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Chapter 63.1

“How dare you…” Zhang Huan raised his finger at Wen Chi, his eyes were filled with shock and hatred and even his voice unconsciously plucked up several degrees, “You were actually reading storybooks here?! “

Wen Chi said, “It’s just because I’m bored.”

“No matter how bored you are, you shouldn’t be reading the storybook here!” Zhang Huan’s cold expression gradually cracked and even showed signs of emotional meltdown.
He shook off Zhang Heng who was holding him, pointed at Wen Chi’s and began to tremble, “How many days have you been in this hellish place? Don’t you want to escape? It’s fine if you don’t think about it but you are still so leisurely drinking tea and reading storybooks!”

As Zhang Huan said this, Zhang Heng also glared at Wen Chi with indignation.

Wen Chi didn’t do anything but he was confronted by these two people out of nowhere, which made him baffled.
He was silent for a while before asking, “Have you ever thought about how to escape?”

“Of course, we didn’t just sit and wait around like you.” Zhang Heng took the teapot and made a cup of tea for Zhang Huan, while raising his chin with a slight sense of superiority, “Ever since we’ve been locked up here, we’ve been thinking of ways to escape.”

Wen Chi asked again: “Have you figured out a way?”

The inexplicable sense of superiority in Zhang Heng’s tone became stronger and stronger: “Not only have we come up with many ideas, we’ve also practiced them all.”

Wen Chi snorted and then threw in one last question, “So, were you successful?”

Zhang Heng: “…”

Wen Chi carefully observed Zhang Heng’s distorted expression, touched his chin, and made a concluding speech: “That is to say, you have tried to escape so many times but you were sent to me in the end and you were also beaten black and blue by them..”

Zhang Heng: “…”

Even though Wen Chi said it in a light-hearted manner, every word he said hit the weakest part of Zhang Heng’s heart.

Zhang Heng’s face was extremely ugly, his eyes were full of gloom, he stared straight at Wen Chi for a while, then suddenly stood up from the chair and walked straight towards Wen Chi.

Zhang Huan seemed to have guessed what Zhang Heng was going to do but he didn’t intend to stop Zhang Heng.
Instead, he took a sip of the tea that Zhang Heng had made for him with an attitude of not having anything to do with himself.

Wen Chi felt the murderous aura emanating from Zhang Heng’s body and suddenly the alarm bells rang in his heart and he got up and ran.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Heng, who was too weak to get up just now, has recovered to the point where he can walk like flying.
He held his breath and quickened his pace to chase Wen Chi.

“Hey, hey, wait a minute!” Wen Chi said in a conciliatory tone while going around in circles with Zhang Heng, “Your brother also said that we are in the same boat, Why don’t we talk it out? Why do we have to get physical?”

Zhang Heng didn’t catch Wen Chi for a long time, so he jumped up angrily: “Lin Yuan, stop right there!”

Wen Chi was not stupid, this Zhang Heng looked like he wanted to kill him, so how could he just stand there and wait for Zhang Heng to make a move?

So Wen Chi continued to circle around with Zhang Heng.

After going around a few times, Zhang Huan seemed unable to sit still and stood up from the chair, as if he wanted to reach out and grab Wen Chi.

Luckily, Wen Chi was quick and darted around to avoid Zhang Huan’s movements.

Now there are two people fighting him, even if they are both injured, Wen Chi is not fully sure that he can subdue them both at the same time, and Wen Chi does not want to have a conflict with them in this kind of place.

In desperation, Wen Chi had no choice but to run towards the door.

“Brother Da De! Brother Da Shan!” Seeing Zhang Heng and Zhang Huan chasing after him, Wen Chi was so frightened that he slapped the door panel frantically and shouted at the top of his voice, “Help! Come quickly!”

Before he finished speaking, a hand was placed on Wen Chi’s shoulder from behind.

Wen Chi froze.

He turned his head mechanically and saw the two faces of Zhang Heng and Zhang Huan looked particularly terrifying under the shadow of the light, as if they could swallow him alive in the next moment.

Zhang Heng pulled the corners of his mouth and his face, his bruised and battered, showed a smiling expression as he let out a chuckle: “Keep running, I want to see where you can run.”

Wen Chi was grabbed by his shoulders from left and right and the excitement just now disappeared instantly.
Like a cowardly chicken, he wished he could tuck his head into his collar: “I won’t run, I won’t run, look you two are still injured, let’s sit down and talk calmly.”

“Who wants to sit down and talk with you?” Zhang Heng looked like a crab as he raised his hand to swing it at Wen Chi’s head, “I’ve been sick of your stinking behavior for a long time, so this brother will teach you a lesson today.”

Wen Chi watched helplessly as the hand fell and it got closer and closer to his head.

In a panic, he hurriedly ducked to the side.

However, the pain he had imagined did not come, and he only heard a bang as someone kicked open the door from outside.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
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Wen Chi, whose back was against the door, was caught off guard and fell forward under the force of the door, directly into the path of Zhang Heng and Zhang Huan, who then fell to the floor with him.

There were two people under Wen Chi, so he was not seriously hurt.

It’s a pity that Zhang Heng and Zhang Huan were still injured, but when they were bumped and pressed by Wen Chi again, it was so painful that they almost died on the spot.

Wen Chi was startled by their tragic wailing and got up.

At this time, a tall and burly figure walked in from the outside, it was Liu Da Shan.

“What’s going on?” Liu Dashan’s displeased eyes swept across Zhang Heng and Zhang Huan who were lying on the ground unable to get up, before finally landing on the innocent-faced Wen Chi, “What are you doing?”

Wen Chi decided to strike first and complained to Liu Da Shan, “They were trying to beat me up.”

Liu Da Shan was taken aback for a moment, then narrowed his eyes and looked at Zhang Heng and Zhang Huan: “Were you going to beat him up?”

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