The True Demon Kings

The Inevitable Fight

After traveling for 15 minutes. Unexpectedly, their journey was stopped by a creature that had a physical body similar to a human. However, it had a magic aura that always came out of its body.

”Wait… I feel something, like, no, its not human. ”

Trimiya when listening to Ganeshas words only replied.

”Oh… I felt that too. I thought it was just normal for you guys, so I just kept quiet. ”

Ganesha was surprised to hear that Trimiya, who was still a child, could feel the aura of magic which was clearly not yet learned by a child who had a physical body like children at the age of 12 in general.

”What!!! Trimiya… You can sense someones magic aura, do you have high grades at the Magic Academy? ”

”Magic Academy? Ive never been there. But I know what it is. ”

Yato was silent as he listened to their words, as he was frozen and frightened by the intimidating aura emitted by the creature. Which he alone was not frightened by the aura of Trimiya when they first met. But it was different with this creature that could make him feel so scared that he froze and broke out in cold sweat.

”What are you saying from earlier… don you feel anything strange from that magic aura? ”

”Feel strange? I don feel anything from it at all, and what is that magic aura anyway? ”

Yato was silent.

”Haha… of course you don feel strange, even when we first met you were already strange and not like an ordinary human or a witch or ib- ”

Ganesh cut Yato off and answered Trimiyas question.

”Magic aura… as I learned in the Magic Academy it is a magic energy from a persons body that always comes out at any time and has different effects but with the same way of activation which is like making an attack that is always active and even that of course without being intentional or deliberate, just like you when we met. ”

Aura Magic is an energy that always comes out of ones body and has a range that can affect one Galaxy. But it was different from Trimiya Hiyatos which had an unreachable range and could even affect the space-time that was the Universe.

”Me? So all this time what Ive seen like mixed colors is that Im releasing magic energy from my body similar to that creature? So Im the one who makes other humans scared, crazy and even death? And one more thing, why doesn my magic aura happen to you guys? ”

Yato just froze because of the creatures magic aura and said to Trimiya.

”Thats right… it looks like you even you have an unusual aura that does not have one color but, has all the colors of magic and also we don understand why only the two of us are not affected by the effects of your aura, and when we met you. I only cast a spell to keep your aura from coming out. ”

Trimiya finally understood what happened with Yatos words. He understood what happened before and understood now.

”So… thats it… ”

That strange creature that has a physical body like a human and has large wings like a bird, yes it is an angel. However, this was a little different. It had black wing feathers and she realized someone was watching her.

”Whos there!!! That lowly creature!!! ”

”Oh… so you noticed, too bad we weren hiding at all. ” Trimiya replied to the creatures words.

The strange creature was astonished that there was a living human figure in the vicinity, where all living things around it were dead.

”Who are you! How can you not be affected by my magic aura! ”

”Giggle*giggle*giggle. I don know what you mean but Ive known the effects of your magic aura since the beginning without needing to analyze it. ”

Notes: Trimiya doesn need to analyze it, which means that he doesn need a long time to analyze, because he already knows instantly.

Trimiya just laughed and walked closer to the creature, Ganesha and Yato were frozen in silence unable to even speak and were astonished to see a child who was not affected at all by the magic aura.

”Can you understand me? I was neither animate nor inanimate from the beginning, even I can understand that. ”

”What!!! Then what are you! No way! Such a creature is not of this world! Perhaps you are… Forgive me my lord, Ive been waiting for your presence. ”

Trimiya was only confused from the creatures words and said.

”Waiting for my presence? I don understand what you mean at all. ”

”Ive been waiting for a long time after I became a fallen angel, Ive been waiting for someone who might be far more powerful than the demon king to kill God. Because I hate him. ”

”Why would I kill him? And also why do you hate your own Creator? ”

”He made the law of cause-effect that, our existence as supreme beings has far surpassed cause and effect, therefore we can interact with beings in this world anymore and it makes me very angry that I can meet my partner Mila the witch. Because I was deemed to be defying God, I was banished to this world… even my existence that had gone beyond causality no longer existed and I couldn reach my original place anymore. ”

”I don care about your love story and also your Creator who you consider God, because I was not bound by cause-effect in this world to begin with. ”

Trimiya just said coldly and didn care about anything said by the fallen angel whose existence had become very low and equal to humans. Because from the beginning he was not bound by the causal system of this world.

”What!!! No way, your existence hasn even surpassed the unaffected causality of the laws of the world made by God!!! Even a one-of-a-kind witch like Mila is still subject to Gods absolute law of causality! ”

Witches were basically not bound by the laws of the human world and walked by their own causality.

”Exposed? What do you mean like? ”

”…. ”

The fallen angel paused and then explained about the laws of the world.

”Each Universe has one demon king candidate, when that candidate becomes a true demon king… he will destroy the world and that world will be reborn again, destroyed and reborn. I can count how many worlds are always destroyed and reborn, thats the law God made. ”

The Universe is a collection of countless galaxies. It is truly uncountable and almost infinite.

”Then why do you disagree with the laws of the world made by your Creator? ”

”Because he made Mila always suffer and die by that law, even though I know she won even remember what happened to her before that world was destroyed and reborn. I can stand it anymore! Because I love Mila so much… No matter how the demon king candidate lives, it will always destroy the world because it is bound by the law of that world from God. Whether its a miserable or even a pleasant life for the candidate, he will continue to destroy the world if he becomes a true demon king. ”

”….. ”

”Therefore, I want to destroy and kill the demon lord candidate in this world to go against that law, but the demon lord candidate will continue to live on. ”

The law of the world made by God makes the world always destroyed and reborn, which in essence means that the world will not be destroyed before the demon king candidate is born and becomes a true demon king.

”If the demon king destroys the world, then who created it to make the world reborn? ”

”The one to do the world system is the spirit as creation and the true demon king as destruction. ”

Trimiya just shook his head.

”You won be able to destroy the world completely because you can destroy a world that has its own building blocks and is not the same as other creatures. ”

”….. ”

”The building blocks of the Universe itself, one of which is Spirit, is the thing that underlies and sustains everything that exists including True Nature. ”

The fallen angel was just confused, he simply didn understand the little boy who had that much knowledge. Spirit is the underlying thing. However, it is not bound to the Universe or True Nature. Even if the Universe is destroyed, Spirit will not be destroyed. However, if Spirit was destroyed then everything would be destroyed in that world.

”So all this time I couldn kill the demon king candidate, even though I destroyed the True Nature within him because he wouldn vanish completely because of that Spirit! Damn it!!! Whats the point of all this, isn the true demon king destroying the world? ”

Trimiya just shook him head with the fallen angel who didn understand at all about the human world created by her God.

”Haha… Thats because the true demon king didn destroy until the Spirit stage and maybe you
e the lowly creature for not understanding that. ”

The fallen angel when knowing the truth of the world and also being regarded as a lowly creature by a human-like creature with the body of a child and he was furious, then began to lose control of himself who had a terrible killing intent towards Trimiya.

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