Bikir knows Hugo’s personality well.

‘… … Lizard.’

A cold-blooded human with blood so cold that one might wonder if he was a reptile.

Basically, he was a being who was only interested in the future of his family and his own actions.

He is a human being who thinks of everyone but himself as a tool, especially as a weapon.

Weapons basically exist to harm others, and it is unimaginable that weapons independently show mercy or hesitate.

It is also natural that the more poison he harbors, the better his weapon becomes.

So it was quite possible that Hugo’s gaze at Bikir was gradually smiled with satisfaction.

Do you think you are innocent?”

Rather, my brothers were wrong.”

“What did they are wrong?”

“Being weak is a fault.”

Strong self-esteem.
A world where weakness is sin.

Wouldn’t that be Baskerville?

Bikir’s words ran right through this core family motto of the Baskervilles.

It is not a sin for a lion to eat a deer.

It is the providence of nature that the strong beat the weak, and insisting that it should be divided into crime and punishment is just foolishness.

It was Hugo’s teaching behind the tutors who stuck in his ears like nails during his childhood.

‘… … So the older brothers bullied me first! Even if I try to whine, it’s useless.’

Before his return, Bikir explained his innocence and the sins of his brothers, as his normal children usually do, but Hugo only expressed contempt with an even more frowning expression.

… … … And those eyes were the same until the last moment when he knelt on the guillotine at the execution site.


Hugo Le Baskerville.

He clasped his hands together and covered his mouth.

And he said in a low, subdued voice.

“Your brothers were here before you.”

“… … .”

“They say they forgive you like an elder.”

Bikir didn’t bother to answer.

You can tell that he has the experience of keeping Hugo’s side for a long time.

Perhaps the triplets did not give Hugo an answer to their liking, and instead annoyed him.

‘I must have been very intimidated.
And what about forgiveness?

Bikir replied in an emotionless voice.

“It’s okay to eat for free.”

“… … .”

Hugo paused for a moment.

Finally, Hugo let out a faint laugh.

That’s right.
When I wanted to became the head of household, I had to work hard to become the succsessor.”

It was quite an unfamiliar sight for Hugo.

‘By the way, he had to become the successor? Is he saying that by working hard you could become the successor?’

Birkir, who was worried for a while at the first sound he heard, soon understood his meaning.

Hugo had risen to the position of head of the household by killing all of his older brothers.

He only heard that the eldest son is unconditionally the one who inherits the family.
So even the successor title can become acquired.’

It was the moment when I realized the true nature of the Baskervilles again.

Hugo asked again.

The older brothers reached out first to forgive you.
Do you still feel guilty?”

“… … .”

Bikir looked at Hugo in silence for a moment.

The warm eyes of his father, which he had never received in his previous life.

However, the already salty and cold frozen heart can never be melted with such feeble warmth.

… … When was it before returning?

The last daughter of a family destroyed by the Baskerville once visited Hugo in person.

After a long time, she became a nun and gave a Mass saying, “I forgive you.”

And Hugo, who heard the contents of the mass, said this.

“Wouldn’t forgiveness be just an excuse for the weak?”

Excluding the honorifics, the lines are exactly the same as Hugo’s at the time.

In an instant, Hugo’s eyes widened.


Only then did the sound of laughter so loud that the windows trembled resounded throughout the room.

Hugo leaned back in his chair with a look of supreme satisfaction.

“This is how my child should be.”

It was the first time Bikir had ever seen him express his emotions to this extent towards his son.

The conversation with Hugo ended here.


Hugo, who had summoned the butler, had returned with an expressionless face before he knew it.

But the warmth of the embers still lingers in the voice that comes out of his mouth.

“Give Bikir the key to the food storage.”

Hearing this, Barrymore’s eyes widened.

Children in the Baskervilles always eat the same food until they are 15 years old.

Water and Haggis.

It is a dough made by mashing together the meat and intestines of all kinds of animals and a little bit of vegetables.

The amount of food is provided in an unlimited amount and managed in a very hygienic manner, but there is no taste at all.

So, the children of the Baskerville family are crazy about sweets, candy, and chocolate that sometimes fall out when they get good grades in basic education.

