Ch7 – Marriage Contract

Mu Chen opened the door and found an unexpected guest in his room.

“Father.” Mu Chen lowered his head and called out carefully. 

Mu Yuanfeng was not bad to Mu Chen, but Mu Chen was always more respectful than affectionate toward Mu Yuanfeng, and when he saw him, he always acted like a rat meeting a cat.

Mu Yuanfeng turned his head to look at Mu Chen and asked, “I heard that you have sent Qi Si out?”



Mu Chen nodded his head and said, “Yes!”

“Didn’t you like him a lot?” Mu Yuanfeng asked. 

Mu Chen lifted his head and looked at Mu Yuanfeng cautiously, “Qi Si is too weak, every time I fight with others he is always watching from the side.
Father, if you like Qi Si, I will call him back.”


“No need, eating inside and out, just send him away.” Mu Yuanfeng said coolly.

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This time, Mo Chen had just sent Qi Si out with his right foot, and Mu Yuanfeng had someone break Qi Si’s legs on his left one.

Mu Chen nodded and said, “What father said is true.”

Mu Yuanfeng tilted his head, looked at Mu Chen, and said, “I heard that you have been chasing a man called Zhuang Yu recently.”


Mu Chen smiled awkwardly and said, “There are too many people chasing Zhuang Yu and I have already given up.” 

Mu Yuanfeng nodded and said, “It’s good to give up.
You’re still young, it’s not good to be overly obsessed with children’s love, not to mention, you’re a married man.”

A dark light flashed in Mu Chen’s eyes. The original Mu Chen's fiancé was a man, so ugly that the first time Mu Chen saw him, he almost passed out.

“Father, who is the man I am engaged to?” Mu Chen asked.

“It’s a twin child called Ye Shi.” Mu Yuanfeng said. 

Mu Chen squinted, there are three kinds of people in this world: men, women, and twins.
A twin child is a man that can give birth, and Zhuang Yu is also one of them.

“Father, Ye Shi, who is he? How did the engagement between Ye Shi and me come about?” Mu Chen asked.

Mu Yuanfeng put his hands behind his back and said, “Ye Shi’s grandfather and your grandfather were old friends, and you have been engaged since you were young.
Unfortunately, Ye Shi’s grandfather passed away a few years ago and the Ye family fell apart.
It’s not as good as before.”

Mu Chen bowed his head and said, “Is that so?” In the original article, not much was written about Ye Shi, and since he was his fiancé, it was necessary to investigate properly. 

“Father, do you know Ye Shi’s current condition?” Mu Chen asked.

“Ye Shi’s grandfather, Ye He, has a son, Ye Xun.
Ye Xun is a soft-eared man with more than a dozen concubines, which he spoils endlessly.
Although Ye Shi is a direct son, his birth mother died early.
The situation in the Ye family is complicated.
However, I heard that Ye Shi has good qualifications and he’s already a two-star warrior ” Mu Yuanfeng said.


Mu Chen nodded thoughtfully and said, “So that’s how it is!”.
Ye Shi is the same age as Mu Chen.
Mu Chen has not lacked resources since he was a child, but he was very lazy, so he was still only a seven-star martial apprentice.

The Mu family and the Ye family entered into a marriage contract hoping to form a strong alliance, but now that Ye He has passed away, Ye Xun is not strong enough to hold the fort.
The Ye family’s properties have been robbed, Ye Shi is not valued and as the Ye family’s strength has declined, Ye Shi’s status has also dropped significantly. 

“I heard that Ye Shi will come over in the near future, you can see it then, if you really don’t like it, it’s fine to push it away.” Mu Yuanfeng said.

Mu Chen nodded his head and said, “Okay.”

Mu Chen bowed his head, Mu Yuanfeng was indeed a father who cared for his son, you know, grandfather Mu Ke was very fond of Ye Shi, if the marriage happens to fall through, Mu Ke would definitely hold a grudge against Mu Yuanfeng.
Although Mu Ke is no longer in charge, his influence on the family is still huge.


/petty’s notes: Are you all fine with me using ‘twin child’ or would you prefer if I used ‘double’/’shuang’er’? Mu Ke is Mu Yuanhang and Mu Yuanfeng’s father and the head of the Mu family but he has basically transferred most of the power to Mu Yuanhang.


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