The True Demon Kings

Manifestation Forms of Abstract Beings

An abstract being that is at a higher and unreachable level even higher than the [ Realm ]. It creates manifestations of itself to interact with people in the human world.

A man with grey hair and a body like an average elementary school student, this man was the manifestation of an abstract being.

”Where am I and who am I? hmmm… this seems to be where humans live. ”

In his life that was in the human world. he was right in a village, he was very confused by someone who ran in fear and some even got stressed and died.

”Whats going on? Why are they scared, some even went crazy and died. ”

very confused by what happened in the village where he was, when he was confused by the tragedy there was a couple who looked like a husband and wife approached him and chanted in front of him. the spell was incomprehensible to him.

The couple spoke.

”Son, where are your parents? ”

He was even more confused by what was happening and did not understand what the couple meant and said.

”Parents? Who are they? And why are you two not like the others? ”

The couple just ignored the boys question and said.

”Whats your name and where do you live? ”

The boy was getting more and more confused as every question he asked was not responded to at all. However, he didn really care about that.

”My name? I… don have a name or a place to live. ”

The woman of the one that looked like a couple just smiled and said.

”How can you stay with us? We still have a place for you to stay. ”

The boy when hearing the offer made by the woman was very happy, because he was new to the human world and had no place to stay.

”Seriously? Can I stay with your family? What about your children, will they agree to this? ”

”No need to worry about that, neither of us have

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