Ch16 – First Meeting

Zhuang Yu bowed his head and could not help but feel a little depressed.

There were many people around him, all of whom were very attentive to him, but none of them were willing to be ruthless enough to throw a thousand spirit stones for him. 

Before, when he didn’t need Mu Chen, he was around him all day long.

Now, he needs him but Mu Chen is hiding away.
Zhuang Yu felt a little aggrevied.



Ye Shi hides to the side and secretly looks at Zhuang Yu.

Originally, Ye Shi didn’t want to come but he couldn’t resist Chen Da, so he decided to come out and take a peek.
Ye Shi was also curious about what kind of person Mu Chen liked. 

Ye Shi recognized Zhuang Yu at first glance.


Zhuang Yu is also a shuang’er.
Although shuang’er are also men, there is still a certain difference in their looks.
Most of them look soft and beautiful.

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“Yuehe Restaurant.” Mu Chen looked at the name of the restaurant and said in a low, soft voice.


This restaurant was the original owner’s favorite.
The food inside cost a lot of spirit stones but it was also very delicious.
Moreover, many of the dishes in this restaurant were made from demon beasts’ meat, eating it could also strengthen the body.

“Young master, do you want to go in for a meal?” Ren San asked.

Mu Chen nodded, “Sure!”



“Look who’s here, isn’t this young master Mu Chen? Finally, he’s willing to show his face.” Chen Moran could not help but exclaim when he saw Mu Chen.

When Mu Chen saw Zhuang Yu and Chen Moran, he couldn’t help feeling disgusted inside.

He had tried his best to avoid Zhuang Yu but he still couldn’t avoid this thing called fate, so here he is.

When Ye Shi saw Mu Chen enter the door, he froze for a moment. 

“Huh, Young master Mu Chen has also appeared.” A’Mu muttered.

Ye Shi was taken aback by the sudden appearance of A’Mu, “Why are you here?”

A’Mu shrugged, “The back kitchen is fine, I came to check the situation.
Young master Mu Chen has grown more handsome.”

In the past, Mu Chen used to participate in cockfighting and horse racing, drinking and playing, the whole person looked sleazy.
Now the inside has changed and the man has become sunny. 

“Just like that, where’s the handsome?” Ye Shi bit his lip and said.

A’Mu gave Ye Shi a look, beamed, and said, “Shi Tou, you have a high vision!!”


Ye Shi’s face blushed and he muttered in a small voice, “He’s not that good.”

As soon as Mu Chen walked into the restaurant, he spotted Ye Shi and A’Mu.
After crossing over, Mu Chen’s soul power fused with the original owner’s.
After the integration, Mu Chen’s soul power became very strong, so much so that, the conversation between Ye Shi and A’Mu, Mu Chen could hear it easily. 

“Shi Tou, young Mu seems to be looking this way.
Is he looking at us?” A’Mu asked.

“He just casually glanced over here.” Ye Shi said unconcernedly.

Ye Shi bit his lip.
When Mu Chen looked at him just now, he was startled.
However, Mu Chen only looked at him once and then turned his eyes away.


Ye Shi cursed himself for being a coward, it’s just a Mu Chen, right? There is nothing to be afraid of.

Mu Chen slightly hooked the corner of his mouth and secretly said, “There are so many beautiful men in this world, even a restaurant waiter has such outstanding beauty.
Just to his taste!


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