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Title: Ugh they’re attacking Shin Jiho again
When I look at the people attacking Shin Jiho, they’re people who have nothing to do in their lives ㅠ how pitiful

– Shin Jiho isn’t all that in real life? I’m an A-rank hunter

 Lol a mere A-rank hunter is trying to compare with Shin Jiho? Shin Jiho is Joo Yiwon’s husband

 I thought this bastard was going to shield SJH but he’s just stuck in his own fantasies

Hunter Space

Title: Isn’t Seon Tae Woong a little suspicious?
They say that Apollon is lacking money did they accept money from Chungram?

– It’s clear that you couldn’t attack Shin Jiho anymore so you moved on to Apollon lol

– They lost a lot of gold recently because they recruited a new A-rank and bought a lot of S-rank equipment lol.
They’re in the middle of preparing to start jumping into S-rank dungeon raids.
Plus the guildmaster cleared two S-rank dungeons so they’re loaded now lolol

Hunter Space

Title: Even if you tremble with anger all pathetically here
The opinions outside have flipped
Someone took a screenshot of people fighting here and spread it lolol.
They called the meme “hunters’ inferiority complex” lolol control yourselves


– The opinions here seem to have changed too from earlier; I joined HS because there’s a lot of hunter info here but I thought those people mocking Shin Jiho with the same repertoire because of their own inferiority complex were crazy

 We couldn’t shield him because all of these crazy f*ckers ganged up on him relentlessly ㅠㅠ

 FR psychos… Not limited to just shielding but any word that is ever so slightly in his favor is jumped on.
It’s more shocking that the opposite side has shown up here than it has outside

 This time it’s because people are still attacking him even though the two people made it out of an S-rank dungeon alive and Seon Tae Woong dragged his still-recovering body out for the press conference… And the people who were calling Seon Tae Woong a hero just a few hours ago are cursing him out now lolol it seems that all the people who thought that the atmosphere was sh*tty all came out 

 While this is happening, I hope they could change the site atmosphere… This is a hunter-information site not a cursing-Shin-Jiho-out site lol if you want to curse him out, say your real name and do it

Hunter Space

Title: Honestly if Joo Yiwon was the one to open up a press conference I would understand the people who shout that it’s not true but
Joo Yiwon’s eyes drip with honey13 whenever he looks at Shin Jiho so I understand if you guys said something about it being fake.
If it was Joo Yiwon he could probably say that Shin Jiho can pick the moon from the sky
But? The person who opened a press conference about Jiho’s freaking amazing skill is Seon Tae Woong…


It’s the Seon Tae Woong who insulted Shin Jiho like crazy as if he wasn’t afraid of getting sued by Chungram at all


It’s the Seon Tae Woong who had the worst relationship with Shin Jiho


Unlike the people who remain anonymous on this site and attack on the keyboard while rubbing their butts on their chairs, it’s the Seon Tae Woong who cursed Shin Jiho out to his face
The Seon Tae Woong, who even had the rumor going around that Chungram’s legal team was ready to sue him, shielded him
This f*cker isn’t the type of person to bend with a bit of money from Chungram
He’ll probably only bend if they offered him Chungram Guild


– For real, Seon Tae Woong hates Shin Jiho so much why would he shield him lolol say something that makes sense

– The people here that insult Shin Jiho on their keyboards would probably be unable to look up at him if they actually saw him? Lolol unlike you guys, Seon Tae Woong mocked him to his face

Hunter Space

Title: I’m saying this now but
Chungram isn’t big enough as a company to be able to control the HA
Of course they grew a lot after the creation of Chungram Guild lol but
Unlike what the rumors here say Chungram can’t do whatever they want

– Chungram Group might not be able to but Chungram Guild is different.
It’s unbeatable in the hunter world.
And the HA was created by Joo Yiwon before he left it.

 Why would Chungram go that far for someone they’re not recruiting to their guild lol.
If they wanted to give him a spot, even if he was a C or D-rank, they could’ve given him a suitable office-job or the spot of team leader of a dungeon clean-up team lol.
Shin Jiho has no reason to sacrifice himself for a guild in the first place anyway.
I said that Chungram is smaller than what people think but it’s not small right? Lololololol he’s someone who can live comfortably in the wealth he inherited alone.
Find your common sense

– I love Chungram Guild and the group… I am always supporting you

 Did their stocks go up?

 Hehe before the fissures erupted I bought Chungram’s stocks

 So jealous

Hunter Space

Title: How unexpected of Seon Tae Woong
I didn’t think he would formally open up a press conference like that for Shin Jiho
Isn’t his personality kind of nasty

– He is surprisingly good at dealing with work-related matters lol there’s a reason why Apollon participates in S-rank raids

– He isn’t very nice in his personal life but he was okay when we met for work

 Are you not going to shield his personal life lolol

 If he hadn’t become a hunter, I feel like he would’ve been a Korean hip-hop artist

 Ah, I understand

Hunter Space

Title: It’ll all be revealed when he gets the re-assessment
Stop attacking Shin Jiho

– Yeah Shin Jiho’s act will be cracked open

 How pitiful…

Hunter Space

Title: To the person who keeps commenting on every forum shut up
Just from the looks of it, you thought that you would live a fantastic life after awakening but you only came out as a C-rank or lower so you got an inferiority complex if you have the time to do this go practice developing your skills

– Me, who is in one of the top guilds in Asia and has an A-rank attack skill with 5 support skills?

