Thundery Flames

8. Gone forever...

hen through the small open lines in his fingers, he saw something more horrific. His shuddering palms slowly fall from his face as he walks up to the person laying lifeless on the side. It was his mothers friend, Zayas father Shinok and much to his horror, she too laid their beside her father, blood flowing out of her little head, Zaya his new friend was not even saying anything to him. His little limbs quaked with fear. Even Taero laid there, a sticking out of his body. And then lastly, he raised his head up, and he could see her too. She was also lying there, drowning in a pool of her own blood. ”No.., No.., No mom, mom, Mom, MOm, MOM, MOM!!!..


”MOM!! ” he screams as he wakes up from the nightmare he was having. ”Mom!! ” he keeps on shouting as he bounces up.

”finally boy, you are awake ” the husky voice of a man makes the poor child flinch in fear. ”I thought you would never wake up, I was starting to worry that I brought home a dead body ” The man says, moving closer to the bed where Zairo was laid. *well if we can call it a bed that is*.

Zairo being scared of the mans rough and slightly unkept appearance still musters up courage to say. ”old man please where is my mother, have you seen my mother ” Glisters of tears filled his little blue eyes as he asked the question.

”you are not very grateful, you did not even thank me for bringing you to my house. ” The man scoffed, taking a seat in front of the child as he noticed the poor thing trembling as he went near him.

”I don know about your mother, all I know is that I went around looking for recyclables to sell like I always did, and found you lying on the floor in an alley unconscious. ” He bluntly explains tot he wary child. ”There was no one else with you, you were lying down there all alone ” he coldly states and takes a sip of gin from the bottle he was holding.

Zairo burst into more tears as he now realizes it was not a just a bad dream, and that they were all gone, his mother, his new friend and master, all of them. Everyone was gone. He cried and cried for hours until he finally fell asleep again. The man had prepared a little something for the child to eat, but Zairo did not touch the food at all, he just slept of after crying his heart out.


Zai… Zai.., Zai wake up its already morning ” the sweet and tender sound of his mothers voice pulled him up from his sleep, making him rub his eyes over and over with he back of his little wrist to see if she had come back, but she was not there, she was gone.., gone forever. She was never coming back. He could not see her face anymore, all that was left for him now were the memories.. memories that would stay with him forever.

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