hat Ill do, ” Clistaine remarked, ”My eyes are cloudy, ” and he departed from the Princess.

Late that night, the Princess went to her room and stayed there, where she remained locked up all night long.

Her emotions were tainted till the party ended.

”Here, have some warm tea, Neylia, if you
e not feeling well. ”

”And why, Gialette, must you demand that it be a hot cup of tea? I have no interest in it. ”

”This should provide you some much-needed solace, Neylia. In addition to that, it has positive health effects. ”

”If I stated I didn want it, then don bother me, Gialette. ”

”I agree with you, Gialette; we should give her space. Obviously, she required some personal space, ” after entering the Princesss bedroom, a young man said in the background.

He seemed annoyed as he shook his head and stared at the two women.

Luvien knew he had walked in at the worst possible moment as everyones eyes widened, eyebrows furrowed, and jaws dropped.

”Leave this place right now, Luvien! ”

Within seconds of both women speaking, he was surrounded by tossed pillows.

He closed the door and muttered, ”Ladies and their inflated egos. ”

He loved his family dearly and would never wish harm on them, but he knew his cousins could handle themselves. Still, remembering what would occur during the hunting season caused his eyes to grow dimmer.

Someone was definitely planning something.

After a few weeks, the long-awaited season for the empire finally arrived. With the start of the Azlury, the Princess made her triumphant return.

After their quarrel, she secluded herself with her fiance and never returned to her previous routine of always following him. She locked herself up in her room to wait out the time.

Neylia believes that no one can take her fiance away from her because she is the current Princess, and this is true even if they quarrel. She thought the Emperor, her father, would always prioritize her needs.

Consequently, anyone who dares to challenge Clistaine will be swiftly and mercilessly defeated. So far as she was concerned, that was her plan. As she made her way to her seat, she glanced around and caught sight of Clistaine gazing at the woman he had brought to dance at Neylias birthday party.

She narrowed her gaze and addressed the knight at her side.

Neylia said, without taking her eyes off the woman, ”Kailer, I need you to give that Lady a lesson. ”

In other words, ”Is it Lady Melfania, your highness? ” The knight inquired.

”Why yes, she is, ” the Princess answered.

By the time the hunt started, everyone who had returned was secure. Clistaine won the most points among the young noblemen, as usual, and he would give his prize to his fiancée.

”Would it be all right if I offered my prizes to my beloved friend, your highness? ”

”What do you mean, my friend? Okay, I guess that works, ” a pronouncement from the emperor

Hearing Clistaines words, Neylias eyes widened.

”To my closest friend, Lady Melfania, I, therefore, present my rewards, your highness. ”

When Neylia looked up, she saw the crowd cheering and the Lady appearing unscathed; when she cast her gaze and went farther, she spotted Kailer off to the side. Instead of the Lady, he was staring directly at her.

She closed her eyes and opened them again, but Kailer was nowhere to be found.

The Princess wanted to cry, but no one seemed to notice. She would look like a bad person in everyones eyes.

Nothing had changed in Neylia and Clistaines relationship despite the passage of several days. Afraid she might bring disgrace to her fathers status, she was locked up in her chamber.

Today, representatives from both the Kasshien Empire and the Cadmorry Empire went to sign a peace treaty. After she escaped, the princess began looking for a suitable heir to the throne from the neighboring empire.

She made a pact with him and told him about the Lady he would have liked. At that point, the two parties were already quite close to finalizing their agreement.

But then something happened that nobody saw coming. A sudden assault occurred soon after the Therobier celebration ended. Flames devoured the empire, and mysterious foes stormed its borders.

After learning that Clistaine had also fled, Neylia considered doing so with Kailers assistance.

Despite this, she had never given death much thought.

”Its all your fault, Princess Neylia, for allowing that Kasshien crown prince to develop an unhealthy obsession with Lady Melfania. It pains me to say this, but you force my hand, ” as he spoke, Kailer turned around to see the man Neylia had once loved standing behind him.

”A death sentence should be issued, its time to end your life, Neylia. ”

Then, without warning, she collapsed on the floor, drowning in her own ink as night fell.

A concerned servant asked, ”Your Highness, Your Highness, are you okay? ”

Huh? She assumed she had passed away. So, why…

Her eyes widened when she opened them, then narrowed as she adjusted to the haze. After searching around, she spotted a mirror that looked vaguely familiar. She was holding her hands up to her mouth, which was gaping open.

”Don say— ”

”We are relieved to hear that Your Majesty is healthy. You were knocked to the ground, and after hitting your head on the tile, the bleeding had stopped. We were afraid you wouldn come to be conscious anymore, your highness, ” somebody besides the Princess takes. She was a maidservant.

”Wait, fell on the floor? ” She questioned, her eyes widening again.

”Certainly, your Majesty. We couldn have helped you if it weren for the young master Clistaine. ”

”Other than that, whats on tap for me today? ”

”This day, your highness, you wouldve adequately met your future husband for the first time, young master Clistaine of House Vermille. ”

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