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Chapter 67.2

Zuo Zhi stood by the bed, waiting for Shi Ye’s orders.

Soon, Shi Ye said: “Zuo Zhi.”


“You stay and serve him.”


Shi Ye wanted to get up, but Wen Chi was still hanging behind him.
In desperation, he had no choice but to pat Wen Chi’s hand strangling his neck, signaling Wen Chi to let go.

However, when Wen Chi heard what Shi Ye said, he became anxious in an instant.
Not only did he not let go of his hand but he even hugged Shi Ye’s neck even tighter.

“Didn’t you say you’re not leaving?”

“When did I say that I wouldn’t leave?” Although Shi Ye was a strong martial artist, he was not a man of clay, so he was being strangled by Wen Chi’s neck, and his originally stable breath was a little disturbed, he said sharply, “Let go.”

Wen Chi stubbornly did not let go.

He knew that as long as he let go of his hand, Shi Ye would definitely get up and leave.

Unexpectedly, Shi Ye also lost his temper, raised his hand to grab Wen Chi’s wrist, pressed his cold fingertips on Wen Chi’s pulse and gradually exerted force.

Wen Chi suddenly felt a dull pain in his wrist, as if his bones were about to be crushed by Shi Ye.
Although he knew very well that Shi Ye had only used less than 10% of his strength, it still made him feel the pain.
I broke out in a cold sweat.

“Shi Ye, you’re squeezing my hand so much that it hurts.” Wen Chi’s tears welled up uncontrollably, he was angry and aggrieved, but at the same time he felt that he didn’t deserve to be rude in front of Shi Ye, these conflicting emotions were rampaging through his mind.

Shi Ye said: “If you let go, Bengong will let go.”

Wen Chi’s voice trembled with pain: “You let go first.”

Shi Ye let go immediately.

The dull pain in the wrist disappeared suddenly but Wen Chi didn’t intend to let go of his hand, instead he leaned forward and bit Shi Ye’s ear.

Shi Ye: “…”

Shi Ye’s whole body was still, as if someone had tapped his acupuncture points.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

Zuo Zhi, standing by the bed, watched all this with fear.

After she was rescued by His Royal Highness when she was nine years old, she has been following His Highness, except when His Highness and Young Master Wen are alone, she will deliberately avoid suspicion and she will guard His Royal Highness within a hundred steps like a shadow at other times. 

Has she ever seen someone dare to call His Highness the Crown Prince by his first name? Have you ever seen someone dare to wrap hands and feet around His Highness the Crown Prince? Have you ever seen someone dare to bite the ear of His Highness the Prince?

If His Royal Highness gave the order, she would kill Young Master Wen on the spot, or let him die in the most painful way.

But His Royal Highness didn’t say anything…

Zuo Zhi didn’t dare to act rashly, she wished she could blend herself into the air.

She looked at His Highness the Crown Prince who had been entangled by Young Master Wen for a long time but couldn’t escape and even wondered if His Highness the Crown Prince had been replaced by someone else.

Until Wen Chi hissed suddenly in pain, Zuo Zhi hurriedly withdrew her thoughts.

She looked up and saw that Wen Chi finally got off Shi Ye’s body.
His face was pale, his eyebrows were furrowed,and a ray of pain appeared on his clear face.

Wen Chi covered his neck with his hands and blood overflowed from between his fingers.

When Shi Ye turned his head and saw this scene, his face was still expressionless but his dark eyes were flaring and even the breath lingering around him became cold, and he reached out to grab Wen Chi’s hand.

Wen Chi dodged subconsciously: “It’s okay, I accidentally touched the wound just now.”

Shi Ye asked, “What wound?”

Wen Chi didn’t dare to look into Shi Ye’s eyes and replied hesitantly: “Someone took me as a hostage and scratched my neck with a dagger.
It’s not serious, just bandage it and it will be fine.”

Shi Ye pursed his lips, his gradually gloomy eyes fixed on Wen Chi’s face, as if he wanted to see through Wen Chi but also saw that Wen Chi had nowhere to hide, almost buried his head in his chest.

After a while, Wen Chi whispered, “This small wound will heal soon.”

Shi Ye suddenly turned his head to Zuo Zhi: “Go out.”

Zuo Zhi sensed that Shi Ye was in a bad mood and didn’t dare to delay, so he hurried out and when he turned to close the door, Zuo Zhi glanced at Wen Chi who was too frightened to move by Shi Ye’s gloomy face.

Wen Chi was wearing a light blue robe and a lot of blood was splashed on his body, dyeing the light color robes darker. 

After closing the door, Zuo Zhi did not leave, but quietly guarded outside the door, she stood upright without even moving a step.

The attic was very high and when you look down, you can see the night view of the outskirts of Jinzhou—unfortunately, there is no night view and the hazy darkness occupies everything.

Jinzhou is far inferior to the capital but it still drew His Highness over.

His Highness the Crown Prince doesn’t like to travel far.
It seems to have something to do with what happened in his childhood.
His Highness the Crown Prince has always been extremely repulsive of stepping out of the capital or even stepping out of the Eastern Palace.

Originally, His Royal Highness arranged for her, Liu De and Liu Shan to come to Jinzhou to protect Wen Chi  but when he heard two days ago that the fourth prince had not yet rescued Wen Chi, he finally failed to hold back and left Eunuch Zhu and his guards to come to Jinzhou alone.

From the capital city to Jinzhou, it takes more than three days by horse-drawn carriage but His Royal Highness used qingong and never stopped along the way, shortening the journey from more than three days to a day and a half.

Until this moment, His Highness the Crown Prince has not rested for a moment.

Zuo Zhi really couldn’t understand what was it about Young Master Wen, who was timid, cowardly and so greedy for life, that made him worthy of such protection from His Highness?

While thinking about it, Zuo Zhi kept an eye on the movement around her.
Not long after, she heard a slight weeping sound from the room, like Young Master Wen’s sobbing, accompanied by a few whispers.

She froze for a moment, trying to divert her attention, but the sobs became louder.

Afterwards, she clearly heard Wen Chi say: “I don’t want to drink anymore, take your hand away.”

She didn’t know what His Royal Highness said but Wen Chi’s sobs continued: “I don’t want human blood…”

After a long time, those sounds only gradually became fainter and finally disappeared.

Zuo Zhi also heaved a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, she heard Shi Ye’s voice again: “Zuo Zhi, come in.”

Zuo Zhi quickly pushed the door open and entered, and at a glance he saw Shi Ye sitting on the head of the bed with a pale face, Wen Chi was already asleep lying in his arms but Wen Chi was facing sideways, so Zuo Zhi could only see the back of Wen Chi’s head and his body tightly wrapped in the quilt.

Wen Chi’s clothes, shoes and socks were thrown on the ground, and the food on the table had been touched, and even the water basin and handkerchief on the wooden shelf had been used.

Zuo Zhi looked down at the shoes and socks on the ground, and suddenly wanted to know whether Young Master Wen took off these shoes and socks by himself, or if His Highness the crown prince, who had a serious cleanliness obsession, took them off for him.

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