Ch20 – Pouring Cold Water

Ye Shi’s eyes shone brightly as he looked at the Sanhua chicken in the cage.

Ye Shi loved to eat chicken.
When Ye Shi’s mother was still around, Ye Shi could eat a fresh and juicy chicken leg almost every day, and that time was the happiest for Ye Shi.
Ye She couldn’t help raising the corner of his mouth every time he recalled those memories. 

“Do you like this Sanhua chicken? I’ll buy it for you.” Mu Chen stood beside Ye Shi and said courteously.

Ye Shi, who was caught up in his memories, was startled.
Looking at him with a smile, Mu Chen repeated, “Do you like it? I’ll give it to you.”



Hearing Mu Chen’s words, Ye Shi’s face was immediately tinged with signs of anger.

“Save your tricks for your sweetheart, I won’t fall for it.” Ye Shi said to Mu Chen in a fierce manner. 

Mu Chen looked at Ye Shi helplessly.
Ye Shi gave Mu Chen another fierce glare before turning around and walking away.


Mu Chen had a headache and scratched his head.
When he was on Earth, homosexuality was not accepted by most people, so Mu Chen could only fantasize about handsome men in magazines.
When he arrived in the other world, he found out that the people of this world were open-minded and that relationships of the same sex were normal.
He was overjoyed.

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In his previous life, poor Mu Chen had never been in love.
In this life, he tried to get close to others following the original owner’s example, but he was splashed with such a big basin of cold water.

Muchen looked at the Sanhua chicken in the cage and rubbed his forehead.
Falling in love is tough!


Wang Lun looked at Ye Shi, “Shi Tou, what did young master Mu Chen say to you?”

Ye Shi puffed out his cheeks, “Nothing.”

This bastard Mu Chen, a Sanhua chicken only costs one spirit stone.
Mu Chen spent thousands of spirit stones for others, but when it came to him, he only wanted to spend one spirit stone.
You want to buy Ye Shi for one spirit stone. Dream on!


Ren San looked at Ye Shi’s back, “Young master, what’s wrong with you?” 

Mu Chen tilted his head, “That shuang’er is not bad, just a bit fierce.
I wanted to give him a chicken just now but he refused.
He obviously seemed to like it though.”

Ren San looked at Mu Chen helplessly, “Young master, I've never heard of anyone giving a chicken as a courting gift to the shuang’er they like.”

Mu Chen: “……” No experience!

Ren San looked at Mu Chen, wondering when Mu Chen’s taste changed. 


“Chendi, you’re back!” Mu Hong came out to greet him.

Mu Chen nodded, “Yes!”

“Chendi, Big brother Hong is a little short of spirit stones lately, can you lend me some?” Mu Hong said. 

Mu Chen was unmoved “Big brother must be joking, I don’t have any spare spirit stones on hand!”

Mu Hong said incredulously, “You aren’t being honest, brother Chen! If you don’t have spare spirit stones, how can you buy as much as two hundred spirit stones worth of beasts’ blood?”


“Big brother, how do you know that I spent two hundred spirit stones for the beasts’ blood?” Mu Chen asked, pretending to be naive.

Mu Hong laughed, “I reckoned it was going to be around that much.” 

Mu Chen looked at Mu Hong with admiration, “Big brother, you’re really good at predicting things.”

Mu Hong was a little embarrassed as he said, “Brother Chen, lend me some money first and I will return it to you when I have made a profit.”

Mu Chen didn’t relent, “Brother, nine out of ten bets are losses, you should be more careful..”

Mu Hong loves gambling and often dragged Mu Chen to gamble with him, but Mu Chen lost many spirit stones this way and gradually lost interest in gambling. 

Mu Hong’s face changed, “Brother Chen, how can you say that?” “Are you cursing your big brother?”

“Chen’er.” Mu Yuanfeng came out and called out.

When Mu Hong saw Mu Yuanfeng’s face change, he made a few polite remarks and left.

Mu Yuanfeng looked at Mu Hong’s back and a bit of haze passed in his eyes.
Mu Yuanhang’s ways are getting more and more ridiculous.
Fortunately, his prodigal son turned over a new leaf. 


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