The True Demon Kings

Trimiya\'s New Residence

After traveling for 45 minutes, right in front of them was a magnificent house. Trimiya, who saw that, was very happy and immediately entered the house, because he was sure that it was him new home.

”Trimiya! Don !! ”

Ganesha shouted for Trimiya in a panic.

”Haha- huh? whats wrong?? ”

The area around Trimiya became a tiny magic particle that glowed and then disappeared.

”Huh, whats that? ”

Yato and Ganesha rushed towards Trimiya in panic.

”Trimiya! Are you all right? ”

Said Ganesha with a frightened face.

”Huh? did something happen? ”

Ganesha was relieved when she saw that nothing had happened to Trimiya.

”Humph, thank goodness you
e okay, you don seem to be affected by the trap. ”

Trimiya was just confused.

”Trap? What magic is that? ”

Ganesha also explained the traps around the house.

”The trap that vanished just now was a magic that can teleport a person anywhere, similar to magic but this is different, it only teleports an object and can teleport the person using that magic. ”

Note: magic is a magic that can move objects or other people anywhere depending on where the user can move it, and it is different from magic which can only move the user.

magic? Ah… I guess I haven told you guys, even moving requires permission. ”

Ganesha was confused, but Yato was just silent and like someone who was sleepwalking.

”Permission? Are you using someone elses body as a vessel and need permission from the bodys owner if you want to move it? ”

Trimiya shook her head and smiled.

”No, Im not using someone elses body container, its just that there is a concept that doesn give me a limit in movement. ”

”So you
e saying if you
e not bound by that concept, you can even go anywhere you want? Its like everywhere. ”

”Exactly, therefore when Im bound by this concept, I can even move as I please, because it needs the permission of the one who created the concept. ”

It crossed Ganeshs mind that someone who could create a concept was not just anyone and was at the level of the Creator.

”Humph, luckily.. Otherwise, youd never come back once you were in absolute nothingness when hit by that trap. ”

Trimiya only smiled.

”Haha, if I really wasn attached to this concept, it would be even more impossible for me to fall into such a trap, since I can be anywhere I want. ”

Ganesha finally understood from Trimiyas words, a concept that bound him whether Trimiya was bound by that concept or not, Trimiya still could not be moved.

”Its terrible, this is the first time I meet someone who has abilities beyond my common sense. ”

”Ah… its just a matter of course, if I wasn bound by that concept, it would be more advantageous for me, since theres no need to walk and theres even no need to use magic. ”

The standing Ganesha immediately sat down with the words of Trimiya, a terrible creature that could be like God and be everywhere if Trimiya was not bound by concepts and was shocked when hearing Trimiyas words saying that it was just an ordinary thing.

”I don understand your terrible ability at all, I don know why Im so shocked like this… Like when I know the existence of the Creator…. ”

”Ah, brother is exaggerating to think of me as the Creator, don even think about it. I really want to see my new room! ”

When Trimiya wanted to run into the house and catch up with Yato who was sleepwalking, he stopped when he saw Ganesha still kneeling and frightened, Trimiya approached Ganesha.

”Older sister, don overthink it, thats no good because humans wouldn have been able to understand me in the first place and would already be beyond human logic. ”

Ganesha shed his tears and looked at Trimiya.

”I… am so scared, anyone would be scared when they know the real you who is even like the Creator and… If that person is that evil, it won just be the living beings in this world who will eliminate it, even the entire world. ”

Trimiya with a confused face even when he saw Ganesha who was suddenly crying, immediately used a snap of her finger and Ganesha fell asleep.

”I think this is the best way, I don know what to do anymore. ”

Trimiya who didn need to chant in the first place and could instantly use him mind performed him magic and was directly inside the mansion.

”This looks like Ganeshs room. ”

When he saw the room full of womens equipment, he realized that it belonged to Ganesha and immediately used magic to return to where Ganesha was. In the blink of an eye, Yato saw Ganesha in his room.

”Humph, its time I room that suits me. ”

After Trimiya used magic and magic together, he saw Yato who was still walking around like he was sleeping with his sleepy eyes ignoring whatever Trimiya was doing.

”Did my magic also affect Yato? But didn I only use it on one target, I guess I did, because I put a limit on my magic and it didn affect Yato that much. ”

The first assumption was wrong from Trimiya, Trimiya assumed that Yato was affected by her magic and did not realize that Yato was actually not affected, because since the trip Yato was very tired and sleepy.

”Ah, this fits. ”

Trimiya saw that there was a room that had a window on the side and thought it was perfect for her to relax with a view of the mountain.

”Perfect, this fits really well, looks like I should sleep too even though I didn really need it in the first place. Ah, while its my wish Ill try to sleep. ”

From the beginning, Trimiya didn need rest because he had unlimited magical energy, when Trimiya fell asleep because he wanted to sleep, he was immediately in another world.

When Trimiya saw himself in another world, he realized that it was a dream world created by the Creator. When a creature sleeps, the creature will be able to dream from their imagination.

”Hmm, I feel like Im not sleeping or imagining, its like reality because I can control my body. ”

Note: Trimiya can control him body, as normally when a being is dreaming they will not be able to move their body and seem to be watching themselves moving.

When Trimiya was there, he pinched him cheeks and felt nothing, immediately saw a girl who looked like Ganesh and rushed to her.

”Is there something going on with you? ”

Trimiya was shocked when he saw it was Ganesha.

”What! So I was in Ganeshs dream. ”

Trimiya immediately hugged Ganesha, who was scared and crying, because he knew that Ganesha was still thinking about this problem even in a dream, then said.

”Don worry, a creature that has abilities like the Creators isn as evil as you think. ”

Ganesha immediately hugged Trimiya and cried even more.

”Ar- are you sure? Hes not some evil creature? ”

”Take it easy, look now he is on your side and already considers you and Yato to be his own parents. ”

Trimiya let go of him hug and saw Ganeshas face, then said.

”You as parents don need to be afraid of your own children, you have to educate and set an example for your children. ”

When Ganesha heard those words, he immediately stopped crying.

”Ive become a failed parent, because I showed myself being frightened by Trimiya. ”

”No, you still haven failed, humans often make mistakes and thats normal. So, you don have to feel like youve failed just by making one mistake. ”

Ganesha immediately stood in his place, then wiped his tears and said.

”Looks like you
e right, I still haven failed, this time I will do my best for Trimiya and I have to justify whatever happens when something doesn make sense anymore, which Trimiya will do in the future!! ”

Ganesha immediately disappeared and disappeared from his dream and woke up, she was very surprised when she was already in his bed.

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