the 111th and 121st, and the 181st and 182nd.”

<… yes?>

“Anyway, I am the only one who knows the future.
Shouldn’t I make the move myself?”

“I’m going back to the duke’s mansion right now.”

It was then.

Someone knocked in my dorm room and shouted loudly.

“Kiana, the admissions information session is starting soon! The dean asks you to come quickly! You must go and speak!”

The admissions briefing session was an event that the dean ambitiously prepared by gathering students and parents who were worried about entering the academy.
It was because the tuition of the student was money.

And I would always give a brief lecture on the basics of magical engineering to the students at the entrance briefing.

It was because it was perfect to present him as a high-ranking aristocrat of the empire and a young genius making great achievements at the academy.

“Yes, I’ll go right now!”

I smiled and got up from my seat.

I’m going back, but I’m going to pay the dean one thing back.”

Pyeol murmured.

I’m looking forward to it.
Kiana is really good at things like that.>

* * *

The main auditorium of the academy was full of people for the first time in a long time.

It wasn’t common in a closed academy where outsiders were not allowed in.

The event was in full swing, and upon seeing me enter, the dean, who was standing at the podium, introduced me with a smile.

“Now then, let’s take a moment to listen to Princess Kiana Prelai’s brief lecture for our prospective freshmen.”

I proudly walked to the podium, stood next to the dean, and greeted him politely.

“Hello, this is Kiana Prelai.
I am currently pursuing my PhD.”

I gave a simple lecture like this every year at the admissions briefing.
And my lectures were so good that many students used to apply and go.

“Witchcraft is based on math and science, so let’s start with a few quick lectures on science.”

It was the same beginning every year.
The dean smiled benevolently and patted my shoulder.

Kiana, the pride of our academy and a disciple who is more important than my children, is very good at lecturing.
You can look forward to it.”

I expected it, but the shoulder touched by the dean’s hand gave me goosebumps.

They handed me over to the imperial army, well, that can happen.
Because the power of the empire is strong.

But at least you shouldn’t have laughed at the ‘patent’ in front of me being dragged away and  making me live like slave a in the academy, saying thati am are more precious than your own children.

The dean was a very bad guy who touched my weakest spot and used love and attention as a bait for me.

You can look forward to my lecture.”

I grinned and shook the dean’s hand off my shoulder and began the lecture resoundingly.

“Science is very close to our daily life.
for example…”

During the lecture, I picked up a water bottle prepared to drink if I was thirsty.

“This is gravity.”

Then, he picked up the water bottle and poured it over the dean’s head.

“Oh, oops! Fufufufu! Oh no, Kia….”

“You are in the middle of a lecture, dean.
Please cooperate.
So, look at everything.
I will also show you the next one.”

I slapped the distraught dean on the cheek.

The crowd opened their mouths with a groan.

The dean squinted his eyes and shouted.

“What is this! It hurts!”

“Very good explanation, Dean.
My hand hurts too.
Now, this is the law of action and reaction.”

The audience all looked at us with faces asking, ‘Is this a lecture prepared?’.
The academy officials also said, “This year, this is the kind of lecture.
Interesting.’ He nodded his head admiringly.

“Well, objects do motion as they move.”

With a grin, I picked up the dean’s wig and threw it through the window.

“This is parabolic motion.”

Everyone who didn’t know about the wig’s existence opened their mouths.

In the meantime, the students sitting in the front gave the evaluation as if they were satisfied.

“Wow, this class is really fun!”

“The composition of the lecture is interesting”.

The dean, unable to do this or that, wiped the water running down his face with a bewildered expression.

“In this way, science is hidden in all phenomena, and at the academy, we study this law and process magic to create magic tools that are useful in real life.
This is a strong adhesive that was patented not too long ago.”

I stuck a piece of paper with “garbage” written on it to the dean’s forehead.

“What, what, what, this!”

The dean screamed in disbelief.

“It’s so strong that it doesn’t come off easily without a special cleaner.
You can make items that are not that great, but that have a small effect.”

I smiled and threw the magic tool on the floor and said to the crowd.

“But even if it was impressive, don’t come.
I’m having a hard time.
Then thank you for listening to my lecture so far.”

Then, I left the auditorium and boarded a carriage to the Empire.

Just revised chapter 1 and corrected some unimportant minor stuff, if you see any mistakes or anything please dm anha#2282 on discord for it

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