It is a system that can inspire children’s learning motivation at a very low price, cultivate a sense of competition, and further develop them into great members of Baskerville.

Knowing that, Hugo asked Bikir.

“Do you have any snacks you want to eat?”

Then Bikir answered with an innocent smile typical of an 8-year-old child.


Hugo looked at him and nodded his head.

You must be thinking to the extent of ‘I even have a cuteness suitable for my age’.

Barrymore also smiles heartily as if a child is a child.

Hugo beckoned Barrymore.

“Go to the food pantry and take out as much chocolate as you want.
But, don’t be too greedy.
Just enough to carry.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Barrymore took Bikir’s hand and headed for the door.

at that time.

said Hugo, turning around with his back to the door.

“Perform well during the evaluation.”

It is unusual to receive such encouragement.

But what followed was even more unusual.

“… … Don’t lose to your direct descendants.”

At those words, Bikir’s eyes began to emit red light.

like two suns.

* * *

“I greet Young Master.”

Barrymore took Bikir to the kitchen outside the little fang castle.

A few chefs followed suit, politely presenting themselves.

The food storage deep underground is always cool.

The cold air blowing through the cracks in the stones met with the warm air that came in when the door opened, creating condensation.

Barrymore held up her lamp to light the inside of the warehouse.

It’s just a matter of managing mana, but it’s not something that makes you feel embarrassed when the old butler does it this far.

Bikir went inside.

It can be seen that the ingredients eaten by the guardian knights in the family, family members over the age of 15, and other servants are neatly arranged.

“Candies and jellies are here.
If there is a menu you would like to cook separately, I will ask the chefs to prepare it.”

At Barrymore’s kind invitation, Bikir shook his head.

“Just chocolate.”

At that, Barrymore looked down at Bikir with a slightly sorrowful look.

How much chocolate do you want to eat?

“If you’re over 15, you’ll be able to eat as much as you want.”

It was a sincere consolation.

The chefs in the back took out the finest chocolates from the shelf while paying attention to the butler.

“This is the finest chocolate that the women of the House of Morgue who are reputed to be gourmets enjoy eating.
This time, we also got a few cans from our side.
It is said that the flavor becomes more intense if you add nuts from the south and honey from the west.”

But Bikir shook his head.

“I don’t need anything processed.”

“… … yes?”

Towards Barrymore and her chefs, who looked puzzled, Bikir opened her mouth.

“I need cacao beans.
A species with a very strong flavor.”

Hearing that, Barrymore tilted her head.

The raw material of chocolate is cacao beans.

However, unprocessed cacao beans are bitter and astringent rather than sweet.

It was clear that even a paper with a strong flavor would only taste bitter.

After a while, after hearing the chefs’ report, Barrymore said.

If it’s paper with a strong flavor… … It is said that there is.
In the past, the family lord personally led the senators in the family to subdue the barbarians on the western front of the territory and cultivated the vast jungles of the area as farmland.
It is said that one grain of ‘Bloody Bean’, a local specialty, can make 100 liters of chocolate.”

bring it.”

“How much should I bring?”

“As it is.”

At Bikir’s command, the chefs moved.

Before long, one of the chefs came with a small leather pouch in his hand.

The pouch, barely big enough for two fists, was filled with bright red beans.

It looks like more than 100 grains.

This is Bloody Bean.
One bean has a consistency comparable to 100 liters of chocolate.

Bikir tried chewing a bean.

… Knock!

Reaction comes right in the mouth.

It was astringent and bitter enough to tingle your entire tongue.

Bikir spat out the peas and nodded in satisfaction.

Barrymore nodded his head.

‘You really like chocolate.’

Anyway, Hugo told Bikir to give him as much food as he wanted, so it wouldn’t be a problem even if he took all these cocoa beans.

However, this single cacao bean is the amount that can produce 10,000 liters of chocolate.

Barrymore admired the 8-year-old’s greed and wisdom.

Maybe Bikir will gorge on his favorite chocolate for the rest of his life.

“young master.
Shall I process this and bring it to your room?”

… … however.

Bikir gave an answer that made everyone wonder.

“No processing required.
This is enough.”

Apparently, he didn’t ask for the beans to eat them.

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