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Chapter 83.1

These days, Wen Chi has been deliberately avoiding thinking of Shi Ye but when Zuo Zhi suddenly mention Shi Ye, his expression froze for a long time before he let out a soft oh.

Zuo Zhi noticed Wen Chi’s strangeness and fell silent, then suddenly said: “Young Master Wen, His Royal Highness has returned to the capital a few days ago.”

Hearing this, Wen Chi was surprised.
He thought that Shi Ye was avoiding him but he didn’t expect Shi Ye to go back directly and he didn’t tell him before going back.

But on second thought- As a crown prince, Shi Ye has his own way of thinking.
Even the current emperor dare not interfere in his affairs, so how could he put other people in his eyes?

And he, Wen Chi, is just a little male concubine and it’s not worth Shi Ye’s visit…..

Even though he was close.

Wen Chi pursed his lips, clenched and released his hands in the wide sleeves.
He clenched his hands back and forth several times and a layer of sweat oozed from his palms causing it to be sticky and uncomfortable.

He glanced up at Zuo Zhi and softly gave an oh.

Zuo Zhi looked at him, hesitated to speak and finally said nothing, “Take care, Young Master Wen.”

Wen Chi nodded: “Take care of yourselves too.”

When he got on the carriage, Wen Chi picked a corner seat and sat down.

The old couple arranged by Zuo Zhi sat diagonally across from him.
The old couple greeted him warmly and asked a lot of questions, which was quite flattering.

It’s a pity that Wen Chi was already in a bad mood and when he remembered that the old couple belonged to Shi Ye, it made him unhappy.
He murmured perfunctorily a few times and closed his eyes and pretended to take a nap while the old couple was taking a break.

Seeing this, the old couple wisely stopped disturbing him.

Along the way, the carriage wobbled.

It was almost an hour before the carriage stopped.

“Wake up, Young Master.” The old woman said softly, “We have arrived.”

Wen Chi hugged the bundle that Zuo Zhi had packed for him and was curled up on the cushion like a little chicken.

He hadn’t fallen asleep, but his mind was a little groggy, listless and in a very bad state of mind.

He opened his eyes, sat on the seat holding his bundle for a while and then followed the old couple out of the carriage.

After leaving Zhou Mansion for so long, when he stepped in through the gate again, he felt it was strangely unfamiliar.

He followed the old couple without saying a word.

The old couple buried their heads and followed behind the Zhou manor’s servants, the panic and bewilderment of coming to the magistrate’s house for the first time was clearly written on their faces, they were clearly good actors.

The group walked around the courtyard for a while before arriving in the main hall.

As soon as Wen Chi stepped in, he heard a low sobbing sound.

“Young Master, you’re back.” A pink figure staggered towards him and a small face dripping with tears came into view, “If something happened to Young Master, this servant would have followed after you.
1(Ruo fang meant that if Wen Chi had died she would kill herself)”

Wen Chi gathered himself together and saw Ruo Fang, crying uncontrollably in front of him, tears pouring out nonstop like falling beads.

Ruo Fang seemed to want to touch him but she didn’t dare to.
Her hands were frozen in mid-air, she was so bewildered that she didn’t know where to put them.

Seeing this situation, Wen Chi was also at a loss.
He felt so guilty that he didn’t even know how to face Ruo Fang.

In the end, it was Ruo Fang who took the burden from Wen Chi’s arms, wiped the tears off her face with the back of her hand and smiled through her tears: “It’s good that the young master is back.
It’s this servant’s fault and this servant shouldn’t say such despondent words in front of the young master.

Wen Chi’s eyes rested on the bundle and it took him a long time to force out a sentence: “I’m sorry, Ruo Fang, I should have come back earlier.”

“Young Master, don’t say that, it’s not your fault.” Ruo Fang shook her head.
Her face was extremely pale but her eyes and nose were red, like a rabbit, she hiccuped while sobbing and comforted Wen Chi, “Young master is really lucky to have returned safely, you will definitely have great luck in the future.”

When Wen Chi saw Ruo Fang’s confident expression, he suddenly couldn’t hold back a giggle, “Then I’ll borrow your good wishes.”

The master and servant talked for a while at the door before Ruo Fang led  Wen Chi inside.

The main hall was full of people, besides Shi Jin and General Lin, there were also Hua Zi Zang and the group of young talents who were not close to Wen Chi before.

The group of young men who had been so proud of themselves and looked down on others were now sitting quietly in their respective seats, their faces more or less bruised and a gloomy cloud above their heads.

Seeing Wen Chi and Ruo Fang walking in through the door, their dull faces didn’t show any fluctuation.

Among the group of people, only Shi Jin and General Lin, who knew Wen Chi’s true identity, were slightly excited.
When they saw him, they had already stood up from their chairs and walked towards Wen Chi.

Both Shi Jin and General Lin seemed to believe the old couple’s words, looked Wen Chi up and down and finally said that they would invite a doctor to check Wen Chi’s body.

Hearing the word “Doctor”, Hua Zi Zang’s expression changed subtly.

Hua Zi Zang looked at Wen Chi with some confusion and then sighed almost imperceptibly.

After staying in the main hall for a while, a servant from the Zhou Mansion came to say that dinner was ready and asked everyone in the hall to move to the side hall.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

Wen Chi didn’t have much appetite but he still had dinner with the others.
Fortunately, he was currently the fourth younger brother of General Lin, so he only needed to follow General Lin and he didn’t need to talk too much.

After dinner, Wen Chi followed General Lin to send away the old couple who had stayed for dinner.

Before parting, General Lin took out a bag of silver from somewhere and gave it to the old couple as a thank you gift.

The old couple was flattered but quickly refused.

The two parties pushed and shoved for a long time, in the end the old couple accepted the bag of silver, seemingly reluctantly, in spite of their generosity.

Wen Chi stood quietly by the side, watched the old couple’s performance and thought to himself—it was indeed Shi Ye’s people, who had captured the essence of a child wanting Chinese New Year money and pretending to refuse it.

After seeing off the old couple, General Lin took Wen Chi back to the courtyard where they lived.

The courtyard where Wen Chi lived had been left unoccupied.
To be on the safe side, Shi Jin and General Lin simply moved all of Wen Chi’s belongings, including Ruo Fang, to the courtyard where General Lin lived, where there was plenty of room to accommodate Wen Chi and Ruo Fang.

As for the maidservants and guards sent by the emperor to serve Wen Chi, they were also arranged a place in the courtyard where General Lin lived.

The courtyard where General Lin lived alone suddenly became more crowded.


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1(Ruo fang meant that if Wen Chi had died she would kill herself)

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