Ch3 – Third day of pampering


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Pei Xian, a lamb, Gu Han, a bully, and an old housekeeper’s farce finally came to an end.




The embarrassment of Gu Han, the discomfort of Lin Shu, and the confusion of Pei Xian made them avoid each other at dinner time.  



The auntie had to divide the dinner into three portions and send it to them in their respective rooms.


Pei Xian was full of sleepiness, the soft fur material beneath him didn’t help a lot instead, made him even more drowsy. 



While withering on the sofa and nibbling rice on the table full of delicacies, he slowly sank into his thoughts.



After the transmigration, the situation was not in his favor.  


Zhou Kai was angry and jealous. 


If Pei Xian ever went to the male protagonist who turned out to be a crazy dog.
That the dog would never let him go, he would be doomed forever. 


As for the villain Gu Han, it is inevitable for him to become more and more mentally handicapped in the future.


And sooner or later he would be fucked up pretty badly by Zhou Kai. 


In addition, Xiao Yuhang, the fake white lotus in the original book, will soon return to China. 



This guy was the perfect definition of what you’d call a spendthrift. 


After Xia Yuhang’s investment flop.
He would return to China to spend Gu Han’s money on literary films, and then he would use more of Gu Han’s money to shop. 


Forget about 30 million when he comes back, Gu Han will not even lend him 30 cents! 


Pei Xian closed his eyes and started biting his nails. 


Although he was never been obsessed with money, that doesn’t mean he should live an abstinence lifestyle. 


Nor does he wants to take part in this strange novel.


He just wanted to use the money to run somewhere far from this chaos and find a happy and comfortable lifestyle!  


A 19-year-old body with 30 million deposits. 


Adding that to his investment ability, it was enough to try everything he did not dare to do in his previous life, and not repeat the mistakes he reaped during his initial years. 


What a satisfied and remarkable life he could live.



Anyway, he did not want this money nor did he want the handsome but blind Gu Han, who would give all of his money to Xiao Yuhang, a fake white lotus! 


Just the thought of it makes his blood boil!!


Pei Xian clasped his hands on his chest. 


Quickly he fell into contemplation and soon he curated a two-meter-long list in his head. 


The list was filled up with what he wanted to do, and where he wanted to go. 


Just going through the list, Pei Xian felt a sense of pleasure and comfort. 


Turns out, these emotions were called bliss and satisfaction. 


His expressionless-poker face slowly turned into a small smile.


Gu Han took out the contract that was just drafted by a lawyer. 


He came into the room and thought that Pei Xian might be sleeping on the sofa again.



So he walked around lightly as if he didn’t want to scare Pei Xian to death. 


Suddenly his eyes fell on the little quail who was sleeping with his hands on his chest, and a wide smile on his face.




He looked like he died in peace….


Gu Han tried to slowly place his trembling finger under Pei Xian’s nose. 


When he senses evidence of hot air.


 Gu Han felt like crying with joy and relief.
How would he not be worried about the small battery? He must be perfectly fine at all times! After all, his IQ was at stake. 


Pei Xian was awakened by the sound. 


He reluctantly opened his eyes, only to meet Gu Han’s loving and kind gaze.   


Loving and kind gaze!!? What happened to him?!



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Gu Han cleared his throat.
“Sit down,” he said. 


“Pa lr jybea er, et … Qf rtbeiv rluc jc jugffwfca.”


Gfrqlaf Xe Ljc cba mbwweclmjalcu wemt klat Ufl Wljc yfobgf, tf xcfk j yla jybea Ufl Wljc atgbeut ubrrlq atja mlgmeijafv lc atf rfmbcv-ufcfgjalbc mlgmif.  


Ufl Wljc kjr jc jvbqafv mtliv jcv tlr ojwlis mbcvlalbcr kfgf qbbg. 


Lf rajgafv kbgxlcu ja atf juf bo rlzaffc ab reqqbga tlwrfio olcjcmljiis jcv kjr ygbeuta ogbw atf yjg ys Itbe Bjl.  


This kind of child, except for money, what else could he have used to lure him in? 


Zhou Kai couldn’t hold Pei Xian without pulling out his money first. 


Gu Han pushed the contract in front of Pei Xian.


 “30 million, not a penny less.
But this deal is valid as long as you are obedient.” 


Pei Xian sat upright and nodded softly at Gu Han. 



As if portraying his well-behaved demeanor to the man. 


Gu Han looked at him carefully. 


He once said that Pei Xian looked a bit like Xiao Yuhang.
Even Uncle Lin felt that Pei Xian was just a stand-in for Xiao Yuhang. 

