The Princess of Hearts

Unexpectedly Meeting Each Other

ill always be appreciative of the opportunity to provide what I can to the imperial household. ”

”Good, Duke Cloviar, thats what I admire about you. You constantly act the same way. ”

”Your majesty, its always been like this. ”

Neylia drank one of the teas that the earlier servant offered, as the two elderly noblemen continued speaking. Her face appeared peaceful, yet there were no lights on her eyes.

Her eyes thinned as she turned her attention to the young lad, who she thought of as her own personal knight from her previous existence.

The young boy was looking at her and turned away as soon as their eyes connected.

Kailer experienced some warmth for the first time. Was it the time of year? Or was it just todays weather? Looking out the window at the bright surroundings, he asked himself.

The Princess appeared to be concentrating on her tea at this point, so Kailer, sneak another peak at her.

”Your majesty, Ill assume that he would start today if thats what it would take. ”

”Do you approve of that, Duke Cloviar? ”

”Your majesty, it has always been. ”

Following their discussion, the two honorable adults turned to face their kids while grinning widely.

”Neylia, greet the young son of Duke Cloviar, and young lord, meet my daughter, Neylia Cadmorry, the princess of this empire. You two must be friends from now on, ” Niker said as two pairs of eyes widened.

Neylia nearly choked on her tea, but she was able to blink and nod.

”My sons name is Kailer Cloviar, your majesty. Im hoping one day youll think of him. Please welcome my son Kailer Cloviar, Princess Neylia. ” After Duke Velure had finished introducing his son, Neylia grinned and said the same thing.

The Duke left Kailer and Neylia and said goodbye in a matter of seconds. The emperor did the same because he was busy.

As they made their way toward the hall, two people continued to stroll alone. Neylia then began to speak.

”Hello, may I address you by your name? ” Neyla enquired

”Don worry, Princess—-, ” The Princess interrupted Kailer during her giggles.

”So I suppose youll have to address me by my name as well. ”

”Princess, that is not something I can accomplish. Im solely here to serve you. ”

”Kailer, you serve me in more ways than one. You
e already my friend moving forward. I give you permission to call me by my name when we are alone, okay? ”

”Y-Yes ”

”Yes? ”

Kailer uttered ”N-Neylia, ” but his cheeks and ears were already scarlet.

”After that, please don be afraid to contact me if you find someone you love in the future. I might possibly aid you in locating her. ”

”Its not that, Your Majesty. ”

”What did I just tell you, Kailer? ”

”Im not that kind of person, Neylia. No, I wouldn fall in love. ”

”Lets check back in a few years, Kailer. So lets go, and Ill show you around our home more, ” Neylia stated while snatching Kailers arm.

Kailer experienced some warmth for the second time as Neylia led the way. His heartbeat became louder than usual as he looked at the smiling figure of the young woman clutching his hand.

The Princess was in front of him, and Kailer perceived the Princess to be a goddess as the dazzling lights caressed her physique.

At that point, Kailer made the decision to defend the Princess, more like acting on his heart rather than following his fathers or the emperors orders.

At all costs, he needed to keep her safe.

He immediately pledged his life to the first person who took his hand without hesitation and guided him to a light that was warmer than any other the instant the Princess stated they are friends.

”Me too, Neylia. I wanted to be your friend. ”

Neylia was ready to enter her room and accompany Kailer to his allotted room after showing Kailer when a maidservant alerted her to some words.

She opened her eyes at that point, but when she caught Kailers sight, she grinned and seized his hands once again, leaving the maid with wider eyes.

The maidservant said, ”Princess Neylia really is hyper these days, ” and then she shook her head and resumed her tasks.

In the meantime, Kailers brows were furrowing, but they stopped as Neylia unlocked the door to a guest room and revealed a familiar face.

”Clistaine? ”

”Pleased to meet you, Princess Neylia, Kailer? ”

”Oh, so you two are acquainted? Okay, from this point forward, we three will be best friends! ”

”Neylia, whats going on in here? ” Clistaine questioned

”Yes, whats going on in here? ” Kailer queried

The Princess only sighed when the two had finished looking at her.

”Okay, let me elaborate. Meet my personal knight Kailer, Clistaine, and Kailer, meet my fiancée Clistaine. ”

After that, both boys shouted

”WHAT?! ”

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