ure and they shouldn exist .

Isn it basically the nature of human beings – we don understand something we destroy it , something is more powerful than us we destroy it , if a thing is out of our control we destroy it . Human nature is questionable , all we are inclined towards is destruction . Humans who are supposed to coexist with nature and its creations , instead destroy everything in nature including themselves .

Humans have been living in this society for a long time without any idea of other beings . The ones who knew about them are already dead or they don disclose it to every mundane person . The world has been living in harmony ever since a pact was made between humans and the supernaturals . The pact read that the humans would try to forget about the existence of supernaturals whereas supernaturals must make efforts in concealing themselves .

The Bloodline Academy was started as a safe place for supernaturals where every supernatural that escaped from the hunters during the Great Hunt hid .

Gregoria Jane was a very powerful Phoenix and put all her strength in securing the academy . She was also known as ” The Savior ” as all the supernaturals owed their lives to her .

The Academy was concealed with her magic and it is said that even after her death , the concealment hasn been lifted . The academy is said to have its own soul but many believe that Gregoria Janes soul is the one whos protecting it by residing in the academy , as the academy could be found only when it wishes to be found .

Suddenly there was a loud crash , a guy had dropped all his books tripping over a tables leg . It was then that Scarlett notices the time , it was already time for home .

Though the book wasn of any use to her , she found it entertaining to read .

She got up from her seat and proceeded to the main gate . Its not like the academy could be real , people spin such useless stories these days .

To Scarlett , such things were nothing more than mere imagination of people . She believed people had vivid imagination and that those imaginations were the root of supernatural beings .

That evening Scarlett spent all her time reading the book in her room . She completed the whole book and was headed to have dinner when suddenly she felt a presence around her . She couldn see it but she could feel its eyes on her , watching her every move carefully .

What she didn know is that the night was just beginning . That night she slept holding her soft toy , Mr.Chipmunk very tightly . She thought about the time when Mr.Chipmunk was gifted to her as a Christmas present .

She was just eight year old when she had sighted a squirrel on the streets and wanted to have him as a pet . Since her parents couldn get her a squirrel , they gifted her with a huge squirrel soft toy on that Christmas . On seeing the soft toy Scarlett was so ecstatic , she named it Mr.Chipmunk .

She managed to sleep thinking about all the good memories but nothing could have prepared her for the night that was about to come …

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