The Princess of Hearts

Unexpectedly Meeting Each Other

A little child is visible from the borders of Morguary town strolling along Vesculiar road. He was presently dressed in filthy, decaying clothing. A wooden stick that had fallen onto his right shoulder was being held in his right hand. It is draped with a piece of discarded brown clothing from its apex. He typically utilized it as his bag for the items he saw around the area so he could make use of them.

How did he go there?

With every instant that went by, his feet grew number. Despite being out of breath, he kept his eyes fixed on the road in front of him. One…two…three…

He ignored the throbbing agony in his body and carried on counting. After some time, he stumbled to the grasses next to the path and grabbed his sides. After a few seconds, he lost track of where he was as a sticky crimson fluid started to form as he looked at his palm.

As he took off his cap and sweater, an elderly guy said, ”Mr. Randolph, it was such a beautiful evening. ” He entered a welcoming bar in the market.

An elderly man in simple white clothing appeared as he sat on the wooden bar stool and grinned as he handed a glass of beer in front of the man with the brown mustache.

”Lord Hogwar, it felt like you had never changed. You
e still the same bubbly individual that Ive known, ” said the elderly man who was providing drinks to guests at the venue.

He then turned to face the elderly aristocrat who downed the beer all at once.

”Oh, my Lord, make it simple. You looked to be struggling a lot lately with some profound ideas. ”

Hogwar laughed, ”You know me so well, Mr. Randolph. ”

The old gentleman chuckled a little later. Randolph thought the noble was wasting his time by getting drunk once more when he turned to face him.

”Was that young master Edward? ”

”Mr. Randolph, don . To hear that name has been quite hurtful. ”

”My Lord, Im sorry, ” but when Randolph heard a noise in the background, he stopped moving. As his eyes became thinner, he looked for them.

But when he looked at someone, in particular, his eyes enlarged.

”You, hello. Are you deaf? How often do we need to remind you? Leave us alone! ”

”How many times do I also have to say that I reside here and will never do anything against our customers wishes? ”

”Huh? We appear to be tough now, little boy. ”

”What are your plans for this space, everyone? ”

”You enquire about us? So what do we now hold, huh? Brain-bird, try thinking with your head! ” A young man with unkempt hair, noticeable eye bags, and a cigarette in his mouth, exclaimed

The man pointed his finger to the boys temple and the group of people chuckled. However, based on the mans yelling, it appears that it was a mistake.

”Ahhhhhhh! ” His hands were twisted, and his cigarette dropped to the ground. He took a step backward, his eyes thinning, and his mouth wide open.

The small youth appeared to only make noise when he turned his head as he continued to shout and curse at him.

The young child who had been tormented by the males was now cracking his knuckles, and one of the men later yelled, ”Kill that boy! ” After being severely injured as they moved near the youngster to help the man, the boy ultimately came close to killing all of the guys.

The boys adversaries were struck unconscious and slumped to the ground. The boys original insulter was the only remaining leader. The man fell to the ground with every step he took. His body was already trembling a lot. His attention was on the shadowy figure behind the youngster, and before he realized it, darkness had taken control of his vision.

”Is the Lady having any issues, Sir? ” Randolph inquired after leaving Hogwar for a second.

The man covered his lips with both of his hands while shivering. When he turned to look at the elderly guy, his wavering eyes widened once more.

”Is there a problem with the previous yell, Sir? ” Randolph questions the man once more.

”She…she…is dead! ”

Randolph expanded his eyes. He noticed the woman sleeping on the table across from the man as he looked at the mans pointing finger.

”I believe you are hallucinating, sir. She was merely dozing off, ” with a sigh and a headshake, Randolph muttered.

However, the man continued to speak.

”Im not aiming at Barbarra, please. Im pointing towards her back. Ive previously seen a woman walking slowly. Barbarra and I both laughed because we believed she was cracking up irrationally, but then she collapsed. I yelled and returned to my seat after turning to see some blood! ” The man cried out, and by this time, tears were already running down his face.

”Do you think everything is okay inside, Mr. Randolph? ”

”Lord, oh Lord. It appeared to have started over again, ” by the time Randolph finished speaking, the butler had already gone behind Barbarras chair and discovered a woman lying in a pool of blood.