 ?? Is he crazy?

 Someone screenshot this and spread it outside lol

 So embarrassing please kick this brat out Manager-nim14

Hunter Space

Title: Hey so what is Shin Jiho’s new skill
What is it that two people were able to raid an S-rank dungeon?
Can I expect something from the reassessment?
Should I buy Chungram stocks???

– Shin Jiho is in No Name why would you buy Chungram stocks

 Who sees Chungram and No Name as two separate entities

 FR Shin Jihye is doing the clean-up right now lolol

Hunter Space

Title: Are the No Name GM and Chungram GM really dating?
It was too fierce earlier so I couldn’t ask but are they really dating? 
I really thought they were going to kiss with the princess carry;; it wasn’t just me either Chungram’s vice-guildmaster looked startled too

– Of course they’re dating did you just figure that out now?

 Is this a bigger Korea?15 Since when was our country a country that accepts public gay couples like this?

 What are they going to do if they don’t accept if the two decide to get married and move to America then we’re losing a double S-rank hunter

– If you listen to the stories from Joo Yiwon and Shin Jiho’s classmates, they were always close.
But Joo Yiwon always seemed to be teasing Shin Jiho? Not bullying but more like true brother vibes.
They say whenever Joo Yiwon called Shin Jiho “Honey,” Jiho would jump up from annoyance and Yiwon would find that funny so he would tease him more lolol.
Look at this MeTube video this person says that he was close to Shin Jiho he pulled out a lot of evidence


 Real friends lolol

 But why do high schoolers play like that? Is it fun to act gay?

 It’s been too long since I was a high schooler so I can’t remember anything…

 Me neither

– The two of them,,, grew up in the same house since young so,,, they have brotherly affection,,, it’s nice to see ,,,^^

 ? If my younger sibling did that to me I would kill him

 Joo Yiwon is kind and easy-going lol16 he must like to stick to people he’s close to

 You’ve only seen 2117 in public sites before right? That f*cker is f*cking psycho lolol I can’t say any more because I’m afraid of getting sued

 Don’t spread rumors without any proof



1. 형 (“hyung”), similar to noona, is a way boys address other boys older than them.
While it’s usually used between brothers, it can also be used to express familiarity.
Some people use these same names (호칭 (“ho-ching”)) when referring to celebrities as well.
Here, they are referring to STW as hyung.

2. 뽀삐.
Getting into its origins is long and complicated but just think of it like the name Spot for American dogs.
A stereotypical name.

3. The author used ㅅㄱ here which is an acronym for 수고.
It’s typically used in video game chats after a game, to say good game.

4. The word here is 언플 (“eon-peul”) which is short for 언론플레이.
This is when someone twists the news in their favor.
I simplified it to PR Team.

5. Basically they’re saying that the original poster is acting like a filial son to Chungram even though they’re not a part of it.

6. This is actually really funny.
Korea has this thing called 알페스 which is basically the Korean way of saying the letters RPS in English.
It stands for Real Person Slash and this is commonly seen in K-Pop fanfictions where fans will write such works shipping two real idols.

7. Bird cries about law! What this poster is saying is that Jiho inherited his money from the will of a dead family member (I’m guessing his grandfather).
How this becomes illegal is if you don’t pay taxes from the inheritance.
There are ways to skip around this (I think) and so that’s the type of rumors this poster is trying to shut down.
This was all the result of a 10 minute Google search so if anyone has anything to add about this, please leave a comment!

8. The commenter here uses an old-fashioned tone.
A lot of K-netz will call themselves grandmothers or aunts (and the opposite).

9. This is how it was in the original.
They’re trying to emphasize the large age gap between him and his siblings.

10. The word used here is 곱상 (“gop-sang”), which is usually used to describe men who have a more feminine beauty.
Famous examples are Cha Eun Woo from Astro (he also acts!) and Kim Hee Chul from Super Junior.

11. I’m sorry I have no idea what this is so I’m leaving the Romanization.
If anyone wants to help, the Korean is 강남 그라우.

12. Short for guildmaster.

13. I just thought this was funny.
In Korean, it literally said that he looks at SJH as though he keeps bees in his eyes XD.

14. The manager of a forum is called 운영자 (“un-yeong-ja”).
K-netz will take this word and use it as a name: 영자 (“yeong-ja”).
So here, they referred to the manager as 영자님 (“yeong-ja-nim“)

15. You can think of this as what Americans will call more “open/inclusive.” It doesn’t have quite the same meaning so I left it in its literal Korean translation but it’s basically the same idea.

16. …? Who?

17. A nickname/abbreviation(?) for Yiwon.
The two syllables of Yi-won sound like the Korean word for 2 (이 “yi”) and 1 (원 “one”), respectively.

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