The Princess of Hearts

Her Second Chance in Life [Vol 1. Her Rebirth]

ly had enough of what had transpired earlier and sighed.

Herius was obviously that way. He was always making stuff up for the Princess, even before. But after witnessing the Princess transformation, Neylia noticed the old butler crying in real-time.

Why did Herius treat her that way? She pondered this after noticing that the elderly servant had always treated her well, whether she was in her first life or the second.

She could only mumble, looking toward the rooms nostalgically bright sunlight, ”Id better be ready then. ”

A short while later

The maids had done their best to help the Princess. They soothed her, gave her a nice bath, and covered her with rose petals. Massage her body till she can fit into the clothing she typically prefers to wear

However, things were different this time. The maidservants nearly leaped out of their seats as Neylia spoke quietly and softly before putting on the dress.

”Would it be okay if you gave me another set of clothes? Oh, I suppose I must say it now. Bring me some simple, unattractive clothing, please. Perhaps a plain green color is alright, ” she had a smile on her face as she talked.

When the maids heard what the Princess said, their eyes widened and they opened their jaws. Before anyone could speak, Neylia added a few words as they all stopped moving.

”Oh, I almost missed it. Black might have been a wise choice. Bring me some basic black clothing and a black hat like some noblewomen would wear on a hot summer day because, well, I changed my mind. Im sure you
e all aware of what my order entails, ” even as Neylia spoke, the corners of her mouth continued to move.

The maids unintentionally took a step back, and before some of them could speak, the others had already sprinted to acquire some dresses that the Princess would like.

Only two maids were left in their predicament, thus it came as a huge shock to both of them when they realized the Princess wasn upset with them. Instead, they witnessed her giggling while her shoulders swayed.

”Oh, my, oh. Its okay. If you two stayed, it wouldn bother me. I have some company for the time being, at least. You two surely think Im crazy with my changes, but Ive vowed to behave well now so you won have to worry whenever you
e with me, ” Neylia stated while giggling once again.

The two maids, on the other hand, exchanged glances before slowly nodding as they turned to face the Princess, who appeared to be amused by their current behavior.

”But aside from that, I hope I can ask you two for a favor. ”

Herius entered the emperors office and announced, ”Your highness, Lord Belvin Vermille with the young lord Clistaine Vermille had finally arrived within the imperial household. ”

However, Niker Cadmorry saw a shift in the old servants demeanor after uttering those remarks.

Although it was the first time, the servants eyes continued to narrow and his lips remained elevated as he spoke.

The servant reported those statements to the Emperor, who couldn help but look at him with thinned eyes while tapping his desk.

”Okay, let them know where they would undoubtedly go next. However, before you depart from here Herius, could you please explain the sudden change? ” Asked Niker

The old butler stopped and turned to face the Emperor, his eyes startled at first, then soon softening.

”Your Highness, the Princess appeared to have transformed and was now a decent person for herself. She said that she had improved. ”

Duke Belvin bowed before the Emperor and said, ”Greetings, your highness. ”

Niker wouldn have been able to become conscious of his senses if the Lord hadn spoken in front of the emperor. Has his daughter improved in any way? He questioned. He exchanged greetings with the Duke and sighed as he did so.

”Thank you, Duke Belvin. We appeared to be forming an alliance right away, ” Niker stated as he made his eyes smaller. The Lord saluted and nodded in agreement, and the young lord standing by his side did the same.

Nikers eyes fell on the young lord, and he couldn help but raise both his lips and laugh.

He was the young child that her daughter would frequently mention, in fact. The person who caught her attention

”After that, you may take your seats. I would only contact my daughter at this time, ” he instructed the staff to contact the Princess after speaking those remarks.

After that, Neylia appeared after 30 seconds, and both sets of eyes were on her.

Her fathers eyes expanded, and the two noble guests followed suit by gaping openly.

”Dear Father, Did you give me a call? Although Im expected to wear a gown, I like the beautiful clothing. Oh, and hello to the young master and Lord Belvin. ” With her unattractive attire and hat that was big enough for her head, Neylia said.

”Whoa, whats going on? Do you intend to—- ”

”No, father, Im going to meet my future husband, my fiancee, right? You said that previously as much, ” Neylia then focused on Clistaine, who had a wide-eyed expression. The Princess lips did, however, turn up on a wider corner.

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