Thundery Flames

8. Gone forever...

”Arghhhhhh ” the agonizing cry of Taero echoed through the woods, reaching Kiara and the kids, and she knew it, he had been defeated. The fear that suddenly gripped her threatened to hold her down to a spot, but she kept on running with the children.

They could make it, they would. They had to. She knew that both children could not take the running anymore, they were out of breath, but they could not stop, if they did they were doomed.

They were about to make a turn when..

*GASPS* almost falling down to the floor as.

Standing right in front of them was Shinryung, he had found them.

They disciples of Shinok had all been defeated. They say no matter how good the student is, the master will always be the master, and Arguse had proved that saying today.

For even shinok who was regarded as one of Arkzars most fierce warriors laid lifeless under the feet of Arguse. He fought well, but he was no match for the dark powers that Arguse had acquired over the years.

”Ahhh ” Kiara shrieks in pain as shinryung brings her in, dragging her by the hair and the kids were in the hands of the demons. A wicked grin crept up Arguses face, it was that of an evil Victor. Virgos child was finally his.

”DADDY!! ” Zaya screamed as she sees her father on the ground at the feet of Arguse. Her eyes immediately losing the color of the green forest from being overwhelmed with grieve and rage, and taking on the full glowing color of the sun, a sudden burst of energy flowed through her tiny body, allowing her break free from the demon holding her…

”Zaya No!!! ” Kiara yells as the angered child plunges forward with much vexation in her heart, picking up a sword moving so fast, almost too fast that Arguse didn realize until her sword had pierced his abdomen.

Now filled with anger of his own, even her father didn leave a scratch on him, and the puny thing dared graze him with her sword. He holds onto the sword, pulling it out of his body, causing blood to splash on the childs face, the wound closing up almost instantly.

”You little rat ” he hissed, and with a force way too much for a child he strikes her with his hand, causing Zayas little fragile body to fly up into the air and land back on the tiled grounds with her head…

*Gasps* This was by far the most horrifying thing hed witnessed today. He trembled were he stood, he was left standing alone, Shinryung still held onto his mother. The demon that had carried him in left him standing in the middle of all the dead bodies quivering in fear. Staring down at his new found friend who was now lying 5ft away from him on the floor lifeless. He was filled with fear..

”Hey boy, so you
e the spawn of Virgo. Finally ” Arguse sets himself down on a stone carved seat that was close to where her stood. Which was like 7ft away from the boy. But Zairo could still feel his voice touching him from where he stood.

”Stay away from my son you monster. ” Kiara screamed, trying to wiggle out of shinryungs grip, but to no effort. She was weak and bloody all over.

”oh Kiara, or should I say my lady? He mocked. ” or would you rather I address you as Your highness. Just say it, after all, your wish is my command ” he jested, snorting with laughter.

”You know, its funny that Virgo isn here to save you this time. Who will… He was still ranting on, but his words were like a remembrance spell to her.

(Here, take this necklace, whenever you
e in trouble, and theres no other means to escape from, press that button, and it will open a portal for you to escape through.) How could she have forgotten her husbands words. He was always with her.

He had given her the necklace. She remembered now., she always had it on., the necklace.

Yes the necklace!!! Its the only way to save my son. She said to herself as she gathered all the strength she could find within her and pushed herself from shinryung, only for him to pull her back again.

Arguse believing she was just acting fierce and was just like a toothless dog barking, signals Shinryung to let her go, thinking she was going to plunge at him.

Now set free, she runs towards Zairo, instantly taking off the necklace.

Arguse just watched on because at that point he wasn expecting anything to happen, he knew he had already won. Let her say goodbye to the child. Was what he thought. Not seeing the necklace in her hand from where he sat.

But then she pressed the ruby button that was at the back of the pendant, and suddenly he felt it, he knew that feeling too well., that domineering aura was present in the place, It was like he could feel the presence of Virgo and that was when his senses heightened, his vision became sharper, and he saw it in her hands…the necklace…

”You miserable wrench!! ” he yelled, immediately rising up swiftly, to try and stop her, but although he was fast, today it seemed he was a tiny bit too slow. For the portal was already opened behind Zairo, and Kiara placing the necklace in his palm, pushes him into it.

”Nooooo ” Arguse screams as he reaches up to Kiara not thinking twice about it, slashes her throat open with a sword. ”Nooooo!!!..Mom ” Zairo screams as the portal closes….


He had lost Virgos child once again.



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