nt, Mateo knew something was wrong. He wanted to run to take his helmet.

Before Mateo even took a step, Lux leaped out from nowhere. Grabbing his neck with the pickaxe. The fog faded within seconds, ” You know that i shouldve just killed you right now. said Lux

He let go of Mateo, and Mateo fell onto the floor in shock.

” H-how the ** did you do t-that? ” Mateo shivered while speaking. Lux took off his mask and gave Mateo his hand. ” You can learn if you want to. But it will take years for that matter of seconds. ” said Lux.

”AAAAAAH!!! ” a scream shouted, they looked to the side to see Martha watching the whole scene in horror.

” MARTHA ?! ” they both shouted. Martha thought his brother was gonna get killed, she ran into action and stepped in front of Mateo. She pushed Lux and said ” NO KILLING! ”

Lux leaned down, he looked at Martha with a smile. And said

”We aren killing anyone, it was just practice. Plus we
e siblings even though I wasn born by your mother, Im still here for you. Siblings stick together no matter what, alright? ”

Martha Shouted ”Alright!! ” Mateo and Lux both smiled at Martha, while she smiled even brighter.

”Its Lunchtime! ” a maiden called. ”Alright! ” Mateo replied.

”Hey, Why don I bring both of you two out tonight? ” Lux whispered.

” But we
e not allowed to go anywhere at night, ” Mateo said.

” Don worry, I will call you when I carry her. ” Lux smiled.

” Alright, I trust you ” Mateo replied

”Lets go eat before fathers rage comes out again. ” Mateo said to Martha.

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