he  was suddenly sentenced to death by hanging and sent back to the Empire.

* * *

As soon as I returned to the empire, I was imprisoned like a beggar in the dungeon of the imperial palace.

It was then.


A woman who looked worse than me grabbed my hand from inside the prison.

“After all, you’ve been caught too!”

It was Melissa Prelai, my cousin of the same age whom I hadn’t seen in 7 years.

“Nice to meet you! I really waited!”

Are you saying that now as a welcome greeting? Sounds like you were cursing  me… 

I didn’t like Melissa, so I immediately withdrew my hand and asked.

“How did this happen? Is our grandfather a traitor?”

Melissa answered with a whimper.

“You know Grandpa isn’t like that….We were unfairly punished.”

Then, with tears dripping down his face, he murmured.

“I…  I know the truth only I know huh…”

Up close, even during this time, Melissa was still pretty.
Her blonde hair sparkled even when dirty, and her red eyes were clear as rubies.

I sighed and calmed him down.

“Melissa, don’t babble and mumble and be a bit logical.”

“You… you still haven’t changed your creepy talk, seems like that it has been really consistently growing.”

Melissa wept at my request.

“Prince Heaton came to visit me yesterday and told me.
In fact, he said he was the one who accused the Prelai duchy of treason.”

“What? Why would that son of a bitch tell you that in the midst of all this?”

Melissa answered with a sniff of her nose.

“Pyeol said it was because I dumped Prince Heaton in the past.
He’s so bitter that he wants to at least achieve his revenge”

Pyeol was Melissa’s yellow lark pet.
She layed at Melissa’s feet, now unconscious because of the  her restraints.

Well, since childhood, Melissa has been popular with all kinds of men.
Perhaps Heaton was one of them.
Although she wasn’t really interested in the situation she was in now.

I sighed and touched my forehead.

“Grandfather is very old too…to fall for this … But anyway, why did Prince Heaton accuse Prelai of treason?”

The grandfather I knew was a very capable man.
But how could he be so helpless?

Melissa answered in gibberish.

“Grandfather has been very sick lately.
Anyway, I think it’s because Prince Heaton has been in a rush these days… It seemed that he thought that we would stand on the side of the crown prince.”

What is it, why is the prince suddenly here?

I couldn’t know the exact situation because I was away from the empire, but in the end, it seemed that I was caught up in a fight for the throne.

I flopped down.

It was really very unfortunate.
To think that the man didn’t know anything about it in a foreign country was suddenly dragged in to die in vain. 

For a while, only Melissa’s whimpers echoed in the prison.

And after a while, a loud shout was heard outside.

“It’s hangman time! Bring out the sinners!”

For a moment, fear flashed in Melissa’s eyes.

It was the same for me too.
Because no one can be calm in the face of death.

There was a heavy sound of footsteps trying to take us outside.

“Kiana, am I really going to die?”

For a moment, Melissa muttered.

“I…I don’t want to die.”

What do you mean by, that’s so obvious.….

It was when I looked at Melissa with dumbfounded eyes.

‘what? she..
What’s wrong with your eyes?’

It was an insane looking face.
Until now, I was just sad, but the thought of dying made me panic.

“I-I will bounce.”

“What? what kind of nonsense is that? Where do you want to bounce? way to the gallows?”

It was when I was frightened because I wondered if he was really crazy.

“I have divine powers.”

Melissa muttered in a fit of madness.

“I should have entered a monastery sooner.
If I threw away the Prelai surname, I would have been able to survive on my own even in this situation.”

Those with divine powers were given the right to enter monasteries and become priestesses.
When they became a priestess due to her religious beliefs, they gave up her last name, they could not get married, and had to serve while wandering in remote mountainous areas for the rest of their lives.

To be honest, it was a hell of a struggle.
So there were few who became priestesses

Usually, even when she manifested her divine powers, she just lived her own life.
However, if you drop your last name, you will no longer be ‘Prelai’, so you will not be dragged in for treason.

I grabbed her by the shoulder and shook her.

“Hey, hold on.
Unless you go back to the past, how do you suddenly get into a monastery?”

“Yes! right! That’s right! past!”

Melissa rolled her eyes and nodded her head.

“I have a lot of divine power.
I’ll have to try.
Don’t you think so?”


With a sudden sense of discomfort, I stared at Melissa.

She is kind and pretty, like the sunshine, the girl everyone loved… She was now putting on an expression that made her look worse than anyone else.

“I’ll go back in time.
With all these memories, I’m going back to a year ago.
So I’m going to go straight to the monastery and live a life that has nothing to do with the Prelai duchy.
I will never die in vain like this!”

At that moment, the inside of the prison was bathed in bright light.

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