words to you just like tonight.”

“No, no, you’re lying,” Wen Chi scratched his hair and looked at Shi Ye with a solemn expression, “If you said it, I would definitely remember it.
Only if you hadn’t said it would I have had no recollection of it at all.”


“Naturally you have no impression,” Shi Ye said calmly, “That night, you slept like a dead pig and Bengong called you several times but didn’t wake you up, so how could you hear what Bengong said?”

Wen Chi: “…”

Shi Ye actually called him a pig!

He deeply felt that his personality had been insulted, so angry that he turned his head and closed his eyes, not wanting to talk to Shi Ye any more.

But Shi Ye didn’t intend to stay any longer, he told Wen Chi to rest well, then put Wen Chi back on the bed, got up and left the bedroom.

Not long after, Ruo Fang walked in cautiously, served Wen Chi a few mouthfuls of food and left with the tray.

Wen Chi slept for a long time.

When he opened his eyes, the sky outside the window was slightly bright, but the sky was still as dark as ever, so that he needed to light candlesticks in the house to see things.

Wen Chi sat up, lifted the quilt and found that he was covered in sweat, but the good news was that his wind chill seemed to be almost gone, not only had the heat receded from his body and face, but he was also refreshed, as if his whole body had been cleared of dust.

He asked Liu De to prepare hot water for him, took a simple and quick shower, and after eating breakfast, he dressed neatly and ran to Lord Yin.

When he came to the courtyard where Lord Yin lived, he happened to see Lord Yin and three young people preparing to go out with him.

Seeing Wen Chi, Lord Yin was quite pleasantly surprised but still asked in concern: “I heard that you are seriously ill, why don’t you rest for a few more days? I granted you a leave of absence, you just need to recover from your illness.”

Now that winter is here, time is money.

Wen Chi was delayed for so many days, although Lord Yin was sympathetic, he felt very sorry in his heart, cupped his hands and said, “Thank you for your understanding, thanks to Young Master Hua, I have recovered from my illness.So I should come here as soon as possible to help you, as not to delay the progress.”

“That won’t happen.” Lord Yin said with a smile, although he said so, but seeing Wen Chi insisted so much, he stopped persuading him.


On the carriage, Lord Yin chatted with Wen Chi and when talking about Wen Chi’s illness, Lord Yin did not forget to tell Wen Chi to keep warm.
The winter in Jinzhou is much colder than that in the capital and if you don’t pay attention, you will get sick.

Hearing this, Wen Chi nodded hurriedly.

Isn’t that right?

He was hallucinating, he saw that Shi Ye not only came to Jinzhou, but also fed him medicine mouth to mouth – wasn’t he hallucinating because of the cold?


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