But in his heart, Gu Han never really saw the shadow of Xiao Yuhang on Pei Xian. 


There was no one better at mooching off people than Xiao Yuhang.


His trick was always the same– “act pitiful in front of people and once they lose their heart to you, begin leaching them off”


Once Xiao Yuhang got what he wanted he would leave people like old garments.
Even his smile was pretentious and planned.


In contrast with Xiao Yuhang, who was an abyss of desire, Pei Xian, who just quoted 30 million, seemed more like a little angel, OK?


Pei Xian’s face was tender and he still looked as gentle and pure as a young boy. 


Even though he wasn’t that old, he always wore a poker face.
But that couldn’t hide his attractiveness in the slightest.
His eyes were small, his nose was small and straight, his upper lip was slightly seductive, and his lips were soft.
One which makes you want to take a bite. 



Despite his poker face, if one looks with great attention they would have a glimpse of gentleness and delicateness and sometimes even aggressiveness on his face. 


Whenever Gu Han looked at Pei Xian’s face, there was a feeling of solace and warmth.


Gu, is my salary prepaid or monthly? Is there a performance appraisal? And how will the final payment be done?” 


Pei Xian asked casually when he was going through the contract.


Is this a human talking? 


Gu Han was so angry that he couldn’t wait to slap Pei Xian and perish him into the soup bowl! 


What little lover? He didn’t know what he was thinking when he hired a babysitter!


“As long as I’m happy you can do whatever you want, for example, please me.” 


Gu Han slowly unbuttoned his neckline and leaned on the sofa, as he attempted to get Pei Xian, the babysitter into the role of the small lover.


Pei Xian was stunned at first but felt relieved rather quickly.
He didn’t care anymore and yearned to let himself go and partake in worldly pleasures. 



Gu Han, who has money and identity.
He has everything.
He has a great face and incredible buttocks.
And even pays you to sleep with him!


There was no reason to refuse!!


But there was one minor issue: he lacked experience.


Sitting next to Gu Han, his brain was blank, he didn’t know if he should move his mouth first or be still. 


After being dumbfounded and holding back for a long time, he rushed to the glorious-proud boss Gu and licked the corner of his mouth.




Gu Han was stiff for ten seconds. 


Being completely stupefied he asks, “Do I seem like an ice cream to you?”


When Pei Xian heard that, he knew that the journey to 30 million was going to be a real struggle. 


Gu, although this field isn’t exactly of my expertise, the original intention of hiring me should be that I look like Mr.
Xiao, right? We should just look past the minor details and focus on the real essence.”





Gu Han was utterly speechless. 


This young brat makes fucking good sense!


Pei Xian looked at Gu Han with a red face, he aimed to seize 30 million.


With a clear goal in his mind, he patted Gu Han’s thin chest.
“If you are particularly concerned about technical issues, Mr.
Gu, I can learn those!”


This was just too much for Gu Han to bear it.


“You two don’t look alike at all! You both are poles apart. 


Xiao Yuhang was taller than you, you aren’t even as long as his legs! Xiao Yuhang’s eyes can provoke one, while yours always sting.


Xiao Yuhang hates people talking and only sees the price tag on everyone.
You dare to compare! I wonder, in what world are you like Xiao Yuhang!?”


You … You are far better than him. Gu Han added in his heart.



Gu, I’m very sorry for the terrible experience.” 


Pei Xian looked at him very seriously and talked from the bottom of his heart. 


“Although I’m fake, I’m cheap.
As long as 30 million are at stake, I can’t afford to bear a loss.
Not to be mentioned, act like a fool.”




Gu Han felt like he would be crying from anger at any moment now.


He roughly grabbed the contract and turned to the last page in outrage.


“Sign, and go to bed after signing! One more sentence and I will deduct your salary!”


Pei Xian shut up entirely and quickly signed.


Then ignoring Gu Han who was red like an apple, he climbed into the bed and got under the quilt.


After getting into a comfortable position he switched off all the lights in the room.



Leaving the glorious-proud boss Gu speechless, who could only grit his teeth in the darkness.


“You are so obedient!”


“Caring for Villain IQ System” Update Tips:


[Please read the following tips for the official system to go online:

The host can naturally maintain the IQ level of general events. Hosts’ participation in protagonist-related events will still cause a decline in IQ. The host can complete system tasks to accumulate energy, which will protect the IQ in the protagonist-related events. The higher the energy accumulation in the system, the stronger the ability to resist the male protagonist’s “Intelligence-Reducing Halo” Please take care of the battery, protect the battery, and pity the battery]


Gu Han’s rebirth made him learn all the pits and tricks that Zhou Kai had dug for him.


