Ch1 – First day of pampering

The silent recovery room was shiningly white, and only the cold equipment made a harsh alarm sound.
Si Yang’s life has entered the countdown, and the god of death stood at the head of the bed, and it seemed that he could see the cold light beam from the scythe. 


The doctors and nurses exchanged glances, the last time there were some relatives there.  But at this time, Si Yang could only walk quietly by himself.
The relatives of the Si family are fighting hard for money and power, and they have no time to take care of the maker of money and power, Si Yang, who has come to the end of his life.




Si Yang’s parents died very early, and his grandfather who lost his son was extremely strict with him.
He cultivated into such a perfect machine that would not rest or complain and was firm and decisive and would support the glory and the prosperity of the family.  This was all his life was about no more no less, the end.


At this point, Si Yang had long lost control of his consciousness and was withdrawn in the air, overlooking the cold and harsh world in which he wandered for 28 years.



He was rich beyond any avarice but still can’t exchange his life.
He has the envy of everyone, but when it was time for him to leave, no one was on his side.
What accompanied him through this painful treatment was a stinky and long third-rated novel, which was pathetic and ridiculous.



What if there is an afterlife?

Like being a teenager wantonly waking down in the streets, talking about a sour and sweet love, making three or five lost friends, finding a job from nine to five, raising a well-behaved big dog, and maybe adopting a child in Chaoyang.
It would be much better to live like that rather than to live life in vain.



“Beep ——” The electrocardiogram was drawn in a straight line.
So Yang silently said goodbye to the world and he wished to never see it again! 


Si Yang felt himself turning into a floating cloud, which was blown away into the distance, and gradually dispersed.
Unexpectedly the air added force, like falling straight from the sky, and instantly his soul seemed to be smashed into a jar and buzzing.


He had a slight illusion.
as if he felt the heart beating in a panic, the carotid arteries were whirring, his hands and feet were numb and stiff, the pores were dilated, and then his whole body was dripping with sweat.   


Si Yang hesitated for a long time and slowly opened his eyes.
He felt as if he was in an abyss! 


The beetle-like cars underfoot were woven like a weave, and the headlights, streetlights, and spotlights were connected, making people dizzy. 


The soul falling from the sky was so weak that it looked like a ball of cotton.



Si Yang looked at the soft arms outside the high-rise window and slipped.
It seems that he will be in the arms of the void in the next second. 


“Xianxian, Will you come down first?” Anxiously and a calm voice came from behind him.


Si Yang leaned on his side with a throbbing head slowly, “what is this place?” 


The man saw him reacting slightly and stepped forward two steps quietly, “Xianxian, I’m not mad at you anymore, let’s go home first.
Are you okay?’


The limbs slowly warmed up, Si Yang felt the hot pain in his eyes, and the tears spewed out like a flood at the opening of the gate.
He wiped his face and his feet again. 


“Pei Xian!” Exclaimed the handsome man in a suit and leather shoes, “I promise you, I won’t give you to Gu Han! You will always stay with me, will you come down?”


Ah?” Consciousness gradually After returning to the cage, Si Yang, whose soul and body were so weak that he didn’t even have the strength to make a dazed expression 


But he realized that he was standing by the window of a twenty-story high-rise building, and there was a risk of falling at any time.
He had to leave immediately, but his limb was so stiff that he could hardly make any major movements.


“Who am I? Where is this? What the hell happened?” Si Yang asked in a dizzy voice.
He wanted to at least avoid falling.
He slowly squatted down and grabbed the window sideways.      


No one explained what was happening, because soon there was a greater commotion in the corridor. 



A dozen of black suit bodyguards rushed up and broke a road in the crowded corridor.
A handsome and charming man with a sullen look walked slowly forward with firm steps. 


“Gu … Uncle Gu?” Zhou Kai’s pale face turned a little awkward.


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Zhou Kai’s young man succeeded in his family business, but his performance was mediocre, and his brothers were like tigers.
Recently, Gu Han got the core Dadiwang project in the urban area.  


Zhou Kai tried to get a joint development quota by taking advantage of the relationship between three thousand miles.


When the two playful sons were chatting, Gu Han was bored and praised Pei Xian for his good looks, exaggerating that Pei Xian grew well and looked like Xiao Yuhang from the side. 


The speaker was unintentionally speaking and the listener was intentionally listening.
Zhou Kai knew that Gu Han had chased after Xiao Yuhang when he was a teenager, and his unrequited love lasted for more than ten years.
He was eager to achieve success.
So he wanted to give Pei Xian to Gu Han as a gift.


“Gu, Gu, Uncle Gu, it’s not… you don’t…” The filth was stopped by one icy look from his uncle.  


Zhou Kai’s duping Pei Xian to force play with him.
Gu Han sneered, then he turned around slowly to face the shivering Pei Xian. 



His looks were impressive, but he was soft, weak and thin, and like a little quail with no hair.  


Zhou Kai was not afraid.
How boring!


The “Caring for Villain IQ System”  issues an orange alert: 


[System battery “Pei Xian” is in place of the risk of falling from high altitude.
Please use the correct method to insert the battery as soon as possible.


“Well, it’s troublesome!” Gu Han murmured, frowning and walking forward without caring. 


“Gu Han! Are you trying to force him to death?” Zhou Kai roared furiously.
He was so angry that his neck turned red.


