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Chapter 56.2

Now that Wen Chi bears the name of General Lin’s fourth younger brother, he still can’t go too far away from General Lin, for example, they always have to sit together when eating in the inn, otherwise it will arouse suspicion from others.

Wen Chi knew this: “I will listen to Prince Xuan’s arrangements.”

After waiting for a short time, a guard came over and told Shi Jin that the rooms had been arranged.

Shi Jin and those people still had important matters to discuss, so he asked the guards to lead Wen Chi upstairs first.

Wen Chi was accompanied by a bunch of people who waited on him, besides Ruo Fang, there were also people arranged by the emperor, the guards led Wen Chi to a room and left with Ruo Fang and others.

After a while, Wen Chi heard a knock on the door.

He walked over to open the door and saw Ruo Fang standing outside with a bunch of things in her arms: “Young Master, this servant asked someone to bring down these bedding from the carriage, so that you won’t have to sleep uncomfortably at night.”

Wen Chi was flattered and hurriedly opened her side to let Ruo Fang in.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

Ruo Fang still had a package in her arms.
She put the package on the table and then went to the bed and quickly spread the bedding.

Wen Chi, who had nothing to do, sat at the table in a daze.
Halfway through, he suddenly caught a glimpse of the package in front of him and stretched out his hand to open it.
There were neatly placed boxes of snacks inside.

Ruo Fang, who was still tidying the bedding, seemed to have seen Wen Chi’s movements out of the corner of her eye and said, “Young Master, this servant is worried that you will be hungry at night, so I brought some snacks and put them right there.
You can eat it when you feel like it”

Wen Chi said gratefully, “Thank you, Ruo Fang.”

Ruo Fang said, “Young Master is being too polite.”

After Ruo Fang spread the quilt, she was about to leave.

As a maidservant, she naturally cannot dine at the same table with Wen Chi.
If Wen Chi was the only one eating, she could still wait beside him, but later, Wen chi would be eating with the Fourth Prince and General Lin, so she had to avoid suspicion.”

Before leaving, Ruo Fang did not forget to remind him: “Young Master, this servant and the others are staying in the next room, your Highness can call us whenever you need anything.”

Wen Chi said he understood and after Ruo Fang left, the room suddenly became quiet.

Wen Chi ate a few pieces of snacks and was bored, so he had to take out the picture book he had prepared in advance to read.

Halfway through, a guard came and knocked on the door, saying that Wen Chi had to go downstairs for dinner.

Wen Chi quickly put away the drawing book and after arranging his clothes a little, he went downstairs with the guard.

But before he left, he accidentally caught a glimpse of a box of snacks on the table.
After hesitating for a while, he picked up a few boxes randomly.

The guard led him to the private room on the first floor of the inn.
There were already three people sitting in the huge private room.

Except for Shi Jin and General Lin, the back of the remaining person looked extraordinarily familiar.

Wen Chi was puzzled and couldn’t help but look at him a few more times.

The man seemed to have heard Wen Chi’s approaching footsteps, turned his head slightly following General Lin’s gaze.


Wen Chi saw a familiar face.

“Young Master Hua?” Wen Chi couldn’t hide the surprise on his face, “Why are you here?”

Just now Wen Chi heard those people asking about a Young Master Hua.
He thought it was some other Hua family members but he didn’t expect Young Master Hua was actually Hua Zi Zang.

Hua Zi Zang was wearing the same green clothes he wore as at the peach blossom banquet that day, with long jet black hair casually scattered behind his shoulders.
His appearance was cold, like a celestial being but when he smiled, he was like peach blossoms blooming and his narrowed eyes made the gentle Wen Chi think of the cold moon in the sky.

“It’s quite a coincidence.” Hua Zi Zang said with a smile, “Just now, when I heard General Lin talk about Young Master Wen, I wondered if that person could be you.”

General Lin who was facing Wen Chi was also surprised.
He looked at Wen Chi, then at Hua Zi Zang: “Zi Zang, do you know Young Master Wen?”

Hua Zi Zang: “I met him once at the Peach Blossom Banquet.”

General Lin laughed: “That’s really a coincidence.
I didn’t expect that everyone at our table had been to the Peach Blossom Banquet.
Everything is predestined, don’t you think, Prince Xuan?”

As he spoke, General Lin looked at Shi Jin who had never spoken till now.

But Shi Jin’s face was pale, with fine cold sweat oozing from his forehead and he seemed to be wandering away, as if he hadn’t heard General Lin’s voice.

Wen Chi hesitated and asked, “Is Prince Xuan uncomfortable?”

“I don’t know, it’s really weird.” General Lin scratched his head inexplicably and said nervously, “I saw that he was fine before, but as soon as I got close to him, he became like this, could the problem be with me?”

“I’m fine.” Shi Jin finally came back to his senses.
He pressed his fist to his lips, coughed twice and made a gesture of invitation to Wen Chi, “Sit down, you’ve had a long day, eat early and go upstairs to rest.”

Wen Chi wanted to sit next to Shi Jin and Hua Zi Zang but before he could take his seat, Shi Jin waved to him.

“This side is wide, sit over here.”

Hearing what Shi Jin said, Wen Chi had no choice but to walk over.
He silently glanced at the gap between Shi Jin and General Lin.
He was a little speechless and finally sat down between Shi Jin and General Lin.

He didn’t know if it was his illusion but after he sat down, Shi Jin seemed relieved.

General Lin, who was a thick-headed man, was oblivious to the situation, and called out to the waiter to serve the food with a big smile.

When he was about to finish his meal, General Lin caught a glimpse of several boxes that Wen Chi put aside and asked, “What’s that?”

“Oh, these are some snacks prepared by my maid before departure.
I haven’t found a chance to give them to you before.
Although they are a little cold, they still taste good.
I specially brought them for you to try.”

It happened that Wen Chi took three boxes, one for each person.

Finally, when it was given to Hua Zi Zang, Wen Chi realized that this box was slightly different from other boxes.
Not only was it much heavier but the pattern on it was also different and it was carefully wrapped in a piece of beautiful silk several times.

Wen Chi hesitated but then thought that Ruo Fang had never made any mistakes and as he had seen other boxes with different patterns.
So he handed this box to Hua Zi Zang with confidence.

Hua Zi Zang accepted it with a smile: “Thank you, Young Master Wen, for your kindness.
I will taste it after I return to my room.”


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