and eating others with superior talent, a creature that everyone envies and looks up to.

‘He got here because he was lucky.’

So Lee Jun-hwan was more annoyed.
Originally, the first place should have been his, whether it was the first or the second competition.

It wasn’t a matter of pride, it was just a matter of course.
In the first place, there was a difference in level between him and the other participants.
But because of luck a kid was ahead of him.

‘Especially that punk…’

Lee Jun-hwan recalled the man he saw in the waiting room.

In fact, after the dungeon breakthrough, Lee Jun-hwan thought there were students who were forced to participate in the competition like him.

Lee Jun-hwan was disappointed, and later when he heard that the majority of the students forfeited, he thought he would have also forfeited but the reality was that the kid was playing around in front of his eyes.

When Lee Jun-hwan looked up once again, the kid was posing with his weapon, a sword.

‘Do you think you can win? What the hell?’

Lee Jun-hwan just didn’t like the situation right now.

“Hey, referee.
When the hell does it start?”

“There will be a comment from the host soon.
We will start right after that, so please prepare in advance.”

As soon as the referee’s words were over, the host’s voice was heard.

Lee Jun-hwan did not listen but only heard one word.

Lee Jun-hwan kicked the ground almost at the same time as the host words were over and his body moved forward like an arrow, narrowing the distance with Min-ki in an instant.

Lee Jun-hwan was going to finish quickly without any delay.
Therefore, he attacked first.


Min-ki, who managed to block it, groaned without realizing it.

After seeing that his hand was almost broken and his body was shaking after blocking one attack Min-ki realized right away that he couldn’t win.

Contrary to expectations that he should endure and respond a little, the fight was one-sided.


It couldn’t even be called a fight in the first place.

When a lion and a tiger fight, the victory or defeat is decided by various variables such as place, time, and condition, however a deer could only win against them by luck and Min-ki was the deer here while Lee Jun-hwan was a tiger.

Min-ki eventually threw up blood and fell on his knees due to Lee Jun-hwan’s attack, saw Lee Jun-hwan’s feet approaching and the referee’s shaking his head.

‘I can’t do it.’

Min-ki lowered his head and he could see Seo-joon standing at the entrance of the waiting room.

“Seo-joon hyung…”

When Min-ki first saw Seo-joon, he was attracted to him without realizing it.

He didn’t know why but he could feel a sense of familiarity from Seo-joon.
So when Seo-joon beat Jang Deok-cheol, Min-ki was happy as if he had won on the other hand, however, he envied Seo-joon.

‘My brother is a hunter!’


‘Of course! My brother is a hero who scolds bad people and bad creatures and protects people!’

‘What am I doing?’

He couldn’t do it and he knew that better than anyone.

‘What makes you think you can’t do it?’

Seo-joon’s words kept ringing in his head and Min-ki got up.

“Student Lee Min-ki, can you continue?”

Min-ki did not answer.

‘Just once.
Just once is fine.
I want to touch that line.’


Min-ki grabbed his sword and rushed at Lee Jun-hwan.
However, the reality was harsh and cruel.

Min-ki eventually collapsed on the spot without being able to block Lee Jun-hwan’s attack.

“Wow! “


“Great job, Lee Jun-hwan!”

“He was no match for him!”

However, Lee Jun-hwan could not hide his embarrassment and raised his hand to smooth his face.

He felt a moist feeling with his fingertips.
There was a little blood where his fingertips touched.

‘You touched me?’

Lee Jun-hwan approached Min-ki, who was lying down, twisting his face.

Seo-joon then silently looked at the whole situation and turned his back.

“How dare you trash…”

Seo-joon’s footsteps stopped at Lee Jun-hwan’s sudden words.

When he turned his back, Lee Jun-hwan was stepping on Min-ki’s face.
Then he said with a look of annoyance.

“You’re making a fuss just because I beat this guy…”

Although buried by the cheers of the audience, Seo-joon could hear it.

“It’s so annoying.
It’s not enough to come up here with luck, but these bugs want to become hunters…”

Seo-joon watched the scene quietly.

“Seeing each and every one of these guys being accepted, it’s no wonder this stupid competition is the fourth division.
Damn it.”

“Student Lee Jun-hwan! What are you doing?”

There was no reason for Seo-joon to come forward.
Even if Seo-joon doesn’t have to step up, officials will take care of it.

Of course, it is true that Lee Jun-hwan’s behavior is annoying.
However, they will meet in the finals anyway.

“I can’t play with you because you’re so low-level.
I don’t think you were going to win anyway… Hey referee, I can’t hang out with you anymore, so I’ll just give up.”

Lee Jun-hwan looked down at Min-ki, who was stepping on with a fishy smile but Min-ki showed no movement because he fainted or had no strength.

“Student Lee Jun-hwan, stop it now! If you keep doing that, we have no choice but to take action!”

“What action? I’m giving up.
Referee, aren’t you annoyed too seeing this little punk acting like a hunter? Climbing up without knowing where they should be.
These guys are just…”

“What is he?”

Seo-joon attacked suddenly but Lee Jun-hwan easily blocked the attack.

“What about you?”

And Lee Jun-hwan, who confirmed Seo-joon’s existence, looked slightly surprised.

“I changed my mind.”

Seo-joon spoke in a cold voice.

“You need to get hit now.”

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