The True Demon Kings

The Inevitable Fight

have an infinite amount of magic power and whoever does the dying, whatever ability he has even knowledge too, will be yours.)

The voice of the creature that was itself disappeared.

”The knowledge and abilities I gained from the fallen angel are quite useful. ”

Trimiya was able to use the ability possessed by the fallen angel and she used it to keep the magic aura out of her body.

”It turns out that he has this ability… so all this time she was deliberately releasing him magic aura. ”

Trimiya was just testing the abilities of the fallen angel one by one.

”Even this ability he has, what a creature! ”

Trimiya took out two black wings from him body and made a spell as she revived the living creatures that died due to her magic aura including Yato and Ganesha.

”Where is this? Is this heaven? ”

”Welcome back Yato… Ganesh. ” Trimiya smiled and let out her tears.

”So its like that… I understand now, it turns out that you are an angel who picked us up to heaven. Its only fitting that you are not like ordinary humans. ” Yato.

Trimiya laughed when he heard from Yatos words who thought that he was dead and in heaven. Trimiya then explained what happened.

”Actually you have risen from the dead, because I revived you and all the living things I killed. ”

”So thats it, we
e not in heaven yet. What!!! we rose from the dead, how do you have abilities that go against the laws of that world? ” Ganesha and Yato opened their eyes and mouths wide, shocked to learn that they had risen from the dead.

”I got this from the fallen angel I killed. ”

Yato wondered what happened to the fallen angel and asked.

”So what happened to that angel? Why didn he rise from the dead too? ”

”That angel was able to live because he wasn a living being like me to begin with, even though I was able to restore his True Nature that I completely wiped out. I would still never want to revive her. ”

Ganesha, confused as to what Trimiya was talking about, asked him.

”True Nature? I don know what you mean, is it a soul? ”

Trimiya shook his head and explained what True Nature was from the knowledge he had gained from the fallen angel.

”What is called ”Soul ”, actually never existed. The soul is just a name used to complement the psychic aspect of an individual. Instead, there is something called ”True Nature ”. True Nature is an abstract concept that makes up the body of an individual and underlies and sustains its existence. True Nature, too, resides deep within, making it impossible to interact with True Nature normally. True Nature has the same form as the individual it forms. When True Nature ceases to exist, the individual will also cease to exist, because what sustains its existence no longer exists. However, True Nature is actually no longer tied to the individual. So, when the individual ceases to exist, True Nature will not cease to exist. ”

Yato and Ganesh were even more confused and opened their mouths wide again.

”I don understand what you mean and what that knowledge is! Even in the human world it hasn been studied. ”

”Yeah… I can only know it from the knowledge of the fallen angel I killed. ”

”You have an extraordinary ability! That would be the rarest magic, you can copy someones ability and that alone qualifies as dangerous magic! ” said Ganesha.

”So… what knowledge do you know from gaining that knowledge and ability? ” Yato asked Trimiya something.

”Nothing special it seems, just being able to restore the True Nature that vanished and being able to know what happened in the other world. ”

Yato and Ganesha were even more surprised and couldn believe the ability.

”Knowing whats going on in the other world is what you call an unspecial ability!!! ” Ganesha.

”What an unusual ability!!! can you know whats in the other world? ” Yato.

”Not everything like the past and future, nor do I know the lore of other worlds just what happens, like great tragedies and which worlds will be destroyed. ”

”I thought you would know the knowledge of other worlds magic, it turns out that it won be beneficial for me who wants to obtain rare magic and become famous, haha. ” Yato burst out laughing.

”Well… if you have such a dimensional traveler you will be able to go there to know and learn magic techniques, because this world has an infinite number. ”

Yato who heard that felt very improbable and became gloomy and Trimiya descended to the ground and removed his wings, then they continued their journey to Trimiyas new residence.

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