and I have never been out of the castle before… ” said Mateo

” Ive been sneaking out since I was 16, its been 5 years since. And I had the time to remember this whole kingdom. ”

Lux came out of nowhere and ran, Mateo, followed him to a beach, where Lux layed while carrying Martha up into the air. ”MARTHA ITS HERE ”Lux shouted as he carried her. Mateo looked up to see twin falling stars with a beautiful night sky.

The first time they saw the night sky, Mateo and Martha were astonished. Lux just smiled at their faces.

Morning came into the kingdom, the flowers bloom. The birds sing and the monsters go back into their caves…

War is coming in 4 days, maybe Mateo won make it back, maybe I won make it back. And Martha is still only 6 and maybe only seeing one of us back alive, or maybe not even seeing us alive… I gotta make them have the best 4 nights before its all gone! Lux thought.

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