Gu Han walked three steps before stopping a little away from Pei Xian, and a harsh sentence spoke out from between his teeth, “Zhou Kai, don’t you feel ashamed, you don’t understand why he was hanging there?” 


There was no sound in the corridor, and the surrounding air lost its flow as if condensed together.


Si Yang, whose brain was running at a low speed due to the suffocation, fully understood that he had passed through! That third-rate novel he was reading during his treatment.  


And somehow he had become Pei Xian, the little cannon fodder that died at the beginning.



The 19-year-old Pei Xian in the book thought that as long as he hugged Zhou Gongzi’s thigh, he could turn a crow into a phoenix.  


Who knows, the rich only think of him as a plate of snacks, and don’t blink an eye when it’s time to give it away.


He couldn’t convince Zhou Kai, whose heart was so hard-hearted even when he cried, made a fuss, and even lied about being pregnant.  


He finally took out his trump card and eventually committed suicide in the hospital when he was forced into marriage.


But the current him didn’t want to fall, unfortunately, he passed into a “would rather die than yield” situation.     


They were in a plot where logic had left long ago. 


After Pei Xian’s death, Zhou Kai ignored his shameless behavior of forcing himself to marry Gu Han.  


Instead, Zhou Kai blamed Pei Xian’s death black pot firmly on Gu Han’s head, and an unlucky uncle Gu was branded as the villain boss. 


Surrounded by Zhou Kai’s blinding male aura and tricks, he couldn’t help but end up being tricked. 


The whole storyline was like a wild dog with a prolapsed anus. 



Si Yang remembers the strange plot in the book and falls into deep contemplation. 


On the other hand, 


“Caring for Villain IQ System” keeps issuing red warnings: 


[Please host quickly insert the battery, otherwise, your IQ will be irresponsible and quickly decrease under the interference of the male protagonist’s “Intelligence Reduction Halo”.


Gu Han supported his forehead, and was urged by the system to speak, “Little brat, you understand what happened today? I, Gu Han, am far richer, more handsome, and have a much bigger company than my eldest nephew, and not to forget I’m more sensible and nice.
Let’s get together, Do you want to try it?”  


“In addition …” He pointed his figure towards the young master Zhou Kai who was busy being furious. 


“You have to call me uncle when you follow him, and he has to call you uncle if you follow me.”  


Zhou Kai was shocked. 


He suddenly flared into the blood and rushed up and yelled “Xian Xian, don’t listen to his nonsense! Come home with me!”      





For the first time in his life, Si Yang wanted to swear.  


There was a blackened protagonist, a mentally handicapped villain, who will get a fucking proposition when he hits the ground!    


Wait … this seems different from the original, why was Gu Han at the scene? However, this retarded villain was obsessed with Xiao Yuhang, and he cares about nothing or anyone.
He seemed to play Zhou Kai to death.  


Still, it was better than the frustrated and distorted male lead, easy to get rid of.


Si Yang, struggling to keep their brain running, finally raised his head, his pale face was expressionless, and three words were spat out like mosquitoes:  


“30 million …”


Gu Han understood for a second, “Deal! Rest assured, I will take care of you and the cubs in your stomach!” 


He had long known that Pei Xian was lying and pregnant to convince the disgusting Zhou Kai.


“Pei Xian! You are so willing to fall for the money!”  


Zhou kai, who has turned into a spot of fluorescent green.
He behaved like he was given a green hat. 



Pei Xian stood trembling by the window, his voice was weak and his face was calm.  


“Funny …I am only picturing you underneath.”


“Hahaha!” Gu Han laughed and applauded, the cub was quite interesting to speak with. 


Pei Xian’s eyes slowly turned to him, hum, the idiot smiled pretty well, “Come here, hold me down.”


Gu Han: “…” 


The person who can order a Gu boss in this world was not yet born. 


But for the sake of the “humanoid battery”, Gu Han decides to forgive him temporarily. 


He walked to the window sill, wrapped his long pale arms around Pei Xian’s thin waist, and carried him over his shoulder like he was carrying a fancy pocket.


Pei Xian: “…” 


Pei Xian was dizzy with his head turned upside down and he almost fainted again.



“Caring for Villain IQ System” continued to issue a red alert: 


[The battery is inserted incorrectly and cannot be charged! The battery is inserted incorrectly and cannot be charged! 】


“This fucking thing still needs 

 a standard way? 


Can it be only charged by contact?” Gu Han stopped, and put Pei Xian on his shoulders carefully down on his chest.


[The battery is inserted incorrectly and cannot be charged! The battery is inserted incorrectly and cannot be charged! 】


The system warning remains.


Gu Han had to drop Pei Xian, who had softened into noodles again, and scratched his head anxiously, pondering for a while, and suddenly he carried Pei Xian into princess style and hugged Pei Xian firmly to his chest.


[The battery has been inserted correctly.
The temporary system is charging.
Please keep it connected.


“It’s true, he has to hold him like this?” 



Gu Han sighed and continued to hug Pei Xian, like a live bandit who robbed and did not want anyone to steal his treasure.


He was followed by a bodyguard in black.


Pei Xian’s soul was already weak and frightened by this scene.
He pinched Gu Han’s collar tightly and laid his head on Gu Han’s solid and warm chest. 


Soon he found a comfortable place and fell asleep quietly.


In the corridor, only Zhou Kai, who was like boiling water,  jumped in place and cursed loudly.


 “Pei Xian! I am telling you, you will regret it! Regret it!”

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