Thundery Flames

2. Shinok...

”Virgo No, I can leave you. I don want to. I won . Youll die here. Im not going anywhere without you. ” She cried, tearing the hem of her gown and pressing down the pieces on his bleeding abdomen. Or should she press down on his shoulder instead, maybe on the one closest to his heart? He had cuts everywhere, blood spilling like water from a spring, and she was confused about which wound to cover.

” You have to Kiara, you must. if you leave me then I die, but if you don , then all three of us dies. Including our unborn child. ” His wheezing breath, an evidence that he was exhausted, that he was barely holding on.

”No, no, no I don want to, come with me. Just come with me well keep on running away. Weve scaped through all the time, we always find a way to survive. Just come with me and well be fine. ” She hopelessly pressed on harder, trying to push all the blood back into his body.

”Why are you bleeding so much, why is the blood not stopping, why are you not healing, why, why, why are your wounds not closing. They always close back up, so why why why. ” She couldn even see clearly because of the tears that rolled down her face non-stop. Anguish and pain were not words enough to measure what she was feeling. Seeing him like this, crumbled on the ground, her mighty Virgo. She thought he was invincible, but now she knows. No one is invincible.

”Im going to die Kiara, and there is nothing we can do about it. ” He breathed heavily, the pitch of his voice going lower and lower with every passing second. ”No, no don say that. How can you tell me that? You always heal back. Why is this any different? Maybe its just taking a longer time, it will heal up eventually… ”

”Kiara.., listen to me. Listen to me, Kiara. ” He holds onto her hand that pressed on his chest, forcing her to halt her futile efforts. ”Look at me Kiara., Im sorry but you and I both know it, even if I run with you, I still won make it, not when he used the Krimartar blade. ” Her sobs intensified, her heart was shredding into thousands of pieces, and the horrifying fact that she knew he was right deepened her pain.

”I won survive, but that doesn mean I won be with you anymore. Ill always be in here. ” He places a trembling hand on her chest. ”One of us has to survive. ”

” Im sorry Kiara, but I can risk your safety any longer. I love you too much to let any harm come to you. And Im wounded pretty badly to even run further. So let me use my last strength to keep you safe., to send you far away from him ”

”Virgo ” his name left her lips as a whisper, she hugged him tightly, kissing his forehead, taking his bloody lips to her mouth, drowning in his kisses mixed with tears one last time, savoring the delectable and yet painful taste of his tongue for the last time. Kissing the sides of his lips, his face, everything, she never imagined parting with all this, never imagined a death scene in their love story. And yet here it was, looking her right in the face.

”Search that side ” they heard a voice.

”No more time Kiara, you have to go now ” he takes off his necklace and places it around her neck.

” Here, take this necklace, whenever you
e in trouble, and there are no other means to escape from, press that button, and it will open a portal for you to escape through. When the child is born, Shinok will know. He will come look for you, so don be scared. I love you Kiara, and our child ”

He twirls his hand forward, trying to open a portal, but his wounds were too severe, and it doesn work at first. He takes a deep breath, channeling all his energy into that one wrist, and twirls it once again, and this time the portal opens.

” Go, go now Kiara ” he pushes her.

”No Virgo, Please. No… She wailed wearily, pleading with not only him, but the whole universe to help her.

” OVER THERE!!! ” a growl sounded.

” GO, KIARA GO ” with his last inner force, he pushes her into the portal.

”VIRGO NO!!! But she was already on the other side, and she saw the demons descending on him, I Love You… He mouthed as the portal closes.


{five months later}

Kiara sat alone in her mushed up room, eating the last bowl of noodle she had when she suddenly felt it…

Her water just broke…

She knew exactly what to do, she had been preparing for this for months. She knew she could not go to the hospital for fear of what they might do to her baby. She had no one to call either so she decided to give birth in her house. Quickly before she lost all her strength she arranged the bedclothes she had on the floor, started boiling water, and brought out the new pair of scissors she had bought specifically for this.

She laid down on the bedclothes and tried as much as possible to keep herself calm. She started feeling the urge to push, so she did.

She started out slowly, trying to feel the position of the baby. When she felt the baby was positioned well she then put in more strength. She would take a deep breath and then with all her strength…

”Ahhhhhhhh ” she would try catching her breath. Again she would push and scream, it was draining her strength she was almost about to give up, but then…

e strong Kiara, Im here with you, ” She could see him, standing next to her, holding her hand. Could feel him kiss some more strength into her. ”You can do this. Ill hold your hand. Lets do this my Love, don give up. ”

”one last time, just one more push, I can do it, Ill have this baby, ” she said to herself.

And with that, she used her last strength and pushed with everything she had within her.