But unfortunately, his IQ level was unstable.
If the temporary system was out of power, he would not be able to handle even the company’s general affairs.


Now that he has found Pei Xian, this at least ensures that his daily work will not be negatively affected.


According to the story, the Zhou family was not quite good now. 


Zhou Kai will shortly be dragged into a family struggle. 


During this time, he will not find time to deal with Gu Han. 



While the other party’s house is on fire, Gu Han was determined to go all out to complete the system tasks.


The next morning Gu Han was awakened by a system prompt.


“Caring for the Villain’s IQ System” release task:


[Please complete the task– “Make XianXian happy by spending money on him”.
The task is valid for twelve hours.
The energy reward would be based on XianXian’s level of happiness.
The current system energy is 0.
Caring for XianXian is everyone’s responsibility! 】


“What kind of crap is this ‘Caring for the Villain IQ System’? 


Your name should rather be ‘Pei Xian’s ass licking system’ ” 


Gu Han walked out of the room and cursed the system to his heart’s content while brushing his teeth.


“Caring for the Villain IQ System” tips:


[Abusive system behavior is detected by the host, one unit of system energy is deducted, and the current system energy is -1.
Caring for XianXian is everyone’s responsibility! 】





Gu Han, with his hands trembling from anger, puts his electric toothbrush next to the sink.


He died before he could succeed!


Pei Xian probably has the most powerful drowsiness gene in the world. 


He sleeps for fourteen hours a day, not too different from a koala.


Mainly, it was because of the lifestyle Pei Xian has maintained throughout his previous life.
His body and his soul had never been relaxed like this.
He felt so liberated for the first time in his life.


He just wished to sleep until he aged.


Uncle Lin was always worried that Pei Xian would die in his sleep due to a lack of nutrition.  


So the old housekeeper had to drag Pei Xian to the dining table by force.


Pei Xian sat opposite Gu Han with soft hair tips still slightly wet and half-opened eyes.


Gu is here today.”



Gu Han, who was wearing a suit and leather shoes, finished his breakfast.


“Yesterday I forgot to give you some pocket money.
Go out and buy some apparel and shoes, maybe buy a popular car.
If you stand beside me looking too shabby like this, I will just become a laughing stock.” 


He then took out a black-gold card and slid it over the table, 


“Use my card, and I’ll ask the secretary to open a supplementary card for you in two days.”


Pei Xian took the card.
He saw a familiar card that once he too had with him.
It was an unlimited black card.


In theory, if he wants, he could lead Gu Han to bankruptcy. 


But does a substitute even have such high treatment? 


Pei Xian was skeptical.

Could it be that he was testing me?


Gu, you are such a philanthropist.
But I have nothing to purchase for the time being.
I will buy something after the supplementary card is ready.”  


Pei Xian decided to take the role of a qualified little lover who knows his limits, has ideals, and is a responsible person.



“Go shopping this afternoon.
And what’s with this saintly attitude? If you don’t buy anything, there will be deductions!”  


Gu Han was too lazy to fight anymore with him.




Pei Xian, who was forced to spend money, was completely confused, but on the surface, he continued to calmly flutter Gu Han, as usual.


Gu, you are such a good man.” 




Gu Han sneered and muttered in his heart. 


“Good man? Did you say the same thing to that bastard Zhou Kai?”


Gu Han got up early and decided to go to the company sooner.  


Even while leaving the house, he didn’t forget to remind Pei Xian again. 



“I asked the driver to take you in the afternoon and help you to carry things.” 


Pei Xian nodded obediently.


He suddenly remembered something and hurriedly runs over to Gu Han 


Once he was near the man, he raised his hands stiffly and hugged the mentally retarded boss.


He awkwardly put his small head on Gu Han’s shoulder.  


Gu drive slowly, and be careful on the road.”


Gu Han was very tall, with a height of 1.87 meters while Pei Xian was smaller than 1.80 meters. 


Even when the height discrepancy between the two was huge, they still appeared harmonious.


Pei Xian’s intense expression and his voice sounded stranger than usual. 


Still, it was warm. 



“Thank you.
Also, I have a driver so you don’t need to worry.”  


Gu Han broke the hug and yanked him away like a stray animal. 


“Are you secretly watching erotic dramas at night?” 


Pei Xian tilted his head and thought, “Mr.
Gu, I’m learning from watching ‘The Law of Mistress’”


“Uncle Lin!” 


Gu Han aggressively took Pei Xian to the old housekeeper. 


“This cub is not yet twenty-one.
Please put an age restriction on the TV.” 


Pei Xian: “…”

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