Shock spread throughout the room, and muttering followed.

Hogwar lowered down next to Randolph and narrowed his gaze.

”We ought to take this to the knights, in my opinion. Theyll help us in this situation, ” Hogwar patted the elderly mans back and murmured.

”My God, I believe that serial killer has headed back into this community. I believed that Morguary was no longer safe, ” despite his trembling hands, Randolph was able to speak.

Hogwar lowered his eyes and nodded his head gently.

”Being organized is preferable. Since I also lost a son, Mr. Randolph, I am aware of how difficult it is. But I believe you should maintain your resolve. ”

”Where have you been, Kailer? ” A young lad enquired. He shared the same height and age as the young Cloviars household master.

”Wernington, why do you feel the need to care so much? ”

”Cloviar, how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that? ”

”See? Im just doing the same since you
e saying my last name. ”

”I apologize for not saying your last name before. ”

”What could be better than mentioning your last name, Zelion? ”

”That is what I desire. My last name was my surname, and I had a name. Kailer, you have no right to use any surname. ”

”I understand, but didn you follow suit? ”

The small boys frustration finally erupted into a roar.

However, Kailer could only shake his head and keep wiping the blood off his arms and clothes.

”Don tell me you went into Miofurry once more, ” he said.

”And supposedly, I agreed? ”

”You only needed to give me my snacks. ”

”That place, young master Zelion, is a bakery. ”

”Now, young master Kailer, stop talking to me like Im much above your level. ”

”Just stop talking and go to bed immediately. Zelion, its not time for some late-night discussion. ”

”And don you agree, Kailer, that its not yet dark enough to begin confronting the bullies in the market? ” Zelion said. Kailer simply shook his head at the young child who had earlier approached him at his sight before going straight to the bathroom to get cleaned.

”Keep in mind, tomorrow at precise dawn. Ill go with my father, but Kailer, be ready too. Theres some fantastic news coming your way. ”

”Be quiet, Zelion. Even though it means nothing, Ive had enough of your surprises. Go now before I splatter your face with blood as I did to those bullies. ”

”Oh, Im so anxious! Huh! Direct at you. By the way, if you
e wandering the market at night, you should also provide some more news the following day. ”

”Zelion, you and your foul mouth. ”

”Fine! Don believe me if you wouldn believe me! ” In Kailers chamber, Zelion exited.

Kaiser gave his head another shake and moved toward his room.

Though, Zelion, couldn help singing the remaining verses of the song that had recently taken the town by storm as he made his out of his cousins bedroom.

~The boys call Marys name as she walks down the street. All of them reddened, but they all vanished and went straight to her heart. Oh, Mary, with her alluring beauty~

When Kailer heard the noise, he shook his head. Zelion sang a tune that would normally make him happy, but for a brief moment, it hurt his ears to bleed.

While taking a cold bath to unwind, Kailer almost shivered as he thought about this young boy and his poor singing ability.

”It sounded like you were ready, Kailer, ” the old guy said.

Kailer took a position in front of his fathers recognized home workplace. Zelion taunted him after their breakfast before they departed Duke Cloviars home. When Count Wernington and his son said goodbye, Kailer simply made an effort to treat the youngster with decency.

Kailer addressed the Lord with a certain amount of formality.

”Well, its understandable to be welcomed at that hour of the morning. Count Wernington will leave, and we will move toward the Imperial household, ” Kailers eyes widened as she finished her sentence. He took a gulp, but he was uncomfortable.

Up until his father again added some words

”Don act rashly this morning, and if you ever run across the Princess, be polite to her. Its a command, Kailer, not a request, ” the elderly guy murmured as he thinned his eyes and studied the size of his son.

Kailer bowed properly and replied, ”Yes, Duke Velure. ”

Kailer simply knew that Zelion was speaking to him, which was wonderful news. It was the exact opposite for him. He would be unable to visit the market alone at night, which was bad news.

”Last night, a young womans body was discovered inside the Berzinni bar. ”

The headline from the local Morguary town newspapers continued. The Vermilles were in charge of the current place.

Therefore, Duke Belvin was the accountable nobility.

”My lord, I believe we need to talk. ”

”Count Hogwar, what are you doing in my home today without my knowledge? ”

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