Ch8 – Lets talk for 10 minutes!!!

Throughout the morning Gu Han was like a busy bee.
The whole day he and his business partner discussed funding arrangements.
By the end of the day, he felt his life being drained to half before his mind could relax a bit he remembered his mother’s fatal request.

Boss Gu sits on the sofa next to a giant floor-to-ceiling window.
He was wearing a grey color three suit.
His bulging shoulders and the sunlight shining on him make him more radiant.
It is more like a statue of a God.  

Gu Hulan had his complete attention and concentration in searching for answers on Baidu.
Like a well-programmed computer, he analyses every search result in detail.

[How to tell your boyfriend that your mother wants to see him?]



[How to bring your boyfriend home?】

[How to cheat your boyfriend to bring him to your home? 】 

[How to coax your boyfriend to go home? ]


The stylus is practically flying on the work note, and the rigorous Gu Boss keeps the key points in his mind.
He is panicking like a dog.
Pei Xian is a wonderful creature created by the splitting of the Creator’s mind.
And He was unsure whether Pei Xian would agree to his request.
He doesn’t know what will happen if Pei Xian was offended by this request and decides to leave him, so it’s better to be careful.
So he prepared for all types of scenarios that could take place. 

“Caring for the villain’s IQ system” released tasks:

[Non-energy task: let’s go wild in your arms; task requirements: coax Xianxian to sleep for ten minutes in your arms; task time limit: 24 hours; Method: unlimited ways but make sure to have a good bedtime interaction with him before falling asleep, and only when host manage to successfully make him fall asleep the mission is considered successful; quest reward: the male protagonist’s unlucky package once; Note: this quest is a choice task, the host can voluntarily give up, without affecting energy collection; remarks: the male protagonist’s unlucky package is based on scenarios like the male protagonist breaks his leg (including the third leg), the male protagonist is bitten by a dog, the male protagonist is beaten by his elders, the male protagonist explodes negative news, etc.  Does the host choose to accept the task.]


Gu Han has been so troubled by recent developments that he almost forgot the existence of this disgusting thing called mad dog Zhou Kai.
The Zhou family is now a pot of porridge.
Old Zhou, who was the head of the family, This year, he has become a frequent visitor to the hospital because of his poor health, and his brothers rolled up their sleeves and prepared to fight for the family business except for a few little kids who were underage and did not graduate, elders, Zhou Kai and his four siblings were staring at the family business like wolves, although Zhou Kai was reluctant to show his true desire that doesn’t mean he would lose to win the battle to take over the company.
And looking at the old man’s health it would not be a peaceful family matter in private. 

(Translation note:- Pot of porridge:-  “porridge” means Very obvious or noticeable; very easy to understand.) 

Due to his past experience,  Gu Han knew that in the end, Zhou Kai would still win in this extremely ugly struggle, and at the same time, the dog would recede from his youthful innocence and completely turn into the ultimate mad dog who was wicked and unscrupulous.
To deal with this Gu Han does not have enough energy to resist the “male protagonist’s halo of wisdom”, and he does not dare to touch the male protagonist’s bottom line.
That dog Zhou Kai’s luck was good, otherwise, he would have directly added more trouble for his dearest nephew and made him grilled like bbq!     


Now is the critical period of the Zhou family’s struggle.
How can he be worthy of the boss, the villain title, if you don’t block the male protagonist at this time? Gu Han accepted the system task, he visualized the scene of Zhou Kai’s third leg being killed in action, and suddenly, a sinister smile slowly solidified on his face.
Pei Xian can sleep for 14 hours a day, counting to three immediately anytime, anywhere he would close his eyes.
How difficult would it be to put him to sleep? It’s like coaxing pigs to eat all day!!  

But what Boss Gu doesn’t know is that the task that seems to be very easy and simple would not be easily achieved.      

Gu Han confidently arrived home to complete a special task.
But the script which he had thought about was not going accordingly and things turned into a different look than he thought.

First attempt:- 

Gu Han sat on the sofa and spread his arms, “Does Pei Xian want to sleep?” Pei Xian ran over and threw himself in his arms and quickly found a comfortable position and stopped moving.      

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“Ufl…” Ktf tewjc ktb kjr aegcfv lcab j wjaagfrr qgfrrfv bc atf rboj ofii rlifca.     


