In the early spring of March, the branches of pears outside the yard had spring-like green shoots, and the pear pollen was as white as snow.

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Beauty was beauty, but when the cold north wind blew the petals, the petals fluttered and fell all over the ground.

It was cold last night, and the water in the big black tank under the eaves was covered with thick ice.

The suddenly cold weather caused a lot of snow to fall on the branches, and even the charcoal basin that had been removed in the house was relit.

But at the moment no amount of hot charcoal could warm Shi Qing’s cold heart.

She was going to die soon.

The day before yesterday, she was racing on a horse and parading through the busy streets, and today she had entered the countdown to her life.

The great joy and great sorrow of life had finally caught up to her, and it wasn’t much to say.

In a daze, Shi Qing sat on the bed with her head in her hands, feeling that maybe the way she got up this morning was wrong.

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Shi Qing closed her eyes reluctantly and opened them again.
Everything was the same, she really couldn’t get rid of the cold and ruthless transparent panel floating in front of her.

Name: Shi Qing

Age: 17

Status: Cannon fodder

She wasn’t even a supporting female lead! Just cannon fodder!!

These things were not important, the most important thing was the last point called ‘health bar’.

This health bar was her “lifeline”.

The bar was bottomed out, and only a thin layer of red was remaining.

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The red looked particularly conspicuous and could make people panic.

At best, it could last for two days, at worst, it might be just one or two hours.

Shi Qing desperately pulled her hair, and buried her face in the quilt, breathing heavily.

Why did you suddenly see this panel?? 

It started with the divorce yesterday.

Shi Qing’s mother, Shi Ju, met a good friend Shen Yuan when she went to the capital to take the exam.
The two of them became confidants as soon as they saw each other, and they agreed to be in-laws in the future.

Later, both of them entered the imperial court as they wished.

But Shen Yuan had better luc

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