”Ahhhhhhhh _ Virgo give me strength!!! She shrilled. And with that, the babys head popped out. The next push wasn difficult. Soon the shoulders were out and then the rest of the body. It was a boy.

” Virgo, I did it, I did it. Its a boy ” she heaved with joy, but then he was just a phantom of her imagination, and like every phantom, he was not real. He was gone. And now all she had to hold on to was her baby.

”Zairo. Ill call you Zairo.

{ARKZAR Demon realm}

”Have you found her yet? ” The disembodied voice sounded in the dark hall, a glint of light passed through the windows, but not enough to light up the eerie darkness that consumed the place. The formidable scent of chaos and destruction gorged the hall, striking a dreadful welcome to the beings who just walked in.

”We haven found her yet, ” the first one who was looking rather apprehensive said, ”Weve searched for months but no matter how much we try we just can seem to find her, ” the other said. ”Weve tried our best but ”… The words that might have followed remained buried deep inside them, for an intense heat swiftly flowed through their veins like being cooked from the inside, and burning each and every blood vessel in them, they could feel every functioning organ in them shrinking, could feel the draining of the life force out of them, their very soul slipping away from them, trying to scream, but the sound had somehow left them.

Now moving a little towards the glint that passed through the window, his shadowy form could be seen, broad and wide, tall and huge was all that was visible, for the light was not enough to encompass the being.

IN the next second, they were dried up completely, from the inside and outside. Their color a dark shade of Grey. Their lifeless body falls backwards to the ground.

”Shinryung ” his voice echoed through the hall like the roaring thunder, showing his anger. The place shook like there was a quake.

A man walked in he was dressed in a black ankle-length jacket, and knee-length boots and had attached to his waist a sword. A hideous scar ran from the full length of the left side of his face down to his neck. One glance at him was enough to make anyone terrified. ”Yes Master, ” he said as he walked closer to him.

”Find her, no matter what you have to do find her, bring her to me ”

”No matter how many souls I consume its not just enough, I want more, more, more. I want.., I want Virgos spawn ” Arguse breathes angrily.

”Get me Virgos child, he is the last one remaining, so I need him ” As he talks, the fire plates in the hall begin to light up, coming up on their own in a consecutive manner, finally bringing some illumination into the dark hall. And he also finally steps out of the shadows.

He was huge, with skin shiny and scaly like that of a Sunbeam serpent. Out of those scales, long piercing spikes and massive wings protruded out of his back. On his head were two huge horns, his eyes were bleeding red but then slowly he started changing form, slowly turning and reducing in size and stature, till he was a normal human, except for the dark veins on his face. You could even say he was a normal middle-aged man.

”since he is no more, only with his child will I be finally complete. I must have that child. Bring me the spawn of Virgo. ”

{Human realm 6 months after child birth}

”Don cry, Im almost done. Ill be with you in a minute ”

She quickly made the baby formula, pouring a little at the back of her hand to check the temperature, when she felt it was warm enough, she ran over to him.

He quickly fell asleep after filling his tummy up with food and a little breast milk to back it up. She laid him down on the bed to rest better. Taking her place next to him, slowly and delicately patting his little butt.

”Virgo are you there? You
e watching over us, right? She lets out a weak chuckle, but it soon turns into soft choking sobs. The days were mostly bearable for her, but it always got hard at night. When she mostly thought of laying alone in bed, when she mostly remembered the warmth of his body against her, when she remembered his hand tracing every contour on her skin. Remembering his lips on every inch of her flesh. This, was when it got hard for her.


She wondered who could be at the door, it was already past nine, so who could be there? Then her scared mind started running wild. ”could it be them? Have they found her? She couldn let them get to her son. She wouldn .

She bent down, and stretched her hand under the bed, dragging out her sword.

It was all covered in dust. She hadn touched it since, but that doesn mean shed lost her touch. She quickly picked up a basket, put the sleeping baby inside, covered it, and gently slid him under the bed. Trying her possible best not to wake him up.

Now she was ready to face whoever was at the door. She slowly walked over to the door, with heavy steps. She was scared, scared for herself, and scared of them laying a hand on her baby.

She peeped through the small hole in the door, but she didn see anything, there was no one there. Who the heck was knocking on her door then? The tension in her intensified, she moved away from the door, but then the knock came again.

She looked threw the hole again, but there was still no one there.

”who is it? ” She finally summons courage and asks. ”I s_said w_who is there? ” She stutters this time, the fear in her bones increasing with every passing second.

No one replied still. She slowly moved away from the door again, and as soon as she takes a step back, the knock comes again, and this time she couldn take it anymore, she was going to cut whoever was there in half, with this in mind, she matches at the door, opening all locks, and turning the doorknob, pulling the door open, immediately lifting her sword to the air to slice whoever was there.

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