Chapter 13.1: System (10)

[Stabilize] was said to take up a lot of mana.
Now that it was turned off, his total MP had increased an impressive amount.

After using [Understand] to check the MP of the nurses, doctors, and his sister, he found that normal people’s MP was around 1 to 3.
Even as a C-rank support hunter, his sister only had 67 MP. 

1402 is a very high number.
They survived because Jiho had hit Seon Tae Woong with all of that mana using [Blessing of the Star]. 

Closing the skills window, Shin Jiho’s eyes sparkled with expectation.

When he talked about his skill before, he wasn’t very confident, but it was different now. 

He had gained multiple good skills that would have been good even if he only gained one of them.
On top of that, the skills worked well with each other.

The skills are skills, but the fact that he’s able to see the system now is an amazing ability.
Still, he wasn’t thinking of telling anyone about it just yet.

He didn’t think anyone would believe his words.
Shin Jiho himself was confused about whether or not the system was real.
Even if someone did believe him, the other will just turn into someone he’ll have to be on guard against. 

So Jiho planned to quietly use the system and test out his skills by himself.

With the changed skills, Shin Jiho can prove himself.
He doesn’t have to helplessly lean on others. 

“I thought I would die there without being able to do anything.
I really died and came back to life.”


“But I gained a new skill.
I survived thanks to that.
Now, with this…”

“You said you thought you were going to die.
Why are you so excited about that?”

“It’s fine as long as I didn’t die.”

“What do you mean it’s fine? You were barely carried out of there.”

Yiwon’s cold tone was like a bucket of ice water that had been dumped on Jiho’s excitement.

When he looked up, Joo Yiwon’s face was the coldest he had ever seen it. 

Because Yiwon is always joking around with him, Jiho forgets that the other is the world’s only SS-rank hunter.
With his anger alone, the mana around him materializes and pricks people’s skin.

Joo Yiwon, who was sitting on the bed, closed the distance between them an uncomfortable amount.
When Jiho, pressured by the close distance, was going to move his body back, Yiwon grabbed Jiho’s wrist and pulled. 

The next second, Yiwon’s shadow was looming over Jiho on the bed.

For the person who was being forced into a position underneath the other, he felt a great sense of pressure.
When Shin Jiho realized that, his stomach turned.

‘Did you think I would be scared?’

If Yiwon was trying to scare him, he had the wrong idea.
Jiho glared at Yiwon, who was looking at him with a heavy gaze.

“Shin Jiho.”


“Stop being a hunter now.”


“Stop being a hunter.
It’s not like you have to worry about making a living.”

“What does it matter to you? Stop talking nonsense and…”

“If I tell you to stop, stop.
Right now.”

Whispering in a low voice, Yiwon’s eyes glowed gold.
It was a characteristic of when Joo Yiwon used his skill.

A pressure that only an SS-rank hunter could create filled the room.

Like a predator that has his prey in front of him.

Or an immortal with a mortal in front of him.

A gaze from high up fell down on Jiho.

It was a pressure that would have frightened anyone else.
A fierce pressure and fear that would have them surrender and pee themselves.

But Jiho was just pissed off.

Angered, Jiho rammed his head into Yiwon’s chin.
However, what his head hit was not a hard chin but Yiwon’s hand.
Yiwon, who defended against Jiho easily, snorted.

“Stop being foolishly stubborn in using up your strength and just quit.
Isn’t it enough that you tried being a guildmaster for a year?”

“Why do you talk like that, f*cker?”

“Don’t get angry and listen to me.”

“Are you ordering me around right now?”

Jiho spoke harshly, as though he was tearing into the other.
Yiwon didn’t answer.
But his silence was enough.
Jiho’s face scrunched up in anger.

“F*ck off.”

“Shin Jiho.”

Yiwon’s tone made Jiho even angrier.
Jiho flailed his body to push Yiwon off.

Yiwon finally realized that Jiho’s anger  had hit the top and made a face of regret, but it was too late to go back.

In the end, Yiwon let go of Jiho and backed up a bit.
However, he still didn’t leave and remained on the bed.
Jiho couldn’t understand why this guy who usually left on his own accord refused to leave.

“I don’t want to even see you right now, so f*ck off! Don’t come find me.”


“I told you to leave right now.
Should I leave?”

Jiho seemed like he was going to pull the IV out of him right away.
In the end, Yiwon sighed and got up.

“No, I’ll leave.
Still… quit being a hunter.
It’s not right for you.”

“Shut up.”

“No matter how hard you try, you’ll just get even more cursed at.
Why try when you know that? If you really want to be a hunter, just come under me.”

Yiwon didn’t listen to Jiho and kept saying whatever he wanted.

In the end, instead of answering, the furious Jiho grabbed the pillow next to him and threw it.
The pillow was deflected back by Joo Yiwon to its original spot without him even lifting a finger.

“Fine, I’ll leave so calm down.”

Joo Yiwon left with a sigh and picked up the phone that was ringing loudly.
“What is the problem?” he asked sternly before closing the door. 

Shin Jiho threw the blanket over his head and tried to cool down his anger. 

He was excited that he could finally carry his own weight, but both his sister and Joo Yiwon just threw cold water on him.
They didn’t even think about listening to him. 

He knows that both of them are worrying about him.
However, what Jiho wanted was not protection but support.

Jiho continued to fume under the blanket. 

Let’s calm down for now.
Calm down and plan the next steps.
If you gradually prove yourself and display your powers, you will definitely succeed this time.

‘It will definitely go that way…’

However, before he could fully calm himself down, the door opened with a bang.

Jiho peeked his head out from under the blankets.
The person who came in was Joo Yiwon, the guy who had left just a few seconds ago.
Jiho threw a pillow, but Yiwon caught it easily and came up to the bed.


“Just a minute, there’s something I have to see.”

“You can see it after you leave.”

“You have to see it too.”


Instead of answering, Yiwon turned on the TV with the remote.
The channel he turned on was a news channel.

Seon Tae Woong filled up the screen of the large TV in Jiho’s personal VIP hospital room.

Seon Tae Woong, who had recently escaped out of the dungeon and hadn’t even received proper medical care yet, was in the middle of a sudden, large press conference.
For some reason, the reporters were in a frenzy, and Seon Tae Woong was the calmest Jiho had seen him yet.

Wondering what they were saying, Shin Jiho watched the TV uninterestedly before his face changed from shock.

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