Second attempt:- 

Xe Dbrr kjr cba rbwfbcf ktb kbeiv ulnf eq fjrlis.
Lf wfcajiis qgfqjgfv tlwrfio jcv kfca ab ibbx obg Ufl Wljc.
Lf yjcufv bc atf rbilv kbbv vlclcu ajyif jcv aegcfv ab ibbx ja atf ilaaif ues. 

“Pei Xian, come here and I’ll  put you to sleep.” 

Pei Xian, who was eating honeydew melon, was very dedicated to his work.
Went to sit at Boss Gu’s side and lay down on the table, “Mr.
Gu, I don’t need you to coax me to sleep.
If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you.”     


“Don’t sleep yet…” Before Gu Han could finish speaking, Pei Xian turned his head to the side.
He opened his mouth slightly and went to sleep.     


Under the system’s “Failure! Garbage!” prompt sound, the Gu Boss, who has been defeated repeatedly, mustered up the last courage to break into Pei Xian’s bedroom before going to bed, ready to fight for honor!    

Pei Xian saw that Gu Han had come to sleep.
He quickly opened the quilt, patted the mattress, and warmly welcomed the boss to sleep!

Gu Han, who was wearing home clothes tightly tied at the neckline, felt that the scene looked awkward no matter what, Pei Xian’s every move was like the owner of the house who opened the house and greeted the takeaway duck.
He leaned against the head of the bed, not daring to get into Pei Xian’s blanket, and pulled aside the thin blanket, “Pei Xian, can you listen to me honestly for ten minutes before going to sleep?”

“Yes, my husband, I will try my best.” Pei Xian begins to crawl and crawls dragging the quilt with him till he reaches Gu Han’s side and hugs the boss while snuggling against his warm waist. 

Boss Gu’s whole body trembled like he just received an electric shock, “You…what do you call me?”

“Husband!” Pei Xian looked up at him with sleepy eyes, “Mr.
Gu, You don’t like it? You can call me Husband too.” As he said this, the corners of Gu Han’s mouth had a strange curvature, and his whole body felt a little fluttering.
He felt his adrenal glands rush, and slowly put his hands around Pei Xian’s shoulders, “You, you call me one more time I want to hear it again.” 

Boss Gu was eagerly waiting for the little quail to call him husband.
But the answer he got from the little quail was evenly and steadily breathing, 

The little quail fell asleep wrapping his arms around the new warm pillow. 

Gu Han: “…” No, he can’t fail, whether he can kill the hero’s third leg, the victory or defeat would depend on tonight’s performance!

“Ancestor! I beg you! Please don’t fall asleep!” Gu Han hugged Pei Xian and shook him violently, shouting in despair.

Pei Xian was forced to wake up and rubbed his eyes with an innocent face, “Mr.
Gu has no motivation and can’t endure at all.”

“What do you want to do again? Say it!” Gu Han was going crazy. 

There was no smile on Pei Xian’s face as he licked his lips, but his eyes flickered with the light of a successful trick.
He broke free from Gu Han’s arms and jumped off the bed, and ran into the cloakroom, where there was a crackling sound.

Sitting blankly on the bedside, Gu Han had an ominous premonition in his heart.

In fact, Gu Boss is very kind to the little quail, and moved Pei Xian to the second floor to the big master bedroom with a walk-in closet, which is full of new clothes, from formal clothes to casual sports, even dresses.
Pei Xian even suspected that Gu Han had a special hobby and played with him like a Barbie doll.

Not long after, Pei Xian dragged out a sorting box from the cloakroom, dragged it directly in front of Gu Han, then took out the gold pen and notebook set of the Jeweled Cathedral, and held it in front of him, “Mr.
Gu’s sometimes extra earning can be very good.” 


Gu Han held his breath and almost passed out, covered his face with his hands, and forced out the word “OK” from between his teeth.


Pei Xian was very happy when he was successfully able to earn a bit more money.
The corner of his mouth slightly raised and he threw himself into Gu Han’s arms, “Mr.
Gu, you are such a good person, you are the best boss I have ever had! A lover who is so calm about this.
asking for money, even happy when giving it, this is probably the pinnacle of “pure and unaffected”. 

“Don’t sleep, I won’t pay you if you sleep!” Gu Han warned him. 

Pei Xian nodded his head like a pest, and he had already started counting the money in his heart.

When everything was ready.
Pei Xian stared at him with bright eyes, his lips were slightly pouty and cute, and the Yan dog who was sealed in Gu Han’s heart howled, unexpectedly forgetting to say anything.

The caring little lover found out that the boss had forgotten the words and said very kindly, “Mr.
Gu, why don’t you sing me a song, I love to hear you sing.” Uncle Lin had dug out many videotapes of Gu Han when he was young and let him look at them.
To his surprise Gu Boss doesn’t have a singing voice, he falls under the type that would make music lovers who would be dead within seconds of singing! As long as Gu Han sings a song, Pei Xian guarantees that he will never fall asleep, and by the way, he can also guarantee that he will not be able to fall asleep from No.
1 to No.
39 on Berlin Road!

Gu Han has a bit of self-awareness in this matter and he was not faltered by Pei Xian’s rainbow fart.
He smiled self-deprecatingly, “Forget it, I’m afraid you won’t be able to bear it with your small body.”  

“Hey, can you tell me about it?” Why are you so short of money?” GI Han asked suddenly.
Pei Xian was just nineteen years old, just the age to squander his youth.
When someone is a lover of second-generation masters, they would spend money on buying famous bags, watches, luxury cars, and mansions.
Yet Pei Xian was the opposite of what he had seen.  Is he being forced by someone at home? Boss Gu was genuinely a little worried, this kid albeit he was a bit heartless sometimes still he is a good seed. 

This time, Pei Xian got stuck dumb, he couldn’t tell Gu Han that he was saving money to run away.
It’s a pity that all the material things can’t be taken away, so the inky thing you can easily run away with is cash, right?

“Well…” Pei Xian hesitated and perfunctorily said, “How long can I work part-time, one has to live to be seventy or eighty years old, of course, it takes a lot of money.”

The sleep light bulb in the bedroom was dim, creating an ambiguous environment.  

Gu Han looked at Pei Xian’s thin neck.
Suddenly he felt a little distressed, “Nei…I’ll buy you a million-dollar comprehensive pension insurance.
Don’t worry about those.
Even If you live to ninety-nine I will guarantee that you will be well taken care of.”

“Huh???” Pei Xian could hardly believe his ears, this is too deceiving, isn’t it? No wonder you were bankrupt, you’re a money-losing boy, bro! He raised his head and hugged this fool sincerely, he was too stupid, “Mr.
Gu, you are so kind (silly).”

“Hey… If you have milk, you are a mother, and if you have money, you are a father.
You think I don’t know, right?” Gu Han hugged back his little quail and patted his back for a while, and complained silently in his heart, “Forget it, who made you my power bank, I’ll spoil you till the day I die.”

Pei Xian leaned against his shoulder and closed his eyes and sighed.“Aside from being dumbfounded and blind, the villain Gu didn’t do anything in this book that hurts the world.
When I save a lot of money to avoid the mad dog, I will support you when you’re down in the future, so now please let me make more money to support you.
And don’t you dare to give money to that Xiao Yuhang! He won’t take care of you! Idiot!”  

The two harmoniously hugged each other for a while, Gu Han looked at his watch and noticed that ten minutes had passed, “Want to sleep?”

…” Pei Xian was a bit confused.
But he didn’t ponder on the unusual behaviour of Gu Han.
He puts his chin to rub against Gu Han’s shoulder. 

Gu, I’m going to sleep first… Whatever you want to do while I’m sleeping you can do it, I don’t mind.”


Gu Han gently stuffed the little quail back into the quilt.
“Thank you for your kind consideration, but unfortunately I don’t have that kind of special hobby.”

“Caring for the villain’s IQ system” task settlement:


[The host successfully completed the system task and obtains the male lead’s unlucky package once, and the male lead will be randomly punished, please check within 10 days for reward results.

“Oye!” Gu Han put on a victorious pose beside the bed.
It wasn’t long before cold water poured on his happiness.
When he realised an arduous task in front of him, how to trick the little quail back home?! 

In addition, how can he stop his mother from stewing them in the old soup and eating them like noodles. 

Pei Xian, who was beside him, slept in a daze, completely unaware of the storm waiting for him. 

Boss Gu touched Pei Xian’s soft hair one more time before turning off the lights.
He went out alone in the silent corridor.

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