The imperial palace summer ball was always held in the most beautiful of the flower gardens, Lection Pavilion.

The most beautiful flowers were gathered from around the world and frozen with magic so that they were always in bloom.
By the reign of the current emperor, Lection Pavilion had become a masterpiece.
Therefore, the summer ball was the main event of the social calendar.
The Pavilion had established itself as a place where nobles would gather to chat.
In this environment where low ranking nobles could not enter, a baron’s daughter, Citrina Foluin, entered.

Her mind was filled with doubts.
‘Why did the emperor personally invite me to the summer ball? This glittering dress was even gifted to me.’
No matter how much she thought about it, she could not understand the emperor’s actions.
However, she could not decline the invitation.
‘News about my jewelry shop couldn’t have spread yet.’
Citrina’s jewelry shop was only just opening it’s doors to customers.
‘It makes no sense for the emperor to invite me.
Something is off.’
It was said that the emperor was merely a puppet of Duke Pietro, but he was still the emperor.
A baron’s daughter did not have the authority to reject his invitation.
Citrina was quick to figure out the situation.

Let’s just eat lots of delicious food.”
Citrina muttered to herself as she picked up her dress a bit.
The fabric between her fingers was exceptionally soft.
The elegantly woven silk dress shone silver in the light.
Citrina tried not to think about the diamonds embroidered into the bodice up to her shoulders.
The crowd was packed inside Lection Pavilion.
It was a blessing in disguise that Citrina was a little bit late to arrive.
She stood in front of the food table, in the middle of the Pavilion.
Her stomach rumbled when she saw the desserts in front of her.
As she bit into some finger food, the flavor spread through her mouth.
‘Ah, it’s sweet.’
As she was enjoying the food, Citrina heard a voice behind her.

“Over there, who is that lady?”
“This is the first time I’ve seen that lady.”

“I don’t know any ladies below the rank of marquess.”
The topic of conversation between the noblemen and noblewomen was Citrina.
‘I’m also curious as to why I was invited.’
She decided to get away from the gossip and grab a drink.
The server handed her a slightly alcoholic cocktail that smelled fruity.
“Thank you.”
“Don’t mention it, beautiful lady.”
The server smiled at her and walked away.
The cocktail fit her taste perfectly.
As Citrina was enjoying her sweet drink, she was brought back to the conversation at hand.

 “Excuse me.”
“The dress that lady by the entrance is wearing.
The elf made it… isn’t it the only one of its kind?”
“No way.”
The chatter was getting even noisier as people raised their voices.
The cocktail must have gotten to her.
Feeling better, Citrina turned away from the crowd when something caught her attention.

At the entrance to Lection Pavilion, an attendant shouted loudly.
“Duke Pietro, His Excellency Duke D..Desian Pietro is entering!”
“Oh my god! Did I hear it wrong?”
“The duke is here?”
A noblewoman screamed.
Men stopped talking as their faces turned pale.
Someone stopped the noblewoman from screaming, but the atmosphere remained tense as people scrambled around.
Citrina remained calm in the middle of it.
She was lost in thought.

‘Desian? That Desian Pietro?’
Citrina knew Desian Pietro well.

She might know him better than anyone else in the world.
Four years ago, she had met him.
He was the final villain of this world in which she had been reborn.
How much had she struggled to better him?

As Citrina was lost in memories, that Desian Pietro slowly entered the Pavilion.
As